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SOHR condemns Syrian Security Forces brutalities against Syrian Christians, humiliating Islamic religious sanctities

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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has strongly condemned the ongoing brutal practices of Syrian security forces and its mercenary groups, locally called Shabiha (Thugs). SOHR is a press release sent to IndianMuslimObserver.com said that brutalities unleashed by Syrian security forces have seriously taken another direction in the recent days after the suspension of Syrian membership in the Arab League.

These brutalities are embodied in the following:

First: the escalation of killing and violence against Syrian Christian citizens by the elements of Shabiha dressed in civilian clothes, and then the bringing of the bodies of the victims to their families and telling them that they were killed by Islamic extremists as it was the case with the child Sari Ibrahim Saoud (10 years) on November 26th, 2011 in the district of Bayada in Homs. This child was kidnapped by security elements at a security checkpoint in the area of Bayada in Homs city when he was trying to buy some bread for his family that was about to die from hunger as a result of the siege that was imposed on the city of Homs for the 22nd consecutive day. The child Sari Ibrahim Saoud was executed brutally by the security elements though shooting him with a bullet of an automatic rifle in his left chest just below the armpit.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights got a written statement from an eyewitness from the inhabitants of the area near the location of the security checkpoint on how Shabiha elements executed the child Sari Ibrahim Saoud.

Second, urgent orders were given by Syrian interior ministry to expel the well known Italian Father Paolo Dall' Oglio who has been restoring the church of Dir Mar Moussa in the suburbs of the capital Damascus since 1982, and has been a pioneer in guaranteeing the fraternity between Muslims and Christians in Syria, which is the cradle of Christianity that calls for love, goodness, and tolerance, as to impede his efforts to release tens of thousands of Muslim and Christian detainees who called for democracy and the liberation from tyranny.

Third, enforcing the detainees, who get arrested randomly on the security checkpoints after Friday Prayer in Syrian cities, to prostrate to the picture of Bashaar Assad and repeat, under the threat of shooting, “No God, but Bashaar”, in a blatant violation of Muslims’ beliefs.

When the detainees refuse to do that, they are subjected to the highest degree of insult, humiliation, and barbarous beating until they obey the order of prostrating to the picture of Bashaar Assad and the repetition of “No God, but Bashaar Assad”, and in case if the detainees insist to refuse such doings, they are executed by shooting them directly from a short distance and their corpses get tortured before they are given to their families as what happened with the martyr Raid Kharouf in the area of Irdi in Dir Zour on November 26th, 2011, and with the martyr Nizar Adnan Hamsah in the area of Bab Sbaa in Homs on November 26th, 2011, and the latter’s eyes were gouged out during the process of his torture to enforce him to prostrate to the picture of Bashaar Assad and repeat “No God, but Bashaar Assad” before his execution by shooting him directly in his chest.

The Syrian regime is trying its best, depending on the security forces and its elements of mercenaries, to continue in the process of murdering and the brutal abusing of the unarmed Syrian civilians from Muslims or Christians in order to stir up the sources of sectarian hatred in Syria in an attempt to ignite a sectarian war in the country similar to that in Lebanon during last century, which might be the only way for Syrian regime to escape from its crisis by transmitting the popular uprising in Syria that calls mainly for freedom and dignity, to a civil war that has sectarian nature in which the good and the bad are mixed together, where it is difficult to distinguish each of them from the other within the bloodshed of such an ugly civil fighting.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights calls upon the Arab League, the United Nations, and Security Council to urgently intervene to protect civilians in Syria by any means as to stop the situation in Syria from shifting into a terrible civil war that the Syrian regime tries its best to ignite in the country as it may be its safe haven from facing Syrian popular uprising which started nine months ago without any action being taken by the international community to protect civilians in Syria as it was previously the case in Libya, and before the end of the first two weeks of the massacres committed by former regime of Gaddafi.

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