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Dr. Vivek Sharma – Doctor with a Difference & A Philanthropic Crusader

By T. U. Khan

Dr. Vivek Sharma with
Rajasthan Chief Mnister
Ashok Gehlot
Dr. Vivek Sharma is a dedicated professional from the medical field; he has earned a reputation as a down to earn communicator who encourages patients to become active and informed participants in the case of their children's health and well being. Dr. Vivek Sharma is not only a popular pediatrician of Jaipur but has also devoted himself in the cause of all round welfare of children. Dr. Sharma is very compassionate, sensitive and patient. He has a philanthropic approach to his work and gives a lot of service free of cost to the needy. There are not many doctors who would focus on disability, behavior disorders etc. that do not have instant cure but require long term management. Dr. Sharma has always shown great interest in reaching out to the disabled and their families. He is committed and always ready to help. In pursuit of his mission beyond the clinic he has regularly been conducting programmes and workshops to create awareness about special needs of children in regard to their mental, emotional and physical well being. These programmes have been widely appreciated. The emphasis in his programmes is on the spread of scientific approach in teaching children's medical problems. The programmes conducted by him are of high educational value and have been welcomed by the all concerned.

Dr. Vivek Sharma with the then
Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh
N. Chandrababu Naidu
Dr. Sharma is a strong crusader who demonstrates a deep sense of purpose and commitment towards his work. Informed by extensive knowledge in the field of learning disabilities, he demonstrates a profound concern for issues of neglected group of disability. Dr. Sharma has made great strides in creating awareness among teachers, educators, school principals and para medical staff on learning disabilities like dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADD and ADHD that too from his own personal resources and expenses. He is revolutionizing health communications by bridging the gap between media and health professionals. He believes that the future of health care is in communicating health information through a variety of media formats thereby making it accessible to the largest audience possible. Dr. Vivek Sharma is a rare pediatrician in India who has gone beyond his personal calling and impacted lives of countless parents and their children who are affected with learning disabilities. His awareness sessions on dyslexia and other forms of learning disabilities, conducted free of charge, across a whole spectrum of audience including medical doctors, teachers, educators, parents and paramedical staff in India and even far off places like Nepal have made a difference to the lives of children who were humiliated in the school set-up as under performers, and failures giving much needed respite to the helpless. His focus has not only been on diagnosis and early detection but also on guiding them to right remedial support / counseling that is required for better performance and inclusion. His efforts are aimed at making our education more child centric rather than learning centric which is a huge paradigm shift much needed in India. He was working on dyslexia long before Aamir Khan made "Taare Zamin Par".

Dr. Vivek Sharma with
Siddhartha Varadarajan,
Editor, The Hindu, New Delhi
Dr. Vivek Sharma has made ample use of the print and electronic media in the pursuit of his mission. His efforts are not limited to the target audience along but also to the masses which is evident through his publication in reputed international, national, and regional dailies. His articles have been published in a whole gamut of print and online media for example Hindustan Times, Deccan Herald, Asian Age, Pioneer, Tribune, Shillong Times, Darjeeling Times, Daily Excelsior and State Times (J&K), Saakal Times, Brunei Times, Kathmandu Post (Nepal), ADF Stitching Media (Netherlands), Kuwait Samachar.com. Magazines like life Positive, Science Spark, and Women and so on. He has also targeted the scientific community through his publications in Science Reporter and through his websites. There is no other medical; professional who is so widely published. His contribution as medical journalist is to be seen in his publications to be believed. Recently, he has been appointed as Health Editor of the leading news portal Indian Muslim Observer. His selfless efforts in the medical community provide motivation to his peers for going beyond their immediate calling and contribute to the larger cause of creating an inclusive society.

Dr. Sharma has been widely appreciated by many eminent personalities. Many prestigious organizations have felicitated him and nominated for many awards. In his untiring journey he has interacted with many learned politicians, intellectual and eminent journalists.

A few notes of appreciation . . .

I have read your articles published in national and international daily newspapers. You have made a great attempt to look at Medical Service and Health from today's perspective and presented childhood social, school and medical problems in a simple and lucid language for common man. – N. Chandra Babu Naidu, Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh & President of Telugu Desam Party

Dr. Vivek Sharma with Barkha Dutt,
Group Editor, NDTV
I feel your avid medical writings are going to be fruitful for betterment of health and prevention of illnesses. I have yet to see a medical doctor who is putting in so much effort for the welfare of the common public through medical journalism. – Late His Highness Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh MVC of Jaipur

I am happy that you are doing valuable work for the society in awareness about common diseases. – Dr. Karan Singh, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), Chairman – Committee on Ethics

Your articles published in various newspapers and magazines are useful. I extend my best wishes for your endeavors in this direction. – Brinda Karat, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

An important aspect of Dr. Vivek Sharma's mission is that he does not charge any fees for the social service he renders – Amrit Tandon, Associate Editor, Complete Works of Jawahar Lal Nehru, Teen Murti House, New Delhi

[T. U. Khan is a Book Reviewer. He can be contacted at tarikkhan49@gmail.com]

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  1. A humanitarian health-giver is like an angel of mercy. Keep up the good work. Dr Vivek's great work is indeed commendable. Khalid Rahman

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