Published On:11 February 2012
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SPECIAL REPORT: 'SIT clean chit to Modi in Gujarat anti-Muslim carnage will be celebrated by Hindu and Muslim extremists'

By Sayema Sahar

When the Supreme Court appointed the Special Investigation Team on March 26, 2008, victim survivors and many law abiding secular Indians were hopeful that justice would finally see the light of day, but unfortunately the man heading the investigation, Dr. R.K. Raghavan failed miserably to live up to the trust of millions.

Dr. R.K. Raghavan gave clean chit to a Government which was severely indicted by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) for complicity in the state-sponsored carnage.

The investigation trend from the very beginning was to protect the government and certainly not to indict it at any cost and hence SIT has failed to measure up to any standard of independence or professionalism because of its deliberate exclusion of facts and evidences provided by the key witnesses.

One such witness is ex DGP of Gujarat R.B. Sreekumar who maintains that SIT has been shielding Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi since the beginning of its investigation . In his letter to SIT on the 9th of February Mr. Sreekumar says: “I had seen the alleged pro-Modi trend of SIT since June 2009 and had submitted to you numerous suggestion reports, expecting mid-course correction measures. The act of submission of the closure report, ignoring the suggestions from the riot-affected by SIT, had prompted me to write.”

Further in his letter Mr. Sreekumar writes: “I had already requested (dated 21st September, 2009) the SIT to forward all evidence provided by me about the role of the officials of Modi government in the 2002 riots, as per the Apex Court orders to SIT for forwarding “the entire material” collected by SIT to the Court.

"I had also requested the SIT to take action against the Home Department officials and the Govt. pleader who intimidated me to speak in favour of the Govt. before the Judicial Commission, vide another letter dated 21st September, 2009.”

Further in his letter Mr. Sreekumar alleges that he has submitted numerous suggestion letters to the SIT. Unfortunately, the SIT did not care to send any reply to any of these letters.

Mr. Sreekumar as a conscious citizen, vigilant about the core values of the Constitution of India, appeals to the chief of SIT “In my view, your act of exonerating Shri Narendra Modi and his collaboraters in the anti minority carnage will be celebrated by all enemies of our motherland, particularly Hindu and Muslim extremists. Hindu radicals and the Sangh Parivar will feel that they can continue to enjoy total impunity and immunity from legal action and accountability for their crimes during riots, while the Muslim terrorists and Jehadis can redouble their false propaganda about the so-called prejudice of the Indian Administration against the Muslims, who are allegedly denied justice in Gujarat riots cases. Consequently increasing number of misguided Muslim youth will come under the grip of internationally organized Muslim terrorists.”

The voice of Mr. R.B. Sreekumar and other officers like him goes unheard because they are raising their voice against a community nobody has cared for and nobody would care for unless the community realizes this and stand with these officers to bring about the desired change.

The SIT under the shield of “impartial investigation” under the nose of the Supreme Court of India, the highest court of the land, goes ahead and, exonerates the Chief Minister Narendra Modi and 62 others from culpability for their 2002 anti-minority genocide.

The utterly brazen manner in which the SIT has chosen to ignore the evidences, suggestions, and affidavits points out at its farcical intentions.

jo merii riyaazat-e-niim-shab ko “Saleem” subh na mil saki...
to phir is ke maanii to ye hu’e ke yahaaN Khudaa ko’ii aur hai….

[Sayema Sahar is a Journalist and social activist. She can be contacted at sayemasahar@rediffmail.com]

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