Published On:24 November 2011
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Martyr Hemant Karkare, the man who gave new life to thousands of Muslim youths

By Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadvi

Good, brave and honest persons live a short life, but are always remembered. Though, such people emerge in centuries, but their sacrifices, honesty and contributions enlighten the world and society forever.

They live a short life, however, their contribution heals serious injuries, and their sacrifices make future bright of thousands of people.

We feel proud that we have had such kind of brave and honest persons. Martyr Hemant Karkare was one of them. Today, Hemant Karkare is not among us, but the work he and his team done in the short time and in a very short life, Muslim community cannot forget them at any rate.

Releasing 7 out of 9 Malegaon Muslim youths on bail was not any easy task for anyone if Hemant Karkare's honest contribution would not have come ever.

It was Hemant Karkare who uncovered the conspiracies of serials bomb blasts that were hatched and planned to put Muslim community on target till unlimited times.

A large section of media, states to central governments and ATS to CBI were hounding Muslim youths as a terrorists, while the Muslim community was facing heat of that propaganda. Every day a new arrest to be made; a new combing operation to be launched; Madarsas role was suspicious, movements of Ulema, Muslim youths and activities of every beard Muslim youth had been monitoring as they have a role in those bomb blasts.

A new term, "not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims", was being chanted. Fatwas, seminars, press releases, statements, references of Qura'anic verses; clarifications and denouncing of terrorism had not been changing the fact on the ground. Hundreds of Muslims had been arrested and thousands were being hounded in every corner of the country

Parveen Swamy's falsehoods, fabricated stories and bids to mislead the country through "The Hindu", a prominent English daily newspaper, had been adding more fuel to the fire.

At that hard and difficult time, Hemant Karkre's investigation of bomb blast of Malegaon 2008 gave a new dimension to entire episode that was started against Muslims in all serial bomb blasts. His honest work revealed a new face of terror, which had totally been ignored by all previous investigation agencies. Arrest of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and Lieutenant Colonel Srikant Prohit and others exposed a new terror institution in India which was carrying out its work in the guise of Muslim names. Mecca Masjid Bomb blasts (18 May 2007), Samjautha Express bomb blast (19 February 2007), Malegaon bomb blast (8 September, 2008) Ajmer bomb blasts (11 October 2007) and other terrorist attacks were the handiwork of saffron terror, not Muslims.

Revelation of this new face of terror in the guise of Muslim names not only proved Hindutva movements role in terror attacks but also established that entire Muslim community deliberately targeted and hounded up across the country.

Hemant Karkare's untimely death, which left various unsolved question behind his death whether he was killed by same group that has a role in various serial blasts, appeared a big relief for the right-wing Hindutva elements who were not happy with the investigation led by him and his team.

Sadly, since his death, there is no significant progress in all those bomb blasts and others. If he were alive, various famous faces and their sponsors had come out. His death shocked entire Muslim community as well as secular minded people who were very keen that justice to be prevailed.

The work, done by Hemant Karkare, cannot be forgotten even Muslims cannot forget him and his contribution clearing Muslim's image from the conspiracies of terror. He gave a new life and courage for fighting against injustice and terror.

His true and honest work caused the release of these 7 of 9 Malegaon Muslim youths.

Such brave persons like him have very short life, however his short life was not less than a miracle for thousands of Muslims who had got arrested and who about to be arrested in future. His honesty to his duty gave new lives to Muslim community too.

He will always been remembered. Muslims cannot forget him. Such brave and honest police officers will never allow anti-national elements and right-wing Hindutva organizations to take over the country.

The release of 7 youths on bail is not the end of fight against injustice. However, their release put smiles on all who wanted justice to be come out.

Great Hemant Karkare is not among us, but his mission is going on. It is the duty of police officers and security agencies to push his mission ahead impartially.

This brave person must be given full tribute by completion his mission through uncovering the faces who have planed conspiracy with the support of foreign right-wing forces to destabilize the country by crushing it into various parts through their hate, odium and abhorrence goals.

[Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi is based at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He can be contacted at ahannan111@yahoo.in or on his Mobile # +966 (0) 546411482]

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