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24 January 2012

Adv. Mukul Sinha to deliver Shahid Azmi Memorial Lecture in Mumbai Feb 11

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IMO News Service

Mumbai: On 11th February, eminent lawyer and activist from Ahmedabad, Dr. Mukul Sinha will deliver the first Shahid Azmi Memorial Lecture here in the city at Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh, 5 pm onwards. Advocate Mukul Sinha, who has unearthed crucial facts about the Godhra carnage and the post-Godhra anti-Muslim pogrom and conducted many successful trails of fake encounters, will be speaking on the topic of, “The Illusion called Secularism”.

Shahid Azmi, a 32 year young lawyer based in Mumbai, was shot dead by some ‘unidentified’ persons at his office on 11th February 2010. According to his close friends, Shahid was not just another advocate who practiced law to earn his livelihood. He was a fearless crusader for justice; ‘he was in love in with the idea of justice’ as one of his friends describes him. He was fighting many terror related cases, including for those falsely accused in the Malegaon blasts.

The lecture will be chaired by noted scholar, Prof. Jairus Banaji, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. The other speakers for the occasion are: Ajit Sahi, Senior Journalist, Advocate Mihir Desai, Mumbai High Court, Maulana Ghulzar Azmi, Secretary, Jamiat Legal Cell, Maharshtra and Arif Azmi, Eldest brother of Shahid Azmi.

For further details contact at activist.journalist@gmail.com

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