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Palestine: What next in Mideast “peace” efforts?

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

The blood thirsty NATO vultures led by American street maddogs are coming. After consuming corpses of Afghans, Pakistanis, Iraqis, Libyans and other Muslims on their terror way, these “democrats” are aiming at other energy rich Muslim nations, planning meticulously fascist attacks on them one by one on some fictitious pretexts with secret pact with notorious Arab League, led by Saudi hypocrites. Saudi promotes not just western crony capitalism n the name of Islam but also finances NATO fascism, at least partially, over Islamic world and it is also guilty of crimes against humanity.

The ruling parasitic leaders in West and West Aside thus have joint action plan against Muslim nations and Islam!

No more illusions about the crude fact that the Western terrocracies rule the world under the terror leadership f the unilateral US power.

Dictatorial US-Israeli terror twins keep the Mideast on the boil to ensure arms sale to the nations in the region and elsewhere. Palestinians continue to suffer the joint fascist operations of western terrocracies through the Zionist regime. .

USA and UNSC led by the top drone terrorist B. Obama, currently the US president, have, like untraceable jungle monkeys, obstructed the Palestinian efforts to obtain full UN membership and asked the PLO to seek an upgraded status of UN “observership” which actually means nothing in today’s era of global state terrorism (GST) employed by Zionist criminal regime as its central policy towards the occupied Palestinian territories..

Palestinians asked the UN for recognition of Palestinian statehood, so they went legal, multilateral route - not unilaterally declaring, which they did in 1988. "We are trying to put ourselves in the community of nations where we are within international law and where our boundaries are defined by the '67 territories and occupied territories including East Jerusalem... and where will have access then to international accountability venues." That is their perception of international community.

It's more than sure that more than two-thirds of the UN General Assembly recognize a Palestinian state and want to bring about its legal existence as a sovereign nation- vote or no vote. However, as it stands now, a new state cannot get actual membership of the UN unless it is approved by the “Security Council” behaving like a terrorist organization with impunity, and the Americans have fully exploited that provision they themselves created by vetoing that. US pressured many nations of UNSC to support USA and not Palestine!

As the Israelis wanted and the USA bent upon, the Palestinian proposal for full UN membership has been rejected by a majority of the UN Security Council. That is USA remains the deciding factor in world affairs today and which means the rest of world constitutes of rotten idiots.

America derives a lot sadistic pleasure from the pathetic existence of Palestinians besieged and terrorized by the Jewish terrorists from the fascist Israeli regime. The sincere efforts of Palestinians to seek statehood form UN on legal platform have not born fruits so far since the unilateral and dictatorial USA that control the notorious UNSC as well as similar NATO terror syndicate, successfully blocked their UN bid. There were a lot of diplomatic activities from the Obama regime to persuade Palestinian Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas not to seek statehood in the autumn.

An innocent looking-talking Obama said in his speech on the Middle East in May that the "international community is tired of an endless process that never produces an outcome". But now he is also a part of the problem.

Notwithstanding all his bulltalks for peace in Mideast, there have been no concessions from Israel to the Palestinians or the US President B. Obama although Obama keeps shifting his own position on Mideast peace depending on the mood of Netanyahu. USA believes that Israel is not ready for self-sacrifice yet.

Israel wants to maintain the status quo over Palestine- same air strikes, drone attacks, genocides and destructions. The global fascist media promoting Zionist crimes against humanity just bull talk, saying the Israeli people might move on peace when they think it will make them more secure not less secure. Till then, Israel keeps killing Palestinians. That is the usual Zionist drama!

The truth, as agreed upon by many commentators on Mideast, is security is not a big issue for the large majority of Israelis and neither is the peace process. The point is Israel is most secure in Mideast they only provoke the Palestinians to retaliate by firing useless toy missiles and attack the people in the blockaded territories. Since the separation barrier went up around the West Bank, they don't have to watch their backs anymore. The Arab world is actually only a few kilometers away.

Israeli regime promotes exclusive hawkish and fascist leaders to govern the nation imposed illegally by the USA-UK terror twins in Mideast. There is thus a broad support in Israel for leadership's excessive arrogance towards Palestine and the military crimes inside Palestine as well as Netanyahu's tough stand. Israelis thinks they can deceive everybody all the time - except the Americans, who are willing accomplices. World at large is being made a scapegoat to protect the US-UK-Israeli joint crimes against humanity.

The Palestinians now feel betrayed by the western “democracies” (read terrocracies) after the hope generated by the top most criminal President Obama's Cairo speech two years ago.

US educated and CIA trained B. Netanyahu is a disaster. The Arab world doesn't exactly hate him, they fear him. Arabs also play double game with Palestinians. Netanyahu said the Arab leaders of the time were "huge hypocrites".

Meanwhile, as the second key adviser to step down in six months, following the resignation of envoy Senator George Mitchell, B. Obama's special adviser on the Middle East Dennis Ross has resigned. Ross has helped to "deepen US security relationship with Israel while pursuing Israeli-Palestinian peace. He was also regarded as an important voice in US policy on Iran. Ross played "a critical role in our efforts to apply unprecedented pressure" on the Iranian government and had also supported democratic transitions in the region.

Ross was leading efforts in recent months to persuade Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's government to drop its bid for UN membership and to prod Israelis and Palestinians back into negotiations. But those American entreaties have failed, and the two sides have not held direct talks in more than a year.

Ross had pledged to work at the White House for two years, but extended his time by another year in light of the Arab Spring upheaval. He said he and his wife had agreed "it is time to act on my promise". The White House said Ross would leave his National Security Council post at the end of the year.

Israel is getting more and more isolated. After great disappointments with Zionist leadership, the French president Sarkozy has very recently openly declared Netanyahu a liar, a terrible bluff master an many other western leaders scorn him and his Jewish gang as mad guys. Israelis were worried that America’s most important ally, Zionism doesn't have a voice in the inner circle ("The inner circle is very different, different agenda with different understandings.") and the lack of a good personal relationship between Netanyahu and Obama was making life harder for Israel to make its case. And the Obama regime, bullied by the Zionist lobbyists in Washington, tries to accommodate that concern in his mischief over the UN bid.

It seems the US Vice President Joe Biden has offered his valuable advice to Israeli twice premier Benjamin Netanyahu, who has many innocent Palestinian dead bodies to his credit, asking himself not to crucify himself on a small cross in case he wants to end his life. But, Joe jokes, there’s been no sign since of the Zionist PM wandering around the Jerusalem forest looking for tall trees.

An Observation

Palestinians deserve the top most attention from the world and UNSC to help them set up a home for themselves to live free fro m Israeli criminal operations. They have longed for peace too long and the UN route is the best option for them to showcase their peaceful path of struggle for sovereignty from the illegal occupants of Jewish fascists. Obviously, they have pinned all hopes on the UNSC.

Had the UNSC conceded the Palestinian sincere bid for UN membership - which is the only correct thing for the forum to do to honor humanity and its prolonged sufferings - that would have led to peaceful solution of the decade long illegal crisis and dispute.

Humanity expected that the UNSC upon approval of the Palestine membership could ask Israel to behave or leave the Mideast for better. However, the UNSC displayed their joint animal character and have now themselves misbehaved officially!.

The USA-Israeli terror twins just played once again cruelty with Palestinians, their crude fate.

Both USA and Israel won and Palestinians lost. The Palestinians and PLO have thus been denied a moral victory over what it sees as Israeli intransigence and American capitulation to Israel.

That is the tragedy- not only the defenseless Palestinians, but the entire humanity.

So, what next in Mideast “peace” efforts?

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@ymail.com]

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