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NATO terrorism in Pakistan: Is Pakistani regime really serious about the people?

The new Pakistani order asking USA to vacate the NATO terror base came after a US-led NATO airstrike killed at least 28 Pakistani soldiers and wounded 15 others in the Mohmand Agency in northwestern Pakistan. The incident Friday night was a major blow to already strained relations between Islamabad and U.S.-led forces fighting in Afghanistan. Pakistanis are afraid of USA. It will add to perceptions in Pakistan that the American presence in the region is malevolent, and to resentment toward the weak government in Islamabad for co-operating with Washington. The US-Pakistani rift now is real and Pakistan would be free sooner than later.

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

NATO terror operation in Pakistan

Every regime tries to protect the interests of their people, but unfortunately, Pakistan is one that has been doing the opposite, doing everything possible to take care of the self-interests of leaders. Pakistani leaders, both civilians and military, are interested mainly in promoting US imperialist goals and western capitalist interests. Pakistan has under pressure from USA has, by letting the its soil and space for anti-Islamic terror operations, joined the illegal terror wars in Islamic world unleashed by the NATO terrorist syndicate on fabricated pretexts like Osama, WMD, regime change, democracy etc.

That is indeed cruel on the part of Islamabad.

Now America and its western allies control Pakistani regime, its policies.

It is an unpardonable anti-Islamic move on the part of Pakistani regime to have, in the first place, let the anti-Islamic NATO terror syndicate to make Pakistani soil safe sanctuary for attacking neighboring Afghanistan on fabricated pretexts and covert terror operations against Pakistanis themselves and while Pakistani leaders are minting foreign money, the NATO terrorists have amassed huge piles of arms and ammunition to target Muslims just by calling them the “terrorists”.

Coming to the crux of the current Pak-US tensions, the USA is exploiting the weakened position of Pakistan and the regime there, trying to bully and use the Zardari-Gilani-Kayani leadership to get maximum benefits in terms of massacre of Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The leaders in Islamabad are also aware of the fact that people of Pakistan hate them now. CIA employs its usual trick of threat to remove them from power to achieve what it wants.

As a result, the USA and NATO treat Pakistan as semi-sovereign nation and its people and leaders as their slaves, besieged by the GST terrorists in democracy uniforms and operating on drone goods.

One of major issues of debate today is damages inflicted upon UK-Pakistani ties by inane operations of NATO terrorists. Pakistan has repeatedly condemned airstrikes against its troops near the border with Afghanistan. While the strikes supposedly target militants, they usually claim the lives of civilians and Pakistani soldiers. Ties between Washington and Islamabad had already taken an especially hard hit from the covert US commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden in a Pakistani garrison town on May 2. The Pakistanis were outraged that they were not told about the operation beforehand, and now are angered even more than before by US violations of the country’s sovereignty.

One is not very sure if all powerful global terror state USA and its South Asian puppet Pakistan deliberately create tensed situations, like cricketers and Indian parliamentarians cutting across the party lines do, only in order to gain publicity when other more important issues are getting the primacy of attention of media controlled by USA and its terrocratic allies. The inferring argument could be that when the media are directly controlled by USA why should not the USA top the news as well permanently. Pakistan might not be interested in such dirty techniques, but America surely is – after all media magic is important to boost the image of USA against its dictatorial and authoritarian polices against Muslims as well as weak nations.

As the latest cause for friction, the NATO terror syndicate has killed Pakistani military personnel. NATO helicopters of firing on two Pakistani army checkpoints in the northwest near the Afghan-Pakistan border and killing 26 soldiers, then retaliated by closing a key border crossing used by the coalition to supply its troops in neighboring Afghanistan.

It comes a little over a year after a similar but less deadly incident, in which U.S. helicopters accidentally killed two Pakistani soldiers near the Afghan border, whom the pilots mistook for insurgents. Pakistan responded by closing the Torkham border crossing to NATO supplies for 10 days until the US apologized.

The Pakistani army said that NATO helicopters and fighter jets carried out an "unprovoked" attack on two of its border posts in the Mohmand tribal area before dawn, killing 24 soldiers and wounding 13 others. A spokesman for NATO forces, Brig. Gen. Carsten Jacobson, said that Afghan and coalition troops were operating in the border area of eastern Afghanistan when "a tactical situation" prompted them to call in close air support. Afghan officials said that the call was made after Afghan soldiers came under fire. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the incident.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar told US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton that the alleged NATO attack negated all progress in improving the tattered alliance between the two countries. She told Clinton in a phone call that the alleged NATO attack was unacceptable, showed complete disregard for human life and sparked rage within Pakistan, according to a press release issued by the Pakistani prime minister's office.

