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Indian-American Muslims congratulate Samajwadi Party on its victory in UP Polls

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IMO News Service

Washington DC: The Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIMA) sent a congratulatory message to Mulayam Singh Yadav, the head of the Samajwadi Party on their very impressive win in the recently concluded election in Uttar Pradesh. The party gained absolute majority by winning 224 of the 402 seats in the UP Assembly and will form the new government in the state.
Kaleem Kawaja, Treasurer, Association of Indian Muslims of America, in his press statement said that 41 or 18% of the newly elected Samajwadi Party MLAs are Muslims; representing the exact proportion of Muslim population in UP.

"For many years the Samajwadi Party formed its political base in UP in the Yadav-Muslim community. That brought a certain stability in UP that was earlier wrecked by many communal riots. However, about eight years ago the party was misled by some opportunistic politicians who made it form alliances with some anti-Muslim politicians, namely BJP's Kalyan Singh who was responsible for the demolition of Babri Mosque in 1992. The result was the debacle of the party in the 2007 UP election. Now having apologized to Muslims and removing anti-Muslim politicians from his party, Mulayam Singh appears to again gain the confidence of the Muslims of UP," the press release said.

"The Muslims of UP hope that the top leaders of the Samajwadi Party will live up to their promises and launch a campaign of significant development in the many Muslim localities in a variety of cities in UP, thereby motivating the community to move forward, remove its educational and social backwardness and be first among equals in the large and historical state of UP. Muslims and OBC Hindus just like Muslims and Dalits are the natural friends of each other, as they have suffered much injustice in the past. Indian-American Muslims fervently hope that the Samjawadi Party forming a stable and secular government in UP for the next five years will usher in an era of peace, stability and justice for all leading to the overll progress of our motherland," said Kaleem Kawaja.
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  1. We Indians expect that Samajwadi Party will serve with transparency & justice to the people of Uttar Pradesh, and lead the state to no. 1 position in terms of law & order, economy, infrastructure, security & employment oppurtunity.