Published On:09 March 2012
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OPINION: Narendra Modi and the Laboratory of Hindutva

By Syed Zubair Ahmad

It’s a general human tendency to commit mistakes out of which some commit mistakes and realize them, Fewer commit mistakes, realize them and try to rectify and remaining commit mistakes, realize their mistakes and don’t justify them with their own logic. They never look into their mistakes and never try to rectify them. This is human nature. But there are some people who do evil deeds and never realize them. Instead they try to justify their evil deeds and insist upon them and shamelessly feel proud over their evil deeds.

There is a different kind of creature which is incarnated by devil. Which is under the control of devil? Which is preoccupied by devilish thoughts? In fact the devil entered into its body and soul. It looks like human, but it's Satan. The chief minister of Gujarat is the most suitable example of that kind. He belongs to that category. He committed heinous crimes but has no remorse, no regret; instead he still tries to justify his mistakes and feels proud of his inhuman deeds.
Adam committed a mistake, so did the Satan. But Adam realized his mistake, bowed down to God and regretted. Another side, the Satan never realized his mistake and tried to justify that with his wrong logic. The only difference between Adam and Satan was their approach. At this parlance we can say that Modi is an incarnation of Satan.

One ‘hype’ was created and Modi iswidely appreciated for that is ‘the development of Gujarat’. Gujarat was a developing well long before Modi was born. Gujratis have inherent businessacumen from the centuries. Being a costal state it benefited from the tradesand Gujratis travelled all over the world and become business tycoons in Europe, America Canada Australia and even in South Africa. Where was Modi at that time? Germany was at its zenith of development under Hitler. But after few years it turned into gutters because of Hitler’s radical views. In fact after post Godhra’s anti-Muslim genocide Gujratis are looked as communal minded people all over the world. Modi brought an everlasting shame for Gujratis.

The travesty of the fact is that the main accused of the Godhra train burning incident ‘Moulana Umar’ was acquitted for the lack of evidence after spending many years behind the bars. Interestingly Moulana Umar was implicated in that case after one year ofthe incident. His crime was that he was a famous businessman and was helping the riot victims actively. Thousands of Muslims were killed and burnt alivefor a crime they never knew or committed. If the members of Hindutwa brigade could put bombs in Samjhauta Express why can’t they do so in Sabarmati Express?

More than two hundred people were arrested under POTA for a conspiracy whose main accused and ‘mastermind’ was acquitted for the lack of evidence. But how many people were arrested under POTA for the killings of thousands of innocent Muslims and burning pregnant women alive?

The whole world will be changed if Modi meets the wife of Ehsaan Jafri and say ‘how are you Madam? I am sorry’. But he will never do that because Satan has overpowered him. He can put his hand on the head Bilqees Bano and say ‘I am sorry sister’, but he will never do that because Satan has captured him. He has no remorse. He has no regrets. And he will never have.

He didn’t stop even after Godhra genocide. He orchestrated fake encounters of innocent Muslims and this continued until Supreme interrupted into the matter and put it on scanner. Modi tried to eliminate any one or every one who came in his way. He intimidated witnesses of the genocide and even made them run away from Gujarat. Witnessesof fake encounters like Parjapati and Kauser Bi were killed and burnt. Haren Pandya was killed by Modi as alleged by Pandya’ wife.The police officers like Sanjeev Bhat and Sri Kumar who wanted to expose Narendra Modi were suspended. This is happening in Modi’s Hindutva Laboratory.

Even after ten years hundreds of thousands of genocide victims are so sacred that they prefer to live near on gutters and garbage but don’t want to go back to their homes. They are forced to live apathetic life in ‘Hindutva Laboratory of Gujarat'.

The literacy rate of Muslims in Gujarat is 73.5% which, is 5 points higher than that of the Hindus which is at 68.3%. But how many Muslim were given jobs in Modi rule can be counted on finger tips.

The schemes started by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh for the development of Muslims have no presence in Gujarat. Even the scholarship for Muslim students is not distributed in Gujarat. Gujarat has no Muslim Waqf Board Ministry. Gujarat has no Minority Commission. This is the story of Hindutva Laboratory of 21st centurywhich is being run by a ‘Hindu Hirday Samrat’ called ‘Narendra Modi’.

Now look at the Laboratory ofTaliban. Not a single innocent Sikh or Hindu was killed in that laboratory during five years. British Journalist Yvonne Ridley, who was captured by the Taliban was treated in such a way by their terrorist captors in the Talibani laboratory that she became the biggest supporter of those ‘terrorist and religious zealots’ and converted to Islam.

[Syed Zubair Ahmad is a Writer & Journalist. He can be reached at smzubairahmad@gmail.com]

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  1. What else you can write?

  2. If you want a cheap and big popularity this is the only route you got.

  3. I am more saddened at his zombie army of followers who are blind to facts, reason and injustice.

    The other two comments here seem to come from them.

  4. Who is this stupid person ??? Better you comment on the content,there is nothing wrong in this article.only fact is there...insteat of commenting on the fact you are getting personal .

  5. Why this mental sich is afraid of the popularity of the writer?

  6. good and eye opening article... Lets hope for Better India modi is booked and brought to Justice..

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