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Bihar districts Gaya and Motihari vying with each other for establishment of Central University

By Wakeel Ahmad

Gaya (Bihar): Close on the heels of row over opening of AMU branch in Kishengunj, now the people of two districts - Gaya and Motihari - are face to face with each other for having central university in their respective districts.

For quite a long time the need to establish a central University in Bihar at par with JNU, BHU and Jamia Milia Islamia was being felt so that standard of higher education could be enhanced.

The education in Bihar has reached its nadir partly because of misrule of erstwhile state govt and partly because of step-motherly treatment meted out to the people of Bihar.

In an apparent bid to raise the standard of education in Bihar, Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal decided to set up a central University in Bihar.

Since our leaders look at every thing through prism of politics, the people of two districts -- Motihari and Gaya -- seem to be pitted against each other over the opening of the central university.

While Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s proposal to set up the Central University in Motihaari has not gone down well with the people of Gaya.

It may be noted that the central as well as state govt is represented by two different parties having diametrically two opposite political idiologies. Consequently both are working at cross purposes.

Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar has thrown all his weight behind Motihari.While Kapil Sibal is out to establish CUB in Gaya.

A plot of 960 acres on the old airport near Panchanpur village, presently under the possession of defence ministery, has been identified for setting up CUB in Gaya.

Even the people of Gaya aver that the district has better train and air facility, and is therefore, in all respects, it's a more suitable place for establishing the central university instead of the flood-prone Motihari district. Apart from these, Gaya is is not so seismic zone as Motihari is supposed to be. Gaya enjoys the facility of five Rajdhani Express trains passing through it on daily basis. So the scholars of both national and international repute could arrive at any time witout any hassle. Besides,scholars from abroad could seek admission upon opening of the CUB, because of the renowned Bodh Gaya, the sanctum sanctorum of Buddhists. Motihari is clearly bereft of all these facilities when compared to Gaya. The excellent transport linkages via air, rail of Gaya outshines Motihari in every aspect. Hence, Mr Sibal’s decision to open central university at Gaya is judicious as well as commendable.

However, Nitish Kumar wants to make inroads into the RJD’s bastion. So he started strongly opposing Mr. Sibal’s decision. He even passed a resolution in the cabinet in this regard in order to mount pressure on HRD Minister. Mr Kumar appears to have no affinity or affection for Magadh division, which has managed to send maximum number of JDU MLAs to the cabinet. They are altogether 26 assembly constituenties in the whole of commissionary where people are up in arms against Nitish Kumar who has no valid or solid reason to jump into this controversy. Though, Mr. Kumar being a maeverick politician, it seems he has failed applied his political acumen in this game of oneupmanship to impress upon the denizens Gaya.

Given the prevailing situation, people of both the districts are in tug of war over location of the CUB.Vijay Kumar Mithu, the convenor of a pressure group called Central University of Bihar Struggling Committee, staged a maha dharna to press for their demand. Not only this, a delegation led by former MLA Jai Kumar Palit left for Delhi to meet Union HRD minister Kapil Sibal to press for the university in Gaya, rather than in Motihari. Mr. Palit added that a 15-member delegation includes former MPs Ramji Manjhi and Ranjit Singh, former MLA Khan Ali, Magadh University senate member, Renuka Palit, Professor R.K. Verma, Viay Kumar Mithu, Bipin Bihari Sinha and Dr.Ajay Sinha.

On the other hand, members of the Mahatma Gandhi Kendriya Vishwidyalaya Sangharsh Morcha, a Motihari based group, have accused Sibal of misleading people with concocted information. Students living even in far flung area are also showing much ire over Nitish Kumar’s step-motherly treatment with Gayaites. " Nitish Kumar is sheerly creating schism among the people of state itself," says Arun Kumar, a PG student of Magadh University.

"I fail to understand why people are not asking for converting Magadh University into central university in Gaya rather than opening a new CUB in Panchanpur village, as it will take 5-10 years to become functional. Bihar needs to be developed at a fast pace," says Prof B.K Prasad, Director PG Biotechnology, Magadh University, Gaya.

Prof Gholam Samdani, Principal of Mirza Ghalib College, Gaya, opined that Gayites are sheerly overlooked and undervalued vis-a vis Seemanchal.

"Nitish Kumar's promise to set up IIM was not even made," says Mr. Perwaiz, AISF President, Bihar.

[Wakeel Ahmad is Staff Correspondent of IndianMuslimObserver.com. He is based in Bihar. He can be contacted at wakeeldel@gmail.com]

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  1. gaya is best for central university

  2. i have read this report and i feel immensely happily.Nitish Kumar is unnecessarily creating a schizm in Bihar by putting his weight and power
    over it his paving wrong path for his next election. md aamir abbas.

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