Pakistani premier Yusuf R. Gilani strongly condemned the alleged NATO attack, and said government was taking it up “in the strongest terms with NATO and the USA. Islamabad summoned US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter to lodge a strong complaint regarding the unprovoked attack. Pakistan also ordered a review of all arrangements with the US and NATO, including diplomatic, political, military and intelligence activities. The decision was taken at an extraordinary meeting of senior cabinet ministers and military service chiefs chaired by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, who strongly condemned the strike.

NATO has since described the incident as "tragic and unintended" and has promised a full investigation. Later, however, NATO confirmed that the attack has left some Pakistani soldiers dead and has launched an investigation into the incident. Notorious NATO's top official, Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, offered his "deepest condolences" and said the coalition was committed to working with Pakistan to "avoid such tragedies in the future... We have a joint interest in the fight against cross-border terrorism and in ensuring that Afghanistan does not once again become a safe haven for terrorists".

However, the US apology gimmick has been rejected by Pakistan. Earlier, however, Pakistan after such tensions, eventually relented and reopened Torkham last year after the US apologized, giving hopes for Obama to continue to attack Pakistanis with drones.
Pakistan lodged protest with the US. But, sensing danger, senior US diplomatic and military officials eventually apologized for the attack, saying it could have been prevented with greater coordination between the US and Pakistan.

Pakistan held funerals for the soldiers at the army's headquarters in Peshawar, the most important city in the country's northwest. Mourners said prayers in front of caskets wrapped in green and white Pakistani flags. Activists with Islami Jamiat Tulba, the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami party, staged a protest in the northwestern city of Lahore to denounce the killings of soldiers.

Pakistanis now know the USA is their first enemy.


After murdering an unarmed “Osama” inside Pakistan without informing the Zardari-Gilani regime, NATO terrorist have become so bold that now they have begun killing Pakistani troops.

Army spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas said the Pakistani troops at two border posts were the victims of an unprovoked aggression. He said the attack lasted almost two hours and that commanders had contacted NATO counterparts while it was going on, asking them to get this fire to cease, but it continued until the “objective” was achieved by NATO.

The border is disputed in many areas and not clearly marked, adding to the difficulties faced by the different militaries in controlling it. The two military posts, named "Volcano" and "Golden," were located on a ridge in Mohmand region around 300 yards (meters) from the border with Afghanistan. The poorly defined, mountainous border has been a constant source of tension between Pakistan and the USA. NATO and Afghan forces are not allowed to cross over into Pakistan to kill Muslims in pursuit of “militants”. But Obama wants to kill as Muslims as possible before the next poll.

The border issue is the major source of tension between Islamabad and Washington, which says it wants to stabilize Afghanistan and withdraw its combat troops there by the end of 2014. The Pakistan military blamed NATO for Friday’s attack in the Mohmand tribal area, saying the NATO terror helicopters “carried out unprovoked and indiscriminate firing.” American officials with a view to escape criticism of Pakistani regime, have repeatedly accused Pakistani forces of supporting — or turning a blind eye — to militants using its territory for cross-border attacks.

Pakistan moved swiftly after the attack to close Torkham to NATO. In a retaliatory move, Hours after the attack, Pakistan closed its western border to trucks delivering supplies to NATO troops in Afghanistan, demanded that the U.S. abandon an air base inside Pakistan used to operate drone strikes, and said it will review its cooperation with the US and NATO. Some critical supplies, including ammunition, are airlifted directly to Afghan air bases. Official sources confirmed the suspension of supplies, adding that all containers were stopped at the Takhta Baig checkpost in Jamrud tehsil of Khyber Agency. Takhta Baig is the first checkpost followed by four more check-posts in the tribal areas and is the shortest possible route to Afghanistan.

As the most important turning point in US-Pakistan relations, controlled by the CIA, Pakistani government, in addition to closing its border crossings, has ordered the US to vacate an airbase Shamsi Air Base a remote desert outpost in Baluchistan in southwest Pakistan, within 15 days following the deadly airstrike. The airbase was reportedly used as a hub for covert CIA drone strikes. The US uses the base to service drones when they cannot return to their bases inside Afghanistan because of weather conditions or mechanical difficulty.

The Shamsi air base that is used as a base by American drones to target Muslims who obstruct the Silk-energy route creation, killing them as well as the US made al-Qaeda and Taliban operatives in the country's tribal region along the Afghan border. The USA has relied heavily on drone strikes in the past few years, killing Pakistanis.

