Published On:21 February 2012
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West Bengal Muslims accuse Kolkata Improvement Trust of encroaching Mohammedan Graveyard, say Mamata Banerji callous

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Kolkata: Moulana Mursheed Al-Quadri, Hony Secretary of West Bengal Muslims Burials and Mosques Protection Committee (WMMBMPC), in a press statement has accused West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerji of callousness and plight of Muslims in the state. Moulana Al-Quadri has accused the Chief Minister of maintaining a criminal silence and turnin a blind eye over acquiring of Mohammedan Burial ground and converting it into the water tank of ‘Subhas Saravor Lake’ by Kolkata Improvement Trust.

Moulana Al-Quadri said, "By indulging in such acts, Kolkata Improvement Trust is responsible for create communal conspiracies and deliberately hurting the sentiment of the Muslims in State in order to deprive them from enjoying their religious freedom and use of fundamental right over their own Islamic Institutions in West Bengal."

"The Managing Committee of the Muslims Burial Ground had been repeatedly assuresd by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation to finalize the demarcation of the Burial Ground vide dated 14.7.2011 issued by the Chief Valuer-in-Charge of Kolkata Improvement Trust and was conducted the same on 18th July’ 2011 at 12 noon to fulfill the direction of State Minority Department for renovation and reconstruction of the boundary wall of the above Burial Ground and Dargah which is registered with the Board of Wakfs, under Government of West Bengal vide E.C. No. 13864 as well as the same was exempted by the Calcutta Improvement Trust and State Land Acquisitions under Notification No. 3797 L.A. dated 7th April’ 1941. However, nothing has been done so far creating resentment amongst the Muslims. The state authorities are unmindful of tension building among the Muslims for long over the issue and are treating the issue as a child's play.

"The focible acquisition of the Burial ground by the KIT has given an open license to local criminals by allowing to erect different unauthorized Hindu Temples surrounding of the said Dargah and Burial Ground inside the Lake and the entire “Lake” has been converted into the ‘Temple City’ like Banaras," Moulana Al-Quadri charged and added, "If the Mamata Banerjee government does not take immediate and effective steps in removing the unauthorized structures and handing over the KIT-acquired Burial Ground, then there is every possibility of the issue beoming a communal flashpoint and communal riots breaking out in future."

"It is quite unfortunate that despite approaching His Excellency Md. Hamid Ansari, Vice-President of India, over the issue and a letter written by Mr. Ansari to the Chief Secretary, West Bengal vide Letter No. VPS/R-03.08.2011/US dated. 03.08.2011, and also making representation to the National Minority Commission, the State Government under Miss Mamara Banerjee has remained unmoved and has refused to take any action so far and continues to allow the communal forces to maintain unauthorized Hindu temples inside Subhas Saravor Lake, while Muslim’s genuine century old Dargah and Burial Ground registered with the Government’s Minority department, remain under focible occupation and their very existence depending upon the mercy of Mamata Banerji and her Minister in Charge of Kolkata Improvement Trust Firhad Hakim (Bobby)," said Moulana Al-Quadri.

"The WMMBMPC is on one hand quite surprised over the role of present Mamata Banerji Government which claims to be a messiah of Muslims, while on the other hand Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's swift action in dismantlling 1,200 unauthorized temples in his own State in pursuance of the Order of the Supreme Court of India in 2006 despite having a communal tag upon him. Despite circular issued by the Mamata’s Government involving same question of law which has also been published in daily Bengali newspaper ‘Bartaman’ dated 12.10.2011 issued by State Spl. Home Secretary Anandagopal Ghosh, the KIT has failed to implement the same and continue to restrain the Muslims from performing their legitimate right of religion, rites and rituals at the KIT-acquired holy shrine of Syed Shah Baba Al-Baghdadi and Mahammedan Burial Ground inside the Subhas Saravor Lake.

The WBMBMPC has strongly urged the Mamata Banerjee government to take imediate steps to restore the KIT-acquired Dargah and Muslim Burial Ground to Muslims and establish full confidence of the Muslims, ensure their security and create an atmosphere of secularism in state administration.

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