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MBT leaders meet Andhra Pradesh Governor, submit memorandum over attacks on Muslim youths by Hindu Vahini activists

By Danish Ahmad Khan

Hyderabad: Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) leaders Adam Mallik (Adv), Dr Khayam Khan (Convener), Amjed Ullah Khan Corporator and Syed Tariq Qadri (Former Member APSMFC) met E.S.L. Narasimhan, Governor of Andhra Pradesh, and submitted two memorandums demanding immediate action to stop attacks on Minorities in Hyderabad by Hindu Vahini activists. The MBT delegation also demanded a high level inquiry into the illegal arrest and detention of Amjed Ullah Khan, Corporator Azampura Division, by Hyderabad police on the instruction of A.K.Khan, Commissioner of Police Hyderabad.

The delegation in its memorandum submitted to the Governor on November 25, 2011 expressed resentment over highhandedness of Hyderabad Police and alleged violation of human rights.

Amjed Ullah Khan (2nd from Left) and other MBT leaders with Governor (Middle)
Amjed Ullah Khan presented the memorandum and stated: “This is my second term as a Corporator. My party MBT is known for representing issues of Minorities and Backward Class community people. I would like to submit that on 15th Nov 2011 as I along with Qader Ali (injured on 9th Nov 2011 in attack at Kachiguda), Khizer Mohammed Khan (Deccan News – Photographer), Munawer Ali, Raheem Khan (Driver), were proceeding to attend a Press Meet called by my party at News Service Syndicate (NSS), Hyderguda, regarding a social issue and incompetence of Hyderabad Police in maintaining law and order and to safeguard the interest of minorities. I was going to address media for compensation to the injured persons in attacks on 9th Nov 2011and for a through investigation on series of attacks on Minorities by Hindu Vahini workers. Around 1.20 pm when I was near Old MLA Quarters and a team of police officers led by Asst.Commissioner of Police (Abids), Inspector of Police Narayanguda, Inspector of Police Abids and Task Force officials stopped me and searched my vehicle. They said that they were taking me in custody. When I tried to ask the reason for my arrest the Police officer in a high-handed behavior using filthy language lifted me and pushed me in a Tata Sumo vehicle and started beating the other persons accompanying me in which my driver sustained injuries. I was then taken to Bolarum Police Station and kept in illegal detention. The injured Qader Ali was taken in another vehicle and after about 5 hours he was left to his house at Malakpet with dire consequences if he comes again in front of the Media. The other three persons were taken in a separate vehicle and after 4 hours they were also brought to Bowenpally Police Station. I along with 3 persons was left around 8.00 pm with dire consequences not to raise the issue in media of continued attacks on Minorities by Hindu Vahini workers in Hyderabad and failure Hyderabad Police in taking action against the attackers.”

Mr. KIhan further stated in his memorandum: “Addressing a Media Conference on issues pertaining to Minorities does not violate any law. Stopping me from addressing a Media Conference is violation of Fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India and also violation of Human Rights.”

Mr. Khan has appeaed to the Governor to conduct an inquiry into the high-handness of Hyderabad Police and punish the guilty. He has also appealed to the State Human rights Commission to order an inquiry with a report from the Director General of Police Andhra Pradesh. He also said that the matter has been brought to the notice of Director General of Police Andhra Pradesh also.

In a separate memorandum submitted to the Governor on November 25, 2011, Amjed Ullah Khan brought to notice highlighting the inaction of Hyderabad Police on series of attacks on Muslim youths.

Recalling the incidents, Mr Khan stated in his memorandum: “On 9th Nov 2011 when the entire Hyderabad was on a high alert due to Telangana Movement and Bakrid festival there was series of attacks on Muslim youths in which among 20 injured 2 were seriously injured. There have been continuous attacks even after 9th Nov 2011 on daily basis. All the attacks are common with Sickle being used by the attackers and the victims being hit on head or neck. The initial investigations by Police showed the involvement of Hindu Vahini workers from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Maharastra. In spite of the attacks going on since the past 17 days, the kingpin of the attacks is still to be identified. There was no response from the Government of Andhra Pradesh in helping the injured. No Minister or government officials visited the injured in the hospital. Rubbing salt on the wounds was the statement of A.K.Khan, Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad that “such type of incidents do happen in big cities (which was published in Times of India).”.

Mr Khan said that this is not the first time that Muslims are being targeted in Hyderabad. As such, the incident of road widening at Khoti, Sultan Bazar on 11th December 2008 when the walls of an illegal temple were being removed by the GHMC to make Bus Stop, the Muslims who happened to pass by were mercilessly beaten and women roughed up. A Computer Engineer Syed Ibrahim was stabbed and a Muslim Home Guard Syed Aijaz who was on duty was mercilessly thrashed under the watchful eyes of higher police officials sending a loud and clear message that Muslims in police uniform even though in the presences of higher officials too cannot remain physically safe.