Pakistan had previously told the USA to leave the site in June. The Pakistani government has blocked dozens of trucks carrying goods and fuel supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan. Hundreds of trucks carrying supplies to U-led troops in Afghanistan backed up at Pakistani border crossings, leaving them vulnerable to militant attack a day after Islamabad closed the frontier in retaliation for coalition airstrikes that allegedly killed 24 Pakistani troops.

NATO Terror Syndicate

US-UK led NATO terror forces have ulterior motives in occupying a friendly but foolish Pakistan, destabilizing Islamabad and killing Muslims. Strategic partnership does not entail any illegal occupations. Soviet Union had been a strong partner supplier of terror goods to India, promoting Indian massacres in occupied Jammu Kashmir, but never occupied India but USA has been toying with idea of somehow establish a terror base in India.

A year ago, a US helicopter attack killed two Pakistani soldiers posted on the Afghan-Pakistani border, prompting the army to close one of the border crossings. A joint investigation by the two nations found that Pakistani troops had fired first at the U.S. helicopters. The investigation found that the shots were probably meant as warnings after the choppers passed into Pakistani airspace. The US apologized, and the border was reopened, encouraging the occupation terror syndicate to pursue their hidden agenda.

The number of casualties is much higher this time. The situation could be direr this time because Pakistan, outraged at the alleged NATO attack before dawn, has closed both its crossings. Nearly 300 trucks carrying coalition supplies are now backed up at Torkham in the northwest Khyber tribal area and Chaman in southwestern Baluchistan province. Last year, Pakistan only closed Torkham.

The NATO deadly incident serves to shift attention away from the dominant perception of the Pakistani army in the West over the last five years — that of an unreliable ally that supports militancy. That image was cemented after al-Qaeda’s chief Osama bin Laden was found to have been hiding in an army town close to the Pakistani capital when he was killed.

NATO ships nearly 50 percent of its non-lethal supplies to its troops in Afghanistan through Pakistan. The trucks are periodically targeted by suspected militants as they travel through the country, and their drivers are sometimes killed. NATO has said these attacks do not significantly impact its ability to keep its troops supplied.

NATO has reduced the amount of non-lethal supplies it ships through Pakistan from a high of around 80 percent by using routes through Central Asia. The northern logistics link could be expanded to make up for the Pakistani closure, but it would leave NATO heavily dependent on Russia at a time when ties with Moscow are increasingly strained.

In the name of new world order, America is on its way to declare the third world war by escalating the NATO war in Mideast into a full sale open WW-II. NATO and America are now embroiled in military actions in numerous parts of the globe. America/NATO is involved in illegal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Uganda and Libya. Emergent spheres of expanded military activity include Pakistan and Syria. Recession and extraordinary financial and economic crisis in the west have been used as a reason to ignite the war. The war plan is a call for the full mobilization of 1.5 Million US Reserves.

It appears, the USA is trying to show that it is eager for another WW-III. China and Russia warn of US and NATO plans to initiate a global armed conflict. This conflict has reportedly moved from the drawing board to an activation stage. According to both Chinese and Russian Intelligence Sources, the US and NATO plans include among other, the deliberate implosion of the US- and EU Economies, destroying the world’s financial systems, and the launching of a massive conventional war throughout North America, Africa and Asia, as well as the Middle East. The war plans include the release of biological warfare agents designed to kill millions if not billions of people. The NATO strategists rely on their ability to sue for peace when the coming conflict is at its highest, to call for the establishment of a “New World Order” under the pretext of preventing the destruction of the planet and civilization.

The armed forces of NATO, Russia and China have never been as close to open and all out conflict as today. A recent and sobering report of the Russian Intelligence Service FSB, details the fact that the USA and NATO are currently planning and actively preparing for all out war on all continents. After the recent meeting between Russian PM Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Huan Jintao, both Russian and Chinese military forces have been placed on highest alert.

Maybe USA is trying to divert global attention from the rebuff it received in Pakistan.

An Observation

For Pakistan's weak and much criticized elected government, NATO airstrikes provide a rare opportunity to unite the country and a momentary relief from attack by rivals eying elections in 2013 or sooner. But by recycling the joint operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan in a new format to kill Muslims, Pakistani regime would lose all bargain chips indoors and abroad. Pakistan would sooner or later lose its full sovereignty as well!

