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Muslim Spelling Bee conducts first regional competition at New Jersey's Darul Arqam School

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• Darul Arqam school successfully conducts the first regional Muslim Spelling Bee competition
• 62 students participated from Tri-State region from Islamic, Public, Private and Home School
• TV ONE official TV partner of Muslim Spelling Bee

IMO News Service

New Jersey, USA: The nationwide World’s First Muslim Spelling Bee competition commenced its first regional competition at Darul Arqam School, New Jersey, which was held on March 4, 2012, and 62 students participated from Tri-State region from Islamic, Public, Private and Home School.

The event started at 8.30 am with registration and followed by recitation of the Holy Quran by the Jibreel Mahdi, Darul Arqam. The participants were divided according to their ages into 3 groups A, B & C and were guided by the volunteers to their respective sitting arrangements.
The Principal of Darul Arqam School Sr. Iman ElDessouky introduced the founders of the Muslim Spelling Bee -Tausif Malik and Dr.Asma Rizvi, and Essam ElSherif, Board Member, Darul Arqam School.

The Board, Principal of Darul Arqam School, and Founders of Muslim Spelling Bee welcomed and thanked everyone present at the event. This was followed by the competition of Group A, which consisted of students up to 8 years old and which had the highest numbers of participants. After Group A, the competitors of Group B were called on stage for the competition, and which was later followed by Group C. The finalists of Group B and Group C regaled the audience with their tough competition.

The winners included Group A First Position Misbah Khan (Woodbridge Elementary) and Second Position Adam Ahmed (Darul Arqam School). The Judges for Division A included Sadia Akhtar, Saimah Yousuf, Fouzia Samy and Pronouncer Freshta Taeb.

The winners of Group B First Position Aasiya Khan (Darul Arqam School) & Second Position Nuha Mariam Jaulikar (Brooks Crossing Elementary). Pronouncers and Judges for Division B: Judge Safaa Aboulkassem, Judge Kanwal Sayani, Judge Amnah Elbanna and Pronouncer Samantha Sanchez.

The winners of Group C First Position Rayanne Fadel (Al Ghazaly School) & Second Position El Baraa Lamada (Al Ghazaly School). Pronouncers and Judges for Division B: Judge Safaa Aboulkassem, Judge Kanwal Sayani, Judge Amnah Elbanna and Pronouncer Mukarram Elbanna.

The event concluded with award ceremony and awards were presented to the winners by Principals of various Islamic Schools, which included for Group A Sister Fatima Masood, principal ICOB; Group B Sister Haleema Gada, principal Al Ghazlay School and Group C Iman ELDessouky, principal Darul Arqam.

TMA Worldwide the organizers of Muslim Science Bee also announced their partnership with Baytul-Iman Academy to host the Muslim Science Bee and Fair. Dr. Salman Shaikh, founder Baytul-Iman Academy said that we are proud to partner with TMA Worldwide as they are creating education and competition format which connects the community together through education.

Principal of Darul Arqam Iman ELDessouky said, “It was an honor to be the host of the first regional Muslim Spelling Bee." Tausif Malik said, "Sr. Iman, you are considered a pioneer with us, having started the Bee at your school." It was an amazing experience meeting parents and students from all different schools in the area.

"Alhamdulilah, the vision of gathering Muslims under the umbrella of Academic Competition has been fulfilled and the mission has been accomplished. May Allah reward Br. Tausif Malik and his lovely and very intelligent wife, Dr. Asma Rizvi, for the amazing efforts they are putting into these events and may they have the best of luck in their future endeavours,” said Iman ELDessouky.

Muslim Spelling Bee founders said that all the participants are winners as they worked hard and learned the value of education and competition and hence they were awarded with participation certificates.

Riyaz Babbar Khan of TV ONE, which is the official television and radio partner of Muslim Spelling Bee competition, said that the competition will be broadcasted shortly.

Dr. Asma Rizvi, Co-founder of Muslim Spelling Bee, thanked everyone and informed about the forthcoming regional competition to be held in New York, California, Michigan, Illinois, Texas (Dallas & Houston), Florida and Georgia.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Muslim Spelling Bee, please visit

For more information, please call:

Tausif Malik
Cell: 773.536.9786
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  1. congratulations and Mabarak to all the participants. So very proud of our Al Ghazaly students who participated and won.