Published On:23 November 2011
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Why the Indo-US Joint operation against Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam?

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam a Muslim is not just 100% pro-India man, but more than that he is also a true 100% Indian. He, an innocent Muslim promoted Hindu interests in India and abroad, has now been shown his place in India by the secret operations by Indo-US rouges! This is a vital lesson for Indian Muslims - or for that matter all Muslims living as minority anywhere - aspiring for BIG things. If such high level planned insult could be inflicted upon a former President of India, on can imagine the plight of ordinary Muslims who are otherwise being terrorized by GST (global state terrorist) agencies. Dr. Kalam is being treated like an orphan by India and its strategic terror partners!

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Today, as a direct consequence of CIA engineered Sept-11 hoax, all intelligence teams, core media, militaries, polices, including Interpol, etc, are operating under the CIA. India closely coordinates all secret operations with USA, UK and Russia.

Former President of secular India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, now aged 80-year, was frisked in New York on September 29 before boarding an Air India flight. Even after Kalam had taken his seat in the aircraft, the US security personnel forced the crew to open the door and took away the jacket and boots of the former president to check for explosives since they had forgotten to do so before his boarding. The items were later returned to Kalam.

But it took about two months for Indian state and its media to report to the public the tragedy of shame meted out to Indian former president Dr. Kalam, a distinguished missile scientist on whom India bestowed the award of Phartratna before he was made the president only to be removed quickly after the first term while Indian premier continues endlessly?

It is presumed that the Indian intelligence networks indoors and abroad keep a close watch on all developments around the world and it is strange India took time to decide the mater. Taking serious note of the incident, India seems to have “threatened” retaliatory action (a joke?) with External terror affairs Minister S M Krishna directing Indian Ambassador to US N. Rao to take up the "matter" in writing at the "highest level" with Washington.

And now after about two months, the Obama regime in US has apologized to former President A P J Abdul Kalam for subjecting him to frisking at New York's JFK Airport, an incident that had provoked sharp reactions from India which threatened retaliatory action.

The US Embassy in New Delhi said that it had the utmost respect for Kalam and US was actively working to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.In a written bogus apology to Kalam and the Indian government, the US said, "appropriate procedure" for expedited screening of dignitaries had not been followed. USA "deeply" regrets the inconvenience that resulted for Kalam as a result of the September 29 incident involving the security screening at JFK Airport in New York. The US said that subsequent to the frisking incident, US Charge d' Affairs Peter personally hand delivered a letter from the US to Kalam and a similar letter was delivered to the government of India regretting the incident. Maintaining that it "deeply values and appreciates" the strong relationship and partnership with India, the US said it is always confident that despite this regrettable incident, the Indo-US will continue working closely with India in the many areas of our strategic partnership".

Dr. Kalam a Muslim is not just 100% pro-India man, but more than that he is also a true 100% Indian. He, an innocent Muslim promoted Hindu interests in India and abroad, has now been shown his place in India by the secret operations by Indo-US rouges! This is a vital lesson for Indian Muslims aspiring for BIG things. .

If this what a person like Dr. Kalam can expect from the Indo-US terrocracies, what could be the fate of ordinary Muslims of India? Why did both India and USA acted too late on Dr. Kalam and why has Kalam not revealed the US insult focused on India through the former president? Or, alternatively, is the “frisking” is yet another fake affair? Is it the discomfort of adding extra insult to American insult or something else?

What is cruelly interesting is the fact that even after this anti-India snub on him, Dr. Kalam has been misused by India regime to go to all the way to Kudankulam to somehow dissuade the masses there protesting against the illegal nuclear terror project. And Kalam even collected a 40-page report prepared by the nuclear rogues from the project director on behalf of Indian military and announced it promptly and that is the true picture of Indian policy for Muslims.

The key issue here, however, is the secular claims of India. Had a Hindu been subjected to such insults? Would India have kept mum for months like this?

Indian regime led by an innocent looking terror premier, Manmohan cannot say it has no knowledge about what is happening to India's decorated president in airports of Indian and abroad and the foreign ministry cannot jointly pretend to be an innocent agency managed by fools and the like.

Had such thing happened, that too repeatedly, to Manmohan or Sonia, or Rahul Gandhi or Advani or Malyali military minister Antony or president Pratibha Patil or her chubby husband in Indian and foregoing airports, India would have certainly behaved differently, explosively. India's most pampered Tendulakr cricketer, pestered by military and sport ministry to appoint him a Pharatratna by package deals with other teams directly or through the coach or mafias, could occupy a bungalow in Mumbai recently without any approval of the Mumbai cooperation but then the officials themselves went running to his house and offered the relevant documents to be a "legalized" occupier.

Dr. Kalam is being treated by India like an orphan!

It looks the "body search" episode was an Indo-US Joint operation against Dr. Abdul Kalam and CIA might have have informed India about the latest position on the conspiracy India was well aware of this and was waiting that to happen. It is similar to the terror attacks taking place with full knowledge of the regimes- including Sept-11 and Mumbai Taj sky fire, Parliament attack, Hyderabad Mecca Mosque or Ajmir Dargah blast or London blasts or Moscow blasts.

After all, the world is passing through a era of GST (global state terror) operations to silence and terrorize the humanity. .

To hell with US imperialism and Indo-US fanaticism and joint conspiracies.

But now, is an apology from the Obama regime, engaged with invading Muslim nations for their resources, including corpses and blood, killed by the NATO terrorists, enough for such a serious offense?

Fanatic India with anti-Muslim instincts surely owes the humanity a proper explanation!

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@ymail.com]

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