Published On:26 March 2012
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Indian Polls 2012: People have rejected both Congress and BJP!

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Indian electorate can be ruthless in punishing those fanatic politicians and parties that deceive them and frustrate their hopes with disillusions in a sustained manner. Though the parties try their level best to keep their secret anti-people agendas hidden from their views and knowledge, ultimately people detect all this and judge them when occasion arrives.

People of Uttar Pradesh have punished Congress Party and BJP, both have thrived with Hindutva roots. All central leaders of both these parties camped in UP to somehow win the polls and go further to fight national poll. In fact Rahul Gandhi, an MP form UP, took it as the prime challenge for his leadership to lead the nation as future PM and people were not impressed by all this, they viewed their attitude with skepticism.

The rude shock treatment administrated by people of India to India's two major political outfits the Congress and BJP in the just concluded polls for 5 state assemblies unearthed the explosive nature of simmering popular anger against the major parties and would certainly serve as a prelude for the 2014 parliamentary (Lok Sabha) elections.

People have, though very late, realized that both the Congress and BJP by playing joint gimmicks are exploiting the poisonous Hindutva politics as well as popular inability to check their misdeeds for years since 1947.

Indian judiciary has not yet punished the criminals who pulled down the Babri Mosque and who want to resume the destructive work any time soon, and they are freely moving about like the state terrorists engaged in killing innocent Kashmiri Muslims in occupied Jammu Kashmir.
In case, the BJP and Congress now would further activate their hidden joint gimmicks to foll the masses, peole would also do even worse inthe years to come.

In Goa state where majority are Christians Hindutva party BJP rules while Congress is the major opposition, similarly, in Lakshadeep union territory where Muslims are the majority, both BJP and Congress alternatively send an MP. How is this possible without tacit understanding between Congress and BJP? That the grand Hindutva strategy of Congress and BJP and their joint political gimmicks across the nation and beyond.

In UP now both received the coldest popular attitude. When the ruling Congress-led UPA says there is no threat to the Manmohan regime as the follow-up of UP shocker, they indeed fear a possible eventual collapse, sooner than later. These parties will continue to suffer the humiliation unles they deicde to throw away the fanatic Hindutva plank and anti-Muslim premises.

Fall of elephants in Lucknow and entire UP signals a basic shift in poplar understanding of politics. National parties and their leaders survive thanks to the foolishness and wickedness of regional leaders who always try to divide the opposition by asserting their individual "greatness" in the confederation of parties, thereby letting the Congress and BJP to swindle their votes by mischief through false promises. The BSP leader and outgoing CM explained the SP victory over BSP by giving due credit to Muslim voters who, frustrated and disappointed by the continued Congress gimmicks, wholeheartedly stood behind the SP slogans of justice for them.
In all 5 states people seem to have consciously voted against Congress-BJP duo. These national parties by being the most corrupt parties promoting the wealth of their families and close associates encourages all other parties to to be equally criminal minded, cheating the people. They promote and shield corporate crimes.

Communists are nowhere seen in any of the 5 states. They are happy with their traditional catchment areas in four states, especially Kerala, Bengal and Tripura, but now even those vote reservoirs have dried up and the related pleasure has also disappeared and future chances also seem to have gone out of their hands. They, like other national parties have taken people's support for granted and supported the UPA regime against which they fought in polls in Kerala, Bengal and Tripura. They got a Speaker post from Sonia Gandhi but lost two major states.
Obviously, people of India are fed up with both Congress and BJP and their joint political gimmicks for decades now and they expect a third front to emerge soon to serve them honestly.
UP electorate has along with a positive mandate for stability also has provided with a strong message for the new rulers.

The elections in Uttar-pradesh were seen as mirror of popular mood of Indian masses and by electing Samajwadi party (SP) the UP which has over 30% m Muslim voters have clearly rejected the false and artificial concerns of both Congress and BJP - the secret allies with a common Hindutva agenda and have ruled and ruined the state alternatively. During the BJP rule the most shameful act of destroying the Babri Mosque by the Hindu terrorists with New Delhi's (Congress party regime) blessings took place.

Both these national parties play with psyche of Indians on so-called national interests while they make huge monetary gains hidden abroad and Indoors. the 2G scam and illegal mining operations respectively by Congress and BJP have yet again exposed ugly nature of criminalized politics of India.

Both Congress and BJP are well connected to all national and regional state organs of power.- the military, police and their respective intelligence teams, fanatic media lords, executives, and they compete with one another in controlling even judiciary through the judges because they have appointed the judges. The recent fanatic judgment of Allahabad High court on the destruction of Babri Mosque issue whereby the Mosque has been "allotted" in parts of Muslims, Hindus and Christians, remains the crudest example of how the Hindutva fanatics try to control the judiciary. they shield the Hindu criminals and expect the apex judiciary to support their crimes against humanity.

The governments are free once they are formed after the polls and the leaders can do whatever they please. People have to tolerate those whom they elect.

The SP government that would assume power in UP soon should fulfill the poll promises, without fearing the BJP or using it to target the Muslims so as to silence them after the polls, like the Congress party has been doing for years.

Is it wrong to expect a better credible governance from SP now above the usual family-coetre rule and devoid of making illegal wealth arsenals, free from corruption and crimes?

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com]

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