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Ulema’s responsibility to present Islamic banking

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Hyderabad: There is a lot of difference between the Islamic religious educational institutions and the modern Universities. These universities don’t have the concept of Allah. Subject specialist expressed their ideas based on their scholarship, research and experience. A scientist keeps in his mind the latest discoveries. He is not concerned about the creator of this Universe. The graduates of western universities have no concept of accountability before God. Whereas in Islamic institutions there is a concept of accountability which is the basic concept.

Besides this, there is a difference in the objectives of acquisition of knowledge. The scholars of western institutions get education to earn their livelihood whereas a student in the Islamic institutions acquires knowledge to propagate the teachings of Islam and the service to humanity. These thoughts were expressed by Maulana Syed Salman Nadvi, former Head of Dept. of Islamic Studies Durban University, South Africa while addressing a gathering to award certificates to the students of Darul-Uloom, Shivarampally, Hyderabad. He pointed out that in Islamic institution, the last chapter of Hadith Bukhari is organized but there is a need to organize functions to celebrate the first chapter of Bukhari wherein it has been clearly mentioned that every act of the Muslim depends upon his intentions.

He invited the attention of the Ulema and told them to present Islamic banking system before the countrymen and highlight its advantages.

(Courtesy: The Siasat Daily, Hyderabd)
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