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Uttar Pradesh Verdict: Third Front a Reality in India

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Acute poverty, hunger, malnutrition, suicides, illiteracy, and other issues concerning nation's shame create history in India for years now even as the regime after regime pursues capitalistic, corporatist and anti-people polices to make the rich richer and poor still poorer, the incumbent Sonia-Manmohan regime claims inflated economic and industrial growth in order only to fool the people.

India’s PM Manmohan protects the transnational-corporate-billionaire interests, keeps claiming, like fake cricketism records, false economic records when his regime continues to ignore the genuine aspirations of ordinary masses even if they have not voted for him. By skillfully employing the Hindutva forces led by the fanatic RSS-BJP, the ruling Congress have succeeded in silencing the Muslims even to protest against suppressing their grievances.

Indian leaders, cutting across the party lines promotes corporatist regime to advance the corrupt capitalist systems and shield the crimes of ruling classes and rich classes. As a result, rich has all support form the regime while the concerns of poor remained neglected and Muslims totally targeted and terrorized. Today there is no single party the people entirely trust, while the leading national parties like Congress and right extremist BJP have fully lost their credibility and right to rule the nation, both at national and regional levels.

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Common people long for a genuinely popular government to care for their concerns
The poll outcome of the Uttar Pradesh that has extended cold hand to both the leading national parties Congress and BJP, the secret Hindutva andante-Muslim allies, clearly signals a departure form policy thus far dominated by Congress and BJP playing follow games against people.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav who’s Samajwadi Party (SP) has been mandated by the people to rule for next five years with sincerity termed the probable rise of a Third Front in Parliament to be a healthy development. SP routed all its rivals in the recently concluded state assembly elections clinching 224 of 403 seats in the state assembly.

It is quite likely, that the anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare has had its share of influence on the voters and the poll outcomes. Hindus discarded the Hindutva BJP while Muslims fearlessly shed their pro-Congress attitude in the polls perhaps for the first time now. There was an undercurrent created by the agitation in the minds of the people. A subterranean sentiment created by the agitation launched by Anna has hurt the Congress more than BJP or BSP. the non-Congress/BJP parties need to take cognizance of the peoples’ sentiments and ensure not just that the Lokpal Bill is passed but more than that a strong third front is formed.

The Congress-BJP may have skillfully thwarted the Anna Hazare's effort get the bill passed and but his candidature of Bharatratna post in cold storage. Had the parliament passed the Lokpal bIll, that would have strengthened the hands of Hazare and possibly the committee would have been under tremendous pressure to confer the award on him. The people’s sentiments are not always expressed in public. Anna’s agitation influenced people’s psyche. Issues like the 2G (spectrum) scam happened at the same time. The agitation, however, did impact the UP polls is in some measure. The defeat of the Congress-NCP alliance in the BMC polls in Mumbai signals bad time for the alliance and could prove disastrous for the Congress in the state.

All the state officials belong to the earlier government. But the youngest CM of UP Yadav, son of Samajwadi Party chief and former CM Mulayam Singh Yadav, said he believed that in Uttar Pradesh the good officials will be given a chance. All these things would be in control. Anybody who breaks the law would be punished. "Since the people would put their faith in us and have given us such a huge majority, then it is our duty to issue manifesto and take Uttar Pradesh on the path of happiness. This will be our priority," he added. When asked to comment on the possibility of a mid-term poll being held in the country, Yadav said that his Samajwadi Party (SP) is ready if such a situation arises. "When there will be elections, we shall fight it on the strength of our workers. The results are in the hands of the people," he said.

When UP electorate clearly opted for a young leader of SP and rejected all false claims of pretentious Congress-BJP duo, the message should not create any ambiguity in the minds of opposition leaders. Indians want corruption free, genuine governance and both h these incredibly corrupt parties cannot take the people in to confidence.

People want a basic change in their lives and they are eager to get rid of both Congress and BJP, the secret allies of anti-Muslim Hindutva, and leaders of regional and national parties must recognize the popular urge of today.

There should be objective analysis of a frustrated Indian mindset at this point of time.
For years now, Congress and BJP have made enormous inroads reads into the regional settings to garner more and more votes by aligning with regional parties that hate one another. Even other national parties are forced to support one of them or their lines.

Many parties and leaders are now under the spell of both Congress and BJP and they only promote the Hindutva interests of this combine. They will have to come out of the coercive clutches of these bosses.

Both Congress and BJP are harmful to future of a healthy nation. The Congress-led UPA government is being rocked by internal problems and anti-poor polices of the regime.

Any quick fix effort by the non-BJP opposition to form a front at the last minute on the eve of the parliamentary polls wouldn't yield the required effect. But when such third front is floated right now, it gives ample time for all partners to closely understand each other productively and form a viable third front that would stay n power by taking care of each party's genuine concerns that do not contradict the concerns of common people.

The Janata Party regime in post-Emergency era was possible because those leaders were persecuted by the Congress regime and jailed for too long. Even then, the foolishly arrogant and selfish Janatha leaders destroyed themselves by misbehaving with people for trusting them with a popular mandate to rule. The fall of Janata regime helped the Hindutva BJP party, offering enough scope for the Bharatia Janata party BJP to emerge strong with many workers of Janata party joining them.

The Janata Party experiment should now be revisited with more dedication. The Left parties say they support a third front to come to power and the CPM after the recent meeting has already said it would work for that.

A new government of SP has taken over in UP and it has to prove its pro-poor intent by policies and practices and by helping the Muslims whose vote made the return of SP to power with clear majority by rejecting false pro-Muslim promises of Congress Party.

The move for the creation of credible Third front by all non-Congress-BJP must begin now! All those parties that are now inside the Congress-BJP alliances must come out of the shackles to pursue pro-people polices by making the third front strong.

Time shall not wait endlessly.

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com]

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