Amjed Ullah Khan (Middle) and other MBT leaders going to meet Governor
“The inaction of police in Khoti, Sultan Bazar incident by not tracing the culprits from the video clippings in contrast to firing on 18th May 2007 post Mecca Masjid Bomb Blast on hapless terrified citizens running for safe cover, coupled with subjecting innocent Muslim youths to inhuman treatment by keeping them illegally confined in private tourcher cells on cocked up charges for their alleged imaginary involvement in Mecca Masjid Bomb Blast definitely paints partisan attitude of Hyderabad Police. The incident of March 2010 where sporadic attacks on Muslim properties and mosques which took place in city specially in Begum Bazar, Kachiguda and Musheerabad areas of city in connection with Hanuman Jayanthi celebration procession in which 5 Mosques were damaged. The Andhra Pradesh State Wakf Board had estimated Rs/ 3.46 lakhs expenditure for repairs in addition to 50 Muslims getting injured. Even the Hon’ble
Justice Gulam Mohammed, the present Judge of Andhra Pradesh High Court, inspected one Masjid Chand Tara located at Begum Bazar and expressed anguish over police mishandling the situation and the attitude of hooligans can well be gauged by the fact that they had unbuttoned their pants and showed disgraceful gesture to the Police, signaling that police cannot take any action against them. Yet the police remain a silent spectator till this day, without initiating any punitive action. It is really amazing that 73 Muslim boys were arrested by Falaknuma Police in draconian sections when 2 cows were electrocuted due to short circuit on 28 March 2010 at a Gowshala near Jahanuma whereas the arrest of a mere 6 persons in smaller sections in 7 incidents of attacks occurred on 9th Nov 2011 in which 20 Muslims injured among them two seriously injured. It is astonishing that despite murderous attacks by using lethal weapons on several Muslims within twin cities in a planned manner, FIRs are being registered belatedly upon pressure of the public or Media without any follow up action of arrest,” Mr Khan said.

Here are the details of the cases in which FIR has been filed:

1) FIR NO: 311/2001 Dated 9th Nov u/s 307 of Kachiguda Police station. The complaint Md Omer Farooq was seriously injured and his Blood Nerve to Brain cut off and advised bed rest for six months. The attackers have been booked in only 307 section of IPC.The arrested 6 persons were secretly sent to judicial remand without any interrogation and the customary press briefing by the Police officers. The remand report does not contain the name of organization (Hindu Vahini) which planned the attacks.

2) FIR NO: 433/2011 Dated 9th Nov 2011 u/s 324, 34 IPC of Chikadapally Police station. The accused booked under lighter sections so that they can get bail soon after arrest. There is no mention of communal attack or the Hindu vahini involvement in the FIR.

3) FIR NO: 384/2011 Dated 9th Nov 2011 U/s 307 of Bowenpally police station. No arrest has been made. There was no action to draw a sketch of attackers when the complainant was showing some features of resemblance.

4) Rashed Khan r/o Bagh-E-Jehara who was attacked at Jumerath Bazar under Shahinathgung Police station 17th Nov 2011, No FIR has been issued against 8 attackers on his complaint till today. His both Jaws fractured, Right Hand fractured with entire Body beaten by Iron Rods. The attackers thought him dead and left. The incident happened within 100 meters of Police Station. In the name of investigation he was tourtured and lured by Asst.Commissioner of Police Goshamahal and Inspector of Police Shahinathgung to withdraw the complaint against the Hindu Vahini or to sign a statement that accident occurred while he was drunk, as the Police succeeded in the case of Hussaini Alam.He was lured to give a statement against the MBT and Siasat Urdu Daily Newspaper also.

5) Two Muslim Women attacked by assailants entering their residential house at Vithalwadi under Narayanguda Police Station on 22nd Nov 2011 with no arrest in the above case.

6) Mr.Shaik Yaseen (Auto Driver) was stopped and beaten up near Kottahpet fruit Market on 23rd Nov 2011.No action taken by Police.

7) In an incident at Langer House a Muslim youth was attacked on 23rd Nov 2011 while he was returning from his duty.

8) In an attack under Nalla Kunta Police Station limits Two Muslims Moulana Sagheer Ahamed and his companion were attacked when they were returning from a marriage at Moula Ali.

The MBT leaders in their memorandum to the Governor have appealed to him to direct all concerned to take immediate corrective and punitive actions against all the wrong doers.

The MBT leaders have also demanded the following:

1) Persons and organizations involved in such systematic attacks periodically be taken to task and strict action be taken againt them.

2) Their source of funds and their links with extremist organizations thoroughly investigated.

3) Periodic attacks on Muslim, their property and religious places be probed and stringent security provided.

4) Medical expenses towards treatment of victims and compensation of Rs 5 lakhs to injure seriously and Rs 1 lakhs to persons with minor injuries.

5) Action against negligent and erring police officials by debarring such officials from being posted to maintain law and order.

6) Formation of a special cell in State Intelligence Department to keep an eye on growing Hindu militancy especially in Telangana region.

7) Restrict RSS, Hindu Vahini, Bajrang Dal, VHP leaders from giving inflammatory communal speeches especially during Ganesh, Ramnavami and Hanuman Jayanthi celebrations.

8) Investigation of series of attacks in Hyderabad and surrounding areas be handed over to National Investigation Agency (NIA) which is competent to probe Hindu Militancy periodically reviewing the reports.

[Danish Ahmad Khan is Founder-Editor, IndianMuslimObserver.com. He can be contacted at indianmuslimobserver@gmail.com or danish_a_khan@rediffmail.com]

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