Published On:22 March 2012
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

GUEST EDITORIAL: Until Muslims forgive Narendra Modi, he can't become a leader outside Gujarat

By Kaleem Kawaja

In the ten long and miserable years since the horrible 2002 genocide of Muslims in Gujarat, Modi's vast machinery, the vast wealth of BJP and Modi's Gujarati Hindu followers have tried their level best to rehabilitate Modi in the public arena. They have used all of their political and money connections in India, UK and USA in this effort. But nothing has really worked. US refused him visitor's visa six years ago; in UK he was allowed to visit under very restrained conditions. Inside India he can only visit a few states where BJP has its government. But he can not visit any state where Muslims or secular Hindus live in significant numbers, that is Assam, Bengal, Bihar, UP, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala.

The mainstream Indian media, Supreme Court, Indian human rights groups are regularly pulling him up for his role in the 2002 genocide. Unfortunately the Congress government in the Center has refused to hold a CBI enquiry in this regard and is going easy on him. The international media or the media in US and UK knows hardly anything about his misdeeds. Also a majority of Hindus and most of the Gujarati Hindus in US and UK are followers of BJP. They are wealthy and well connected with American and British politicians. Through them they are constantly trying to give importance to Modi. They also use their connections with the anti-Muslim Jewish politicians to further BJP and Modi.

However Modi's crimes in the 2002 genocide are so well documented and so recent that it is very difficult for them to whitewash it. If Muslims continue this capaign with force and be media savy they can keep the pressure on Modi and confine him to Gujarat. Now it becomes the rersponsibility of educated and well to do Indian Muslims, no matter where they live that they continue a relentless and forceful campaign to bring Modi to justice for his crimes. No matter where we live we should work on this campaign.

Within BJP a large segment thinks of Modi as a political liability, but another segment is his follower. BJP's top leaders know that without Muslims and secular Hindus forgiving Modi he can not be rehabilitated. They also know that this problerm bedevils BJP in every election and keeps them in second or third place. The recent elections in UP, Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Kerala where Muslim voters were the kingmakers was very bad news for BJP. None of the major third front parties (SP, BSP, Trinamool, Telagu Desam, Communists, DMK) will take the risk of hobnobbing with either Modi or BJP until such time as Muslims do not forgive them, because theese parties have won elections with Muslim votes.

So if we Muslims work smart strategy and savy publicity against Modi we can confine him to Gujarat, regardless of Gujarat's improved economy. Whenever Modi's followers use an international forum like TIME magazine or Brookings Institution, as they recently did, we should lobby strong with them. We should always include secular Hindus in our groups. Let us have faith in Allah's help and continue resolutely on this path.

[Kaleem Kawaja is a community activist based at Washington DC. He can be reached on: kaleemkawaja@gmail.com]

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2 comments for "GUEST EDITORIAL: Until Muslims forgive Narendra Modi, he can't become a leader outside Gujarat"

  1. the suggested strategy for taming modi within gujrat may only yield fruitful result if our muslim scholars, community and the mainstream media will be in sync.Hope for this special jugalbandi in coming days.

  2. Mr.Kaleem you previous article on economic situation of Muslims in India can be attributed to this article. You people blame others for your problem, what have you & your community elders/leaders done for the community.

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