Published On:08 March 2012
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Chilean-French group to host first Latin American Halal Lounge HalalExpoChile 2012 October 12-15

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The Chilean-French group will host the first Latin American Halal Lounge HalalExpoChile from October 12-15, 2012, at the Sheraton Hotel in Viña del Mar, exclusively dedicated to professionals in all sectors of Halal industry.

The organizers issued a press release and said that this is a unique a platform for professionals from all over the world set up according to Islamic law to do business in Halal sector.

This show presents an opportunity for professionals, specialists and representatives of all social, political and economic, to contribute their experiences and generate debate concerning the Halal sector, and strengthen the capabilities of this rapidly developing market.

HalalExpoChile, is an economic interest group founded by a team of French and Chilean businessmen in December 2011 with the aim of bringing Chilean businessmen working in Halal activities and other countries in terms of business opportunities and investment.

"The HalalExpoChile 2012 will ensure the widest possible network of contacts in the business in Chile and the world, both private and public sectors, strengthening its mission to become the natural bridge between two markets," the press release stated.

For more information on event:

Email: contact@halalexpochile.cl
International Trade Department Email: comercial@halalexpochile.cl
Public Relations: hidalgo@halalexpochile.cl
Skype Contact: halalexpochile
Tel: 00.33.658.017.027

[Press Release sent to IndianMuslimObserver.com on March 8, 2012]

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