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First Islamic museum to open in Australia

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By Manar Ammar

Cairo: The first Islamic museum will be built in Australia and is to be ready to receive visitors in two years in the city of Melbourne.

The Islamic Corporation Organization put down the inaugural stone for the first ever museum of its kind in Australia in a formal celebration on the new site.

The ceremony was attended by a number of Muslim Australians and representatives of the government.

The museum will be dedicated to Islamic history and what it has brought to the history and culture of Australia.

One out of 7 Australians believe in Islam as their religion and 1.2 percent of the Australian population speak in Arabic.

“Islam contributed to the civil picture of Australia and other civilizations through what it has to offer in diverse art and culture,” said Akmal al-Deen Ehsan Oghli, head of the ICO, at the ceremony.

“The museum will enhance Australia’s understanding of Islam and help build culture bridges between Australia and the Islamic world.” Oghli added.

(Courtesy: Bikya Masr)
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