Published On:11 February 2012
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

Chicago based company launches World’s First Muslim Spelling Bee Competition

* Sole objective is to increase Muslim Students participation in local, national and international educational competitions.

* Connecting Communities across North America, U.K, Dubai, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Asia

Chicago: Spelling Bees were made famous by the 2006 movie Aqeelah and the Bee, about a young girl from a bad neighbourhood with a talent for spelling, who works hard, finds a teacher to prep her for spelling competitions, and becomes a champion speller.

Chicago based entrepreneur Tausif Malik and his wife Dr. Asma Rizvi, perceived a need for a platform of competition in which children could engage from around the world. “Muslims are not aware of spelling bees because they are focused on getting their children into engineering or medicine,” says Tausif. Hence, choosing a talent that is universal to the age group helped us select ‘spelling’. TMA Worldwide, the Group organising the inter-school, inter-state, inter-region competition would also launch other educational competitions such as Muslim Science Bee, Muslim Math Bee, Muslim Geography Bee and Muslim Science Projects.

The purpose of the program is “to get Muslim children into the mainstream”, says Tausif.
The competition will be held in each city at a Muslim private school; however it will be open to students from private schools, public schools, or home schools, for children up to 14 years of age. “We expect over 500 children participating from each city,” leading to several rounds of judgement before the finalists are selected. “We aim to encourage children and develop their skills, we will reward each student with a certificate of participation and maximise giving away prizes to students.”

The competition is scheduled to begin in March 2012 and conclude in May 2012 at Chicago, Los Angeles, Tampa, New York, New Jersey, Phoenix, Houston, Washington; it will be a weekend affair in each city and the finals will be held in Chicago.

The entry fee will be $50 per student will have to fill out an application and pay the fee online or via cheque. After completion of the registrations, participants will receive an exhaustive word list to refer. On the set day, student arrives at the testing location and will need to take a written test followed by an oral competition. We have engaged with advanced systems to scrutinise the performance and scientific point’s methodology to ensure fairness.

The team of experts include academicians, events and management consultants.

Tausif explains that there will be a cash prize, scholarships, college sponsorships, companies giving holiday gifts as benefits for the families of children participating in Muslim Spelling Bee Competition.

Tausif imagines with several career and livelihood options around, there’s a notable shift in children opting out of education focus programs. There’s a hidden talent in every child, the Gift of Lord, Gift of Innovation and Creation. Malik believes his program of competitions will move the Muslim community towards connecting communities. Tausif aims to begin with a spelling bee but to expand into other areas, with science competitions, geography bees, math bees–”an Olympiad.”

If you are interested in getting involved in the Muslim spelling bee, visit http://www.muslimspellingbee.com.

For more information, please call:

Tausif Malik
Cell: 773.536.9786
Email: media@muslimspellingbee.com
Website: www.muslimspellingbee.com

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