Published On:22 March 2012
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TIME Magazine Cover story on Narendra Modi: Gujarat Muslims call for an international campaign against TIME

By Abdul Hafiz Lakhani

Ahmedabad: Expressing outrage at the Time magazine's cover story on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Muslims of Gujarat have called for an international campaign against the prestigious weekly through email, letters and social media networks - Twitter and Facebook.

"This is an unethical article. We don't expect such a glorification of someone who was involved in massacre of Muslims in Gujarat 10 years ago, Mufti Rizwan Tarapuri of Gujarat, State Convener of All India Milli Council, said that Muslims of Gujarat are deeply hurt by the "glorification" of its recent article on Modi, the cover story of its latest issue of the Asia edition.
Mufti Farid Kavi of Jambusar and Active member of Jamiat Ulama Hind (JUH) said that he was instrumental in getting Modi's US visa revoked. He denounced the Time magazine's glorification of Modi as "bad journalism and an obscenely insensitive act", as it was perpetrated during the 10th anniversary commemoration of Gujarat pogrom.

"I am deeply distressed by two recent articles on Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. One is byTime magazine and the other is by Brookings Institution. Journalism or reporting is supposed to be balanced and impartial. I am surprised why only those, who have praised Modi, have been quoted," state Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil toldreporters here.Brookings Institution also recently published an interview of Modi, praising him for the work done by his government for the development of Gujarat.

Zuber Gopalani , social activist from Baroda, said that today Narendra Modi came in line of Osama bin Laden, Saddam Husain, Hitler and Gaddafi. All these so-called leaders had some time captured front cover if TIME. Only those leaders?? Are quoted who praised Modi, the detail given to times is by Modi Government. All knows he is a media Manager.

"He will never be able to lead India because majority of Indians believes in secularism, they will never come under the false propaganda by Modi and his party. People in India are peace loving and want to keep unity in diversity. NDA itself is decided on Narendra Modi and his projection as PM in waiting.He will always remain as PM-in-Waiting," said Zuber Gopalani.

Fr. Cedric Prakash SJ, Director of Prashant, a leading NGO, said that the publishers and the editorial board of TIME Magazine have clearly demonstrated how insensitive and ill-informed they are to the ground realities of Gujarat and the fact, that thousands of victim-survivorsof the Gujarat Carnage 2002 are still desperately waiting for justice. TIME also proves that truth can very conveniently be surpressed in order to cater to the political agenda of a few.On the flip-side, it's not the first time, that TIME Magazine has considered it 'appropriate' to highlight thedeeds of fascists and dictators of the world.

Teesta Setalvad of Mumbai told that even while Indian Courts are yet to assess whether the Evidence collected by invetigators appointed by India's Supreme Court on material filed in the Mrs. Zakia Ahsan Jafri and Citizens for Justice case make out a case to prosecute Narendra Modi, chief minister Gujarat and Cabinet Colleagues, Administratos and Policemen, a US based Magazine supposedly "liberal" and Brookings Institute collectively promote him as the promoter of inclusive development (sic) and a future national leader. Quite apart from the selective facts reflected in both pieces of work, the timing is significant. Weeks after the tenth anniversary of independent India's worst ever anti minority carmage, during which Indian newspapers and periodicals accurately showcased the state of the victim community in Gujarat as also the progress of the cases, the fact that overall figures of Gujarat's economic and social development have been manipulated exposes both exercises for the poor but highly motivated public relations exercises that they are.

Modi's regime not just in 2002 but over the past ten years typifies a post pogrom autocratic reality living within "democratic" numbers; lived fascism if you like. Both need to be protested even as we have questions about the sources. In the five years between 2004-05 and 2009-10, Gujarat’s per capita income nearly doubled from Rs 32,021 to Rs 63,961.

In the same period its neighbour Maharashtra, the perceived languishing laggard, saw its per capita income grow from Rs 35,915 to Rs 74,027. Several states besides Gujarat have shown double digit growth in their gross domestic product (the value of goods and services produced in a year) in recent years, and Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh have bigger economies. Gujarat now runs a revenue deficit—it spends more than it earns—and its surplus has disappeared. Several other states have improved their fiscal positions meanwhile. 

Five states passed the Fiscal Responsibility Act before Gujarat did in 2005, and 20 states preceded Gujarat in implementing value-added tax. Surplus power? Several states, including some in the North-East, have that. Agricultural growth? And did the Narmada project, which preceded Modi, have nothing to do with it?

Mallika Sarabhai, a renowed activist of Ahmedabad told that it is appalling how a good PR firm and lots of money can by a cover and a cover story that is factually so false.

Renowed social activist Dr. J. S. Bandukwala, Baroda, said, "The last ten years have been difficult for the Muslims of Gujarat. Muslims have been almost completely cut off from the political- administrative machinery in Gujarat. Further the absence of justice has been so blatant that even moderate people like me have lost faith in the justice system within Gujarat. Narendra Modi has done everything possible to see that the VHP / BD killers are not touched.The only case in which we found justice in Gujarat has been Sardarpura, where about 30 Patels have been sentenced to life for the killing of about 33 Muslims. Note that on the Sabarmati train case 11 Muslims were sentenced to death, while over 20 are in for life."

Social activist from Rajkot Faruk Abdul Gaffar Bawani strongly rejected The Time story and told that it was a panted story by Modi PR agency> His photo on cover page will not work for him to come out of clean from Muslim carnage of 2002.

[Abdul Hafiz Lakhani is a senior Journalist based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is associated with IndianMuslimObserver.com as Bureau Chief (Gujarat). He can be reached at lakhani63@yahoo.com or on his cell 09228746770]

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15 comments for "TIME Magazine Cover story on Narendra Modi: Gujarat Muslims call for an international campaign against TIME"

  1. I think muslims are mad by the praise of modi in TIME not only TIME but whole world praise him..........lekin aapke paas koi topic nai he iske alawa...........

