Published On:22 November 2011
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Laughing Souls Free For All Sessions in UAE

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Laughter Yoga, an emerging, new, hassle-free effortless and painless way to laugh all the way down the road to health all the while, enjoying yourself immensely, has been catching up the world over being vigrously promoted by ”LAUGHING SOULS” group lead by laughter master Suman Sunjea. This laughter yoga is his gift to the community, especially to those hassled and stress-frazzled urban working populace of today who have no time, no energy left at the end of the day to do a round or two at the gym regularly.

As the powerful waters of a river need a way to be paved to flow to the thirsty fields, so too Mr. Suman Suneja, (CEO of Murano Lighting Co. L.L.C.), who has always been the champion of causes of health and fit living, has been providing free monthly laughter therapy sessions to UAE Community. Suman Suneja himself has been a yoga instructor par excellence holding ‘free-for-all’ yoga classes in the Buheirah corniche Sharjah for more than 15 years as part of “Friends of yoga club”. Such tenacity, commitment and sincerity can only be seen in one wholly and solely given to the cause of human welfare , health and happiness. Society can do well if more of such well-wishers emerge.

Laughing Souls Group is once again holding a seminar of laughter yoga free for one and all to come and enter his world of stress buster laughter sessions on Friday, 25th Nov. 2011 at Amphitheatre, Zabeel Park (Near Gate # 03).

All are requested to join the world of Happy Souls for as the saying goes, “Laugh, and the Whole World Laughs With You. Cry and you Cry Alone!” or “Share your Happiness and it Multiplies, Divide your Sorrows and it Dwindles!”

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