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Poetic collection ‘Aa’ina-e-Sukhan’ of Dr. Iqbal ‘Arif’ released in Bhopal

By Pervez Bari

Bhopal: “Aa’ina-e-Sukhan”, a collection of poems penned by noted poet Dr. Iqbal Ahmad Khan “Arif”, who is a Physicist by profession, was released at a simple but impressive function in Mulla Sajjad hall of local Saifia Science College here on Sunday.

Mrs. Qaiser Zaman, chairperson All Saints’ Group of Institutions, presided over the function while Urdu litterateur Prof. Afaq Ahmad, Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy chairman Mr. Jaafar Baig and Principal Saifia Science College Prof. Hasan Abbas were guests of honour on the occasion. The four-some released the book “Aa’ina-e-Sukhan” amidst thunderous applause from the well attended audience who comprised of his colleagues, friends, well-wishers and connoisseurs of Urdu “Shayari”.

As the book “Aa’ina-e-Sukhan” was being released the author Dr. Iqbal “Arif” appeared to be in a trance seeing his literary works being applauded in his lifetime before his own eyes. He witnessed the event from close quarters as he shared the dais and in the moment of glory his better half Mrs. Shahnaz was also present on the occasion. His couplet “Kisi Ke Huq Mein Kisi Ke Khilaaf Kahdoonga, Main Aa’ina Hoon Jo Dekhoonga Saaf Kahdoonga”, which is adorned on a mirror image on the cover of the book, echoed in the auditorium as Iqbal Masood, who conducted the function with aplomb, rendered it. The couplet summarized his straight-forwardness about the issues which he saw, felt and experienced in day-to-day life and penned them in a lucid manner. Thereby, through sarcasm and satires in his works he has brought out the ills pervading in the society to the fore together with the pain, anguish and agony felt by the common man to give him solace that he was not alone bearing the hazards of life.

Mrs. Qaiser Zaman in her presidential speech complimented Dr. Iqbal “Arif” for his forays in the Urdu literary world despite being a professor of science, having taught Physics all his life. She drew Dr. Iqbal’s comparison with 18th century London-based mystic poet William Blake (1757-1827) who wanted to see the world in a grain of sand and Heaven in a white flower. Apart from being a poet Blake was a painter, engraver and mystic in the tradition of Plato, Jesus, Rumi, and St. Francis.

Mrs. Zaman said: “Our professor is lucky enough to have got recognition as an Urdu poet in his lifetime but Blake’s deep mystical intuition and his skill and genius as an artist and poet went almost unrecognized during his lifetime”. Dr. Iqbal has given impetus to Urdu language which is different from other languages as it is cherished and adored by the people for its beauty and richness. These qualities are missing as other languages are bereft of it.

Prof. Afaq speaking on the occasion congratulated poet Dr. Iqbal “Arif” for his literary work and said that in the garden of Urdu a new flower has bloomed. The poet knows the art to put forth his thoughts in words in a succinct manner. He feels the pulse of the people and the society at large in day-to-day life and pens his experiences in poetic form using words diligently to convey his message in an effective style, he added.

Prof. Afaq quoted a number of Dr. Iqbal’s couplets to prove his point. He congratulated him for acknowledging his mentors, especially Ustad Shayer Abid Akhtar who chiseled his poetic works and thought to groom him into a perfect poet.

Jaafar Baig while appreciating Dr. Iqbal’s poetic collections said behind every successful man there is hand of a woman which is a historical fact. Thereafter, he coaxed the organizers to call Dr. Iqbal’s wife Mrs. Shahnaz to come on and share the dais with her husband in this hour of glory which she reciprocated reluctantly.

Meanwhile, a number of Urdu litterateurs which included Zafar Naseemi, Zia Farooqui,  Iqbal Masood and Abrar Naghmi presented papers on the life and works of poet Dr. Iqbal “Arif”. 

Some of the couplets quoted by the litterateurs to analyse his poetic prowess were as follows:-

Bund Ahsasaat Ka Itna Bhi Darwazah Naa Ho;
Mit Rahe HoN Aap Aur Mitne Ka Andazah Naa Ho

Farishta Bun Ke To Koi Bhi Zindagi Jee Le;
Kaleja Chhahiye Jeene Ko Aadmi Ki Tarah

Main HuN Haqeeqat Pasand “Arif”, Yeh Mujh Se Hurgiz Naa Ho Sakega;
Ke Khaar Wa Khas Ko Gulab LikhuN, Chiraagh Ko Aftaab LikhuN

Dhulte NahiN Kabhi Bhi Lahu Se Lahu Ke Daagh;
Tu Azm-e-Intaqaam Ko Dil Se Nikaal De

Har Ek Dil MeiN Hasad Hai Har Ek Dil MeiN Nafaq;
Kamaal Dekhiye Be Aag Jal Rahe HaiN Log

Be Zameeri Ka Raha Raaj To Bazaar Mein Kal;
Burf Ke Baant Nazar Ayenge Meezan Ke Saath

Jawani Ghar Ke Tukde Kar Rahi Hai;
Budhapa Haath Apne Mal Raha Hai
Baba Ko Budhape MeiN Aise Naa Sahara De;
Jaise Kisi Mayyat Ko Rahi Kandha De
Qad Sab Ke Unki Bazm Mein Kam Kardiye Gaye;
Jo Sar NahiN Jhuke Woh Qalam Kar Diye Gaye
Tu Bhi Eimaan Ko Bazaar MeiN Laakar Rakhde;
Tere QadmoN Mein Bhi Duniya Ka Khazana Hoga

At the outset poet Prof. Iqtadar Afsar rendered a “Hamd” (poetic praise of the Almighty Allah) penned by him which was appreciated by the assemblage.

A state-level “Mushaira” (poetic meet) was held after the book release wherein a number of local and outstation poets participated.

Now, a brief profile of Dr. Iqbal “Arif”. He retired as Professor of Physics from Saifia Science College, Bhopal, and is at present Principal of local All Saints’ College of Science & Commerce. He was born on November 17, 1947 in Qasba Sherkot, District Bijnor of Uttar Pradesh. After completing his M.Sc. and B.Ed. he landed in Bhopal in 1972 and joined Saifia College as Lecturer in Physics. Later on he did his Ph.D. from Barkatullah University, Bhopal. The title of his thesis was “Electro Negativity & Chemical Shift of X-Ray Absorption Edges”.

He has to his credit the Urdu translation of a book authored by Nobel Laureate Dr. Abdus Salam, who was the Director of International Centre of Theoretical Physics, Italy. The title of the book was “Ideals & Realities”.

[Pervez Bari is a senior Journalist based at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He is associated with IndianMuslimObserver.com as Bureau Chief (Madhya Pradesh). He can be contacted at pervezbari@eth.net]

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