  2. I do remember when I was 10-12 years old, I used to listen news about stone pelting, riots etc every six months. I am sure any muslim in Ahmedabad won't deny that. Every "Tazia" or every "Rathyatra" was a huge challenge for Ahmedabad police. And who can forget the time of Latif... in old cities of Ahmedabad.. I do remember that Hindus were not allowed to go in some areas after 8 pm ...Dare to deny if I am wrong. This was the picture before 2002. After 2002 ? People of Gujarat are polite & soft compare to North India, Hariyana, Punjab but were indeed frustrated with having riots every 6 months. Minorities can not rule to mass according to social science & if they do then..sooner or later society does pay. Same thing is happening in Europe today, trying to impose "Shariya" in west, hit back of western society will be bad & devastating. Everybody knows...what happened after 2002 "Only growth" . Hafizbhai, where were you when riots used to take place every festival in Ahmedabad, where were you when helpless woman was killed on CN cross road, where were you when so called majorities were getting killed in Anand & other town of Gujarat every now & then before 2002. When Gujarat grows it doesn't ask the cast & religion. Religion & cast matters in state like UP, where politicians don't want to unite you & grow...


  4. I don't know what happened 10 years ago. But I can see what is happening today. Neither muslims not hindus have any issues in Gujrat. Gujrat is growing rapidly, but not the whole country. This is our bad luck that we don't have much leaders like Modi in other states. So better we should have Modi as the Prime Minister of the country, so that he can carry development work for the other states as well.. I wish we had modi as the leader of my state (Haryana) as well.

  5. 70.37% (definitely) favour
    29.63% (no way) against
    (Result till now)

    If we go on ratio of Hindu & Muslims population India (Hindu more than 80% in India) so vote against are more than in favour.

  6. Hi all,
    1. Dont have modi phobia.
    2. Riots in India were always started by muslims and it was a very very common phenomenon for Hindus to get killed on a daily basis during Indira and Rajiv days. Remember Hazratbal incident.. the entire country was set on fire just because you lost a strand of hair in J & K. Remember Shah Bano case.. the whole country burned just because an old woman was awarded a small alimony in a Hindu Country.. Every Vinayaka Chathurthi procession in Chennai would have muslims throwing stones or bottles and hurt Hindus.. muslim violence in Maharashtra in sholapur etc are common events just because they are in large numbers there... and to top it all how would you justify a compartment full of pilgrims being doused with petrol and lit alive, just because they are Hindus returning from Ayodhya and just because the muslims were a majority in that Godhra area and can get away with anything ? In India till today the only state giving huge problem since Independence is Jammu and Kashmir and the core issue is it is a muslim majority state and they sort of hate Hindu India. What happened to the minority Pandits there and did any media talk about them living like refugees in Delhi ?

    Muslims were given Pakistan and if you are in India respect the sentiments of Hindus and their value. All of you were not imported from Arabia or Iran and your ancestors were only Hindus who were forcibly converted by invading muslim marauders / murderers and not by debating philosophy.

    So next time you join with some hardline cleric or christian priest who would talk against Modi, remember that only such leaders who have proven history of halting violence altogether are real leaders capable of leading a huge nation like India and your support of such unrealistic middle age dwellers would only pull down your own progeny. Corrupt congress and its leaders are the main reason for the bane of muslims and their anti national notions.

    So dont have such phobia and have faith in a real strong non-corrupt leader who would lead India and your community to prosperity and also make India a super power.

  7. He is revolutionary leader who has the capacity to transform India and our lives...making us on par China.. Please don't vilify him repeatedly

  8. WTF and FUALL..

    Its politics and fucking people who kill innocent people.

    They cannot face a even a naked small child when challanged.

    Strict Islamic law should be incorporated and peace will follow.

  9. Mr.anoynomous.. islamic law can create only terrorists... can u name any notewothy scientists or noble prize winers from suadi,pak,afghan

  10. Mr. Hitler had the similar developmental and ferocious state of mind

  11. Muslims need to be taught a lesson

  12. The fact is....these type of muslim brainwashers are not given any place in gujrat....actyally the main cause of the riots is these muslim brainwashers...they try to provoke common minds in the name of ALLAH....or religion...after they r f*cked from gujrat...they r trying to spill the venom among common masses by internet

  13. muslim always hide behind religion they dont respect other religion.where there is any problem always u will find muslims culprit.worst religion of world.mehnat se kma nhi sakte dusron ko izaat de nahi sakte saudi arab ke daan ke paise se hathiyar kahrid te hain or dusroon ko marte hain.christens,budh , parsis,jews, sikhs they r having problem with every religion

  14. Muslims in gujrat voted for him, google indiatoday's article on this...thats is how Modi won so many seats, Muslims voted for his BJP party over a muslim man in surat district.. So what political angle is ocngress playing now with muslims. Truth is Gujrati muslims enjoy more wealth, security and safety with Modi then muslims in other states or even in pakistan.

  15. The reason why gujarat progressing is only and only due to peace and unity.road of success in gujarat is same for all.i still remember that night in ahmdabd where me and my friends were takin dinner and by the time we finished it was 11pm on watch. It was police who dropped us home that night.seriously gujarat police far better thn delhi police. I have never seen big posters of "save girl child" on every few kilometers in any other state except gujarat.life style and development in gujarat is so different from other part of india.every common man in gujarat loves modi.gujart breathin free under his observation only.divide and rule is policy political leaders follow for vote bank But modi is an exceptional. And last dec election proved that. He is now an famous face in muslim community of gujarat.Media always shows godhra killin picture for muslim but they forget in thr headlins hindus too were killed. So stop dividing people.

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