Published On:09 November 2011
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Sedition is worse than murder

By Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadvi

Generally, majority of Muslims of 21st century do not read the Qura'an as they consider reading of 1400 old Qura'an in 21st century where the world is advancing and turning into a village is just a waste of time. They feel that it is only the work of Madarsa students and religious persons who are foolish and far from the facts taking place everywhere in this enlightened era.

Indeed, I got nothing to say to Muslims or non-Muslims who think so, because ultimately freedom of thought exits in this era too.

However, when I read Qura'an, try to understand it and compare with what said in Qura'an and what is happening across the world this time, I would imagine that all world and so-called educated leaders who have been wandering from one place to another and from one thought to another for the solution they unable to find it or have but fooling nations of this planet, must read the Qura'an or the copies of Qura'an must be offered to them so that they can prevent themselves from carrying out mass murder of people in guise of lies and falsehoods.

For instance, this time from north to south, east to west, top to bottom and everyone in all faculties of society with one voice considers terrorism a dangerous and constant threat to peace of world; therefore, all actions US and its allies take are right and carry legitimacy to go ahead in this way.

Not exactly, but little bit I agree to these ideas and opinions when we lessen the views of those educated leaders whose educational ploys have made the world hell. When we study Qura'an and try to find out the solution of terrorism, wars, conflicts and all kind of corruptions, we see that Qura'an directly attacks on the sources convey the process of these violent operations or generate falsehoods to justify the killings they do it in the face of world media.

First have a look what Qura'an says. In Surah Al- Baqrah, verses 190-194, Qura'an says "الفتنة أشد من القتل" (sedition is worse than murder). Here, a new kind of opinion emerges in this verse that establishes that the real fight against terrorism is not begun yet. In this verse, Qura'an goes to the sources cause of terrorism, violence, wars, instability, corruptions, rapes and all kind of activities that push the ordinary people toward bad deeds.

When we take a look on war against terrorism particularly and all kinds of wars that have taken place or carrying out in different names across the globe, first thing that appears is that sedition and propaganda have a great role behind them. Especially war on Iraq, Afghanistan and war on terrorism just began on the shoulder of seditions and lies. There are so many confusions, suspicious, lies, conspiracies, propaganda lie in terrorism before starting a war on terrorism.

Today, international community is a part of the process that had been initiated decades ago across the glob to put the terrorism on an end. This Qura'anic verse suggests that before starting a war it is necessarily that source of the conflict to be demolished. In the war against terrorism in which propaganda, paid stories and paid writers play a role, as well as, these are the things paved a way later for mobilizing global phenomenon to get support on war against terror. These instruments are more dangerous than going ahead on war and killing thousands of people claiming we are fighting against terrorism or terrorists.

In this verse, it emerges that sources, propaganda, literatures, reports, exclusive reports, writers, security and political analysts have a role in spreading fear by portraying some cocked stories that how security and peace of the world, political and economic establishments in world are on threat by certain individuals who themselves are hiding and changing their hideouts to escape themselves from drone attacks or any covert operations. It is called sedition that is more dangerous than the terrorism itself.

Unfortunately, the sources and characters of terrorism are still alive, active, challenging world, functioning, recruiting and harboring trained, educated, and smart people for that cause.

The failure of world powers in bringing violent operations to an end is the source whose covert operations are still taking place for increasing more attacks and actions through secret agenda.

If world community wants seriously to put this conflict to an end, it must go against the propaganda and the sources functioning behind this and spreading sedition and that are the sources of terrorism spreading violence in certain countries; then decide whether the war on terrorism is really required.

The million dollar question here is after all who is going to fight against sedition and propaganda that is leading the international community toward the war on terrorism which is bringing insecurity leaving millions of people jobless around the world and a significant cause of financial meltdown across the glob.

Are we ready for this?

[Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi is based at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He can be contacted at ahannan111@yahoo.in or on his Mobile # +966 (0) 546411482]

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