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Maulana Syed Mushtaq Ali Nadwi anointed as Bhopal Shahar Qazi

By Pervez Bari

Bhopal: Maulana Syed Mushtaq Ali Nadwi, who was Nayab (deputy) Shahar Qazi, has been elevated and anointed to the post of Bhopal Shahar Qazi after the demise of Maulana Qari Syed Mohammad Fazil Qasmi who had adorned the post till his last breath.

The newly appointed Shahar Qazi Maulana Syed Mushtaq Ali Nadwi assumed office here on Tuesday amid the presence of employees and his deputies including Nayab Qazis and Muftis. Masajid Committee Bhopal announced the promotion of Nayab Qazi (deputy Qazi) Maulana Syed Mushtaq Ali Nadwi as the new Shahar Qazi of Bhopal late in the night on Monday last.

According to Masajid Committee sources with the elevation of Maulana Mushtaq Nadwi, a post of deputy Qazi has been vacated that would be filled up later on.

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister greeting new Shahar Qazi
Soon after the burial of Maulana Fazil Qasmi, chairman of the Masajid Committee Haleem Qureshi called an emergency meeting of the committee late in the night. In view of the long experience of Maulana Mushtaq Nadwi as the Nayab Qazi, it was unanimously decided to put him on the helm of affairs of the Dar-ul-Qaza of Bhopal. Late in the night the announcement followed about his appointment for the top job. The meeting of the committee was attended by its chairman Haleem Qureshi, Secretary Saeed Faruqui and members Fazl-e-Bari and Syed Anwar Hussain.

Maulana Mushtaq Nadwi, (52), has been serving as the Nayab Qazi in the Bhopal Dar-ul-Qaza for over two decades. He has earned his Alim, Fazil and Qazi degrees from Nadwatul Ulema, Lucknow. He specialized in Hadeeth Nabwi and Islamic Fiqh from Madinah University from 1981 to 1985. Being a member of Rabta-e-Adab Islami he has to his credit of having given his services in Saudi Arabia in the field of religious education.

Having a long experience of serving as the Nayab Qazi, Maulana Mushtaq Nadwi has the distinction of working with former Shahar Qazis late Maulana Abdul Ali, late Maulana Abdul Lateef Qasmi and late Maulana Qari Syed Mohammed Fazil Qasmi.

He has also had his grooming under the eminent clerics and towering personalities of the city including Maulana Imran Khan Nadwi, Maulana Syed Abid Ali Wajd-ul-Hussaini, Maulana Habeeb Rehan and Peer Saeed Mian Mujaddadi.

It may be mentioned here that central Indian state Madhya Pradesh capital Bhopal, which was the second largest Muslim princely state after Hyderabad under the British rule wherein Nawabs and Begums lorded over, has had the legacy of Dar-ul-Qaza court for the last about 300 years. The city has seen a rich history of Shahar Qazis with illustrious Maulana Syed Sulaiman Nadwi being the last of the pre-Independence era. There is a locality known as Qazipura in the walled city. Before India’s independence Shahar Qazi had the powers of a judge. All matters whether civil or criminal were brought to Qazi, whose decision was final and binding. This post was looked upon with much awe as the person occupying the seat of Shahar Qazi was considered to be very pious and dutiful. They gave decision including that of death sentence and pardon.

Bhopal state, which was founded by a Mughal soldier Dost Mohammad Khan in 1723 (Islamic year 1121 Hijri), who assumed the title of Nawab after declaring his kingship. He had the first Shahar Qazi as Qazi Mohammad Moazzam Sambhali. Since he hailed from Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh, “Sambhali” was added to his name. After him during the reign of Nawab Faiz Mohammad Khan Qazi Mohammad Moallim “Sambhali” was made the second Shahar Qazi. He continued during the reign of Nawab Wazir Mohammad Khan as well. After his demise Qazi Mohammad Yaqoub was made Shahar Qazi.

Nawab Qudsia Begum’s rule witnessed two Shahar Qazis, first Qazi Anmad Ali and then Qazi Hussain Ali. Mr. Syed Shareef Hussain was the Shahar Qazi during Nawab Jahangir Mohammad Khan’s tenure. Qazi Zainul Abedin (from Yemen who settled in Bhopal) was made Shahar Qazi during the rule of Nawab Sikandarjahan Begum.

The rule of Nawab Shahjahan Begum and Nawab Sultanjahan Begum witnessed four Shahar Qazis each. During Shahjahan Begum’s tenure Qazi Mohammad Bashiruddin Usman, Qazi Sheikh Mohammad Jafar, Qazi Mohammad Ayub and Qazi Mohammad Abdul Huq were anointed Shahar Qazi respectively.

During Nawab Sultanjahan Begum’s tenure Qazi Mohammad Yahya was made Shahar Qazi followed by Qazi Siraj-ul-Huq, Qazi Mohiuddin and Qazi Mohammad Yahya once again. Last ruler Nawab Hameedullah Khan tenure had two Shahar Qazis viz. first Qazi Mohammad Hasan and then Maulana Syed Sulaiman Nadwi from 1946 to 1950. Bhopal merged with the India to be part of Madhya Pradesh in 1949.

Meanwhile, in post-Independence era who have served as the Bhopal Shahar Qazis are: Mohammad Rizwanuddin (1951-1955); Qazi Mohammad Shoeb (1955-1960); Qazi Abdul Hadi Khan (1960-1961); Maulana Syed Abid Ali Wajd-ul-Hussaini (1961-1990), Qazi Abdul Ali Siddiqui (1990-2002); Maulana Abdul Lateef Qasmi (2002-2010) and Maulana Qari Syed Mohammad Fazil Qasmi (April 2010-December 2011). And now the new incumbent who has been appointed Shahar Qazi is Maulana Syed Mushtaq Ali Nadwi.

It may be mentioned here that Maulana Qari Syed Mohammad Fazil Qasmi who was participating the three-day “Aalami Tablighi Ijtima”, which began at Ghasipura in Eintkhedi village on the outskirts of Bhopal on Saturday last, suffered a massive stroke on returning home. He had led Asr Namaz at the Ijtima site wherein tens of thousands are attending the religious congregation and later offered Maghrib players also. He also solemnized 30 of the about 400 Nikhas that were performed after Asr prayers. He returned home after the Maghrib Namaz and after Isha Namaz he suffered the stroke and thereafter passed away on the way while being rushed to hospital.

[Pervez Bari is a senior Journalist based at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He is associated with IndianMuslimObserver.com as Bureau Chief (Madhya Pradesh). He can be contacted at pervezbari@eth.net]

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