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24 December 2011

Ahmediyya Muslims gather at Wagah Border for annual congregation

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Wagah: Thousands of Ahmediyya Muslims gathered at the Wagah Border post for their annual community congregation beginning from December 26 in the town of Qadian in Gurdaspur District of Punjab.

Though, Ahmediyyas regard themselves to be part of the Muslim faith, they have been branded as "non-Muslims" by the Government of Pakistan as per the 1974 Constitutional amendment which declared them as "heretical".

The Ahmediyya Muslim sect considers its leader, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, as the last Prophet which is opposed by mainstream Muslims who consider it blasphemous.
While Ahmediyyas deny considering their leader as the last Prophet, radical Muslims are against them, wanting them to be declared un-Islamic.

Mohammad Ahmed Zafar, an Ahmediyya Muslim from Pakistan said that he was extremely happy to be in India and thanked the Indian government for being lenient with the visas.

"We have come here for the annual conference to be held in Qadian which will start from the 26th of this month. By the grace of god, we are thankful to the government of India for granting visas to so many of us. The preparations and facilities here are very good. I am really thankful to you all," said Zafar.

Nawab Ahmed, a volunteer for the annual conference, also thanked the India government for granting so many visas for the Ahmediyya Muslims coming from Pakistan.

"Our function is a yearly event and happens in Qadian. This is the 120th one. Every year people from over 200 countries come here to take part in this conference. This year many people have come through the Wagah Border. 5734 Visas were granted to Pakistani citizens by the Indian government. This is a very good gesture from the government of India and we really thank them," said Nawab.

Several human rights groups have highlighted the persecution faced by the Ahmediyyas in Pakistan.

(Courtesy: NewsTrackIndia.com)

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