Published On:01 November 2011
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Iran explains establishing World Islamic Press Union

By Abdul Rahman Ahmad

Teheran: The aim of the formation of the Islamic World Press Union was to unite the Muslim media worldwide, said Iran Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Ja'far Mohammadzadeh.

He said its formation came at a time when western powers were treating Islam as their main enemy after the break-up of the Soviet Union.

He said Iran had initiated the establishment of the press union after realising that no other Muslim country championed in uniting the Muslim media to stand against the western media's negative reporting about Islam.

"Establishment of the union will make the world understand better about Islam, and the voice of the Islamic world would be heard and be taken seriously," he