Published On:05 December 2011
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

Start of year to see test run for 'Muslim Facebook'

Ankara: The start of next year will see the first test runs of SalamWorld.com, the so-called ''Muslim Facebook'', which is being set up in Istanbul and aims to draw in 50 million users over three years.

The target is a revised one and emerged during a presentation held today in Istanbul, where a previous figure of 100 million users - leaked two weeks ago - was halved. There was, however, confirmation that the social network dedicated to Muslims, "SalamWorld" (could be translated as ''Hi, World'') will aim to spread Islamic values among the young and will aim to avoid deviant input thanks to an ''ample team'' of ''moderators''.

Alongside these and added filters, it is hoped that users will also exercise self-discipline. According to the deputy chair of the promoting company, Dagestan-born Russian Akhmed Azimov, the main aim will be to promote awareness of the values sacred to Islam.

It was revealed last month that the platform's motto will be ''no politics, no bans, no limits'' and that apart from young Muslims, the network will be aiming to involve leading intellectuals and non-Muslims who are curious to learn more about the faith.

In practical terms, Salamworld will offer consultation about various Islam-related issues such as theology and the family.

Also planned is online teaching and applications enabling you to find a mosque or your nearest Halal shop.

As was stressed during today's presentation, the developers are attempting to create ''an online encyclopaedia, a kind of Moslem Wikipedia''. Presently, they are busy gathering ''vast resources'' of Islamic texts and documents to put online so that they can be accessed from the site.

The amount of the investment made by the group of Muslim businesspersons behind the project has not been revealed, but it would appear to be a huge amount as the entrepreneurs concerned are defined as ''important'', and from the fact that their deputy chair, Mr Azimov, today declared that: ''we have the money: there are no problems from that point of view''. Today's presentation indeed took place in the company's Istanbul headquarters amid what could be described as sumptuous surroundings.

As well as the central offices in Istanbul, the social network will also have 'antennae' in Moscow and Cairo, with ''coordinators'' in 30 countries. There would appear to be further offices in Dubai, London and New York, at least, this was revealed last month when it was also revealed that one hundred thousand people are already waiting for their chance to enrol on the network, which will be available in 15 languages.

(Courtesy: ANSAmed.info)

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