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Movement for Peace & Justice to launch campaign on ‘Health Rights for All’

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IMO News Service

India has worst data on child and mother maternal deaths every year nearly 1.50lacs children and 55 thousands mother die ie: 23% children and 18.5% according to World population. We have 79% children and near 90% adolescent girl child are aneamic.Every year 4.5lacs die due to TB&25% die due heart related diseases. The developed World has increased their GDP to near 5% in the area of health care but we have just used 1.1%.Our is very poor and developing nation where near 80% of population lives at Rs.20/- a day. These are serious health issues where every citizen and basically the poor suffer the most.

Maharashtra report on health issue is also dismal where mostly the Govt hospital doesn’t function and if they do there are many problems like non-availability of medicines, doctors, adequate staff, first-aid, sonography, x-ray and other health facilities which Govt hospitals must provide to patients. Our State lags behind in health infra structure regards to District Hospitals (DH), Primary Health care (PHCs) & Sub-centre (SCs) as per the defined norms& are ill-equipped& also health expenditure is not adequately given and used. On the other hand ‘Trust Hospitals’ where poor patient are supposed to get free health care being dined access or limited due to lack of awareness. The private hospitals are gaining grounds due non access of Universal health care and neo-liberal policies of State Govt.

“Under this alarming situation Movement for Peace & Justice (MPJ) Maharashtra has decided to launch a campaign called ‘Health Rights for all’. This month-long campaign will be from January 15, 2012 to February 15, 2012. We will be conducting various campaigns for awareness and make the government healthcare system more effective and accountable. We will make people and government aware to their rights and duties; also guide to people’s welfare policies related to healthcare. We make appeal to all concern citizenry and media to join the campaign so as to make poor people alleviate from poverty& lead a healthy dignified life,” said Soheb Lokhandwala in a press release.
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