Published On:24 December 2011
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Ameer-e-Shariat Northeast condemns kidnapping and brutal killing of innocent people in Assam's Barak Valley

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“The Island of Peace - Barak Valley in the northeastern state of Assam comprising three districts of South Assam namely Cachar, Hailakandi and Karimganj has quite recently turned into a land of kidnapping, robbery and crimes. Every morning, we see the newspapers filled with news regarding serial kidnapping, looting, robbery and killing of innocent people in the area. I cannot imagine how a human being can be so cruel to kill a schoolgoing child for a small amount of money. All these incidents are taking place in the confines of the district and state administration remains a mute spectator. I strongly condemn these bloodsheds & cruelty and demand exemplary punishment for the offenders who are the real guilty so that no other person dares to follow this route in near future,” said Maulana Tayeebur Rahman Barbhuiya, Ameer-e-Shariat, Imarat-e-Shariah, Northeast India, in a press release.

Maulana Tayeebur Rahman Barbhuiya remarked, “Certainly, there are some loopholes in our district or state administration. The people responsible to maintain law and order are actually busy in fulfilling their self interest and negligent about the cause of common people. As a result, criminals, opportunists and anti-social elements are taking advantage in performing such inhuman activities. As reported by local media, some police officers of Barak Valley maintain friendly relationship and provide shelters to a few miscreants, which boost their confidence to threaten the innocent people in broad day light resulting in gradual deterioration of law & order in the valley every day. I request the Honorable Chief Minister of Assam to have immediate control over the situation and take stern action against the culprits and ensure safety & security of the life and property of the common people.”

“The criminals are roaming freely across the length and breadth of the entire northeastern states. In order to put an end to it, the administration should trace out and publish their whereabouts as soon as possible. There is urgent requirement for the administration to have a dedicated phone number for public reporting about their movement. All the Incoming calls to this number should be recorded so that the police cannot escape from their responsibility by making lame excuses. I request the Chief Minister of Assam to replace the existing ACS and APS officers of Barak valley with competent IAS and IPS officers,” the Ameer-e-Shariat said.

“I appeal to all the peace loving people of this valley to help the administration in maintaining law and order situation in order to ensure peace and harmony in the society. The culprits should be boycotted socially irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. I am very much disappointed to see the inactiveness of some political leaders. The People have entrusted their faith on them by their franchise with great hopes to live in safety and security where they failed miserably. The recent kidnapping of Dr. Bidyut Nath, kidnapping & subsequent murder of Naaz (Grandson of freedom fighter Gazi Sikander) and innocent school boy Shahadat is heart rendering. The entire episode of mass kidnapping & murder compels us to think differently and accept the fact that everything is going on under political conspiracy as reported by local dailies. The island of peace (as stated by late prime minister Smt. India Gandhi) is on fire now and the innocent people crying for help. So, I request the Government of Assam to come forward and restore peace, ensure safety & security for common people at the earliest. I would also invite our national leaders, especially the Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, to please come and visit our place Barak Valley, as our late Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi used to do in her lifetime,” demanded Maulana Tayeebur Rahman Barbhuiya.

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