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07 November 2011

No Caps, No Boring Speeches during fasts, orders Modi's Office

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Gandhinagar: The Indian Express on Thursday (November 3, 2011) reported that the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s office has issued a long list of do’s and don’ts to ensure that embarrassing incidents like the chief minister having to reject a skull cap and a kaffiyeh offered by two Muslim men on two recent occasions are not repeated.

“The CMO, after consultations with senior ministers, officials and party workers, has prepared a note which includes instructions like checking the identities and references of everyone who goes on stage to meet Modi.

"Nobody will be allowed to take anything like cap, shawl etc. without prior permission of security and designated party leaders,” a top official said, says the Indian Express report.

Partymen have been asked to bring as many business, social and religious leaders as they can to the venue of the CM’s fasts.

All ministers have been asked to ensure that speeches are not repeated, and that crowds are not bored with long speeches.

The rules were circulated to all key officials, ministers and party leaders, and handed out at Modi’s Diwali-New Year gathering at the ministerial complex in Gandhinagar on Wednesday.

Modi has so far sat on three fasts, beginning with the three-day fast from September 17 in Ahmedabad, followed by shorter fasts at Dwarka and Navsari.

The Sadbhavana fasts are aimed at promoting “communal harmony, unity and brotherhood”. Modi announced them soon after the Supreme Court verdict in the Zakia Jafri case against him and 61 ministers, bureaucrats and police officers.

(Courtesy: India TV News)

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