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22 January 2012

AMUOBA Riyadh hosts mushaira

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By Ghazanfar Ali Khan

Riyadh: India’s Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA), Riyadh chapter, hosted an international Urdu poetry session or “mushaira” recently.

The session was attended by about 500 Urdu connoisseurs from Riyadh.

“This grand mushaira was one of the best literary and cultural programs Riyadh witnessed in the recent past,” said AMUOBA President M. Shamsuddin Shams while giving details of the poetry session.

Manohar Ram, deputy chief of the mission at the Indian embassy, was the chief guest of the evening. A number of local poets — Hanif Tarin, Kavish Abbasi, Khwaja Masiuddin, Saeed Nawaz, Zafar Mahmood, Shafiq Nadawi, Sabir Warsi, Hisham Sayyed, Suhail Abbas, Hashmat Siddiqui, Shaukat Jamal, Tahir Bilal, Mir Firasat Ali Khusroo and Aslam Noor Khan — also recited their compositions before international poets amid applause of the audience.
Then, the international guest poets, namely Sayed Nayeem Hamid Al-Hamid, Muzaffar Razmi Kairanvi, Nausha Asrar, Ejaz Popular Meeruthi, Majid Deobandi and Padam Shree Anand Mohan Zutshi Gulzar Dehlvi, were invited on the stage. They entertained the audience with couplets and compositions richly woven around the themes of emotions, love, enthusiasm, deceit among many more subjects.

Firasat Khusroo, a prominent Riyadh-based poet and social worker, conducted the mushaira in the capacity of “Nazim-e-Mushaira.” Khusroo requested Gulzar Dehlvi to preside over the mushaira, and thereafter, he conducted the whole program with his famous style of wits, humor and presence of mind.

All poets were at their best with their classical poetic narrations of couplets, ghazals and ballads.

Majid Deobandi was a class of his own and Popular Meeruthi entertained the audience by his satirical and comical presentations. Gulzar Dehlvi was as energetic and iconic as usual.
The man of the mushaira, however, was Nausha Asrar from the United States. Asrar has a unique style of reciting poetry. “The way he controls lowering and raising of his recitation tone makes his poetry all the more effective,” said Misbahul Arfin, one of the organizers. The audience gave him a rousing and standing ovation.

The poetry session was a grand success, mainly because of the sincere efforts and cooperation of Meraj Arfin Ansari and Wajahat Farooqui from Jubail, who were supported by all the executive members and core committee members of AMUOBA.

The AMUOBA Riyadh is a non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian organization, which consists of alumni from different countries — mainly from India — providing an ideal forum for people to build bridges and network.

The Aligarh Muslim University was conceptualized in Mohammedan Anglo Indian College in 1875 by late Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (1817-1898), a great Indian visionary and educationist. It achieved university status in 1920. The Aligarh mushaira tradition has come a long way since then.

(Courtesy: Arab News)

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