Since 2001 the NATO terror syndicate targeting Muslims in the region have literally occupied Islamabad and ill-treated the hosts as beggars. Although the friction looks like a usual fiction for some specific reasons, the current standoff assumes importance now with Pakistan, for the first time since 1947, has ordered the USA-NATO to vacate its terror air base from Pakistani soil, blocking the NATO supply routes inside Pakistan and its decision not to attend the Bonn conference on Afghanistan, etc, clearly show the real and irreparable rift between the master and assistant. Further, dismissal by the Pakistani regime of BBC news channels in Pakistan is yet another bold step Islamabad has taken to assert its sovereignty over the nation and its affairs and gives credence to the serious nature of US –Pakistani relations. The BBC ban is the right step because they fuel crisis in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Iran, Syria and other Muslim nations.

While the USA is widely disliked in Pakistan, the army has accepted billions in American aid over the last 10 years in return for its cooperation in fighting al-Qaeda. It has been accused of fomenting anti-American sentiment in the country to extract better terms in what is essentially a transactional and deeply troubled relationship with Washington.

NATO strikes have added to popular anger in Pakistan against the US-led NATO terror syndicate in Afghanistan. Many in the army, parliament, general population and media already believed that the US and NATO are hostile to Pakistan and that the Afghan Taliban is not the enemy. However, CIA thinks that since Pakistan still relies on billions of dollars in American military and civilian aid, USA can reign in Islamabad easily.

Unmistakably, most Pakistanis are afraid of NATO terror retaliation. Some drivers said Pakistan had sent paramilitary troops to protect their convoys since the closures, but others were left without any additional protection. Even those who did receive troops did not feel safe.

The relationship between the two countries with different systems with capitalist inputs has also severely deteriorated over the past year, especially following the covert US raid that killed Osama bin Laden in a Pakistani garrison town in May. Islamabad was outraged because it wasn't told about the operation beforehand.

In trying showcasing its terror prowess, the NATO would like the tensions rise further by fake encounters and insurgency gimmicks. NATO is eager to attack Pakistanis and their military personnel but would like to avert attacks against the stranded trucks ferrying NATO supplies to Afghanistan.

There are forces working against Pakistan as an important Muslim nation and are eager to obtain a total rupture in its relationship with west/NATO. USA plays dirty superiority foul game. Ties between Pakistan and the USA were already deteriorating before the deadly attack and have sunk to new lows since, delivering a major setback to American hopes of enlisting Islamabad's help in negotiating an end to the 10-year-old Afghan war. After the Osama bin Laden “raid”, insulting Pakistani military and other security services, ties almost collapsed but slowly resumed, albeit at a lower level and with lower expectations on the American side.

The NATO airstrikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers lasted almost two hours and continued even after Pakistani commanders had pleaded with coalition forces to stop, the army claimed in charges that could further inflame anger in Pakistan.

Washington views the crumbling ties with Islamabad with unease but thinks they have enough control tools to make Pakistan continue with supporting NATO massacre of Muslims. In order to make the entire decay of ties look unimportant, an US/NATO official closely involved with the Afghan war said there will likely be no immediate negative effect from Pakistan's decision to close its border crossings. US strategists say that by claiming it was the victim of unprovoked aggression, the Pakistan army is strengthening this narrative.

However, a complete breakdown in the relationship between the USA and Pakistan is considered by Americans as unlikely. They claims that Pakistan relies too much on billions of dollars in American aid, and the USA needs Pakistan to push Afghan insurgents to participate in peace talks. So, Americans and a few Pakistani agents hope the mutual bickering would continue to go on against the wishes of Pakistanis. .

Obviously, Indian owls are closely watching the crisis in the ties and wants to use it to further strengthen the terror ties with USA, but Pakistan has no reason to worry about it now because USA cannot do “business” with Pakistan in the longer run. And the US needs Islamabad's help to push former Afghan rulers to engage in peace talks.

Although such angry rhetoric characterize Pak-US relations in recent times as India pushes hard ahead for more strategic partnership for nuclear and Kashmir benefits, Pakistan has so far has never asked the occupying foreign forces to quit the Pakistani soil. But now it has done so and this marks a turning point in real ties between anti-Islamic USA and an officially Islamic Islamabad.

Leaders and the rich of Pakistan have been betraying the people, nation and Islam. However, after al these repeated insults and injuries if the Pakistani regime decides once again to tell NATO “OK, enough is enough and let us resume out joint genocides of Muslims in Af-Pak”, that would indeed be another great tragedy of humanity.

Is this conflict a mere show which Pakistan would just use only to get more arms and money from USA? But one thing is certain. USA wants to steal its nukes or completely destroy Pakistan along with nukes.

Are the Pakistani regime and its funny media lords really serious about the welfare of its people, about the prestige of Pakistan as a sovereign nation?

Well, my guess is as good as yours...

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@ymail.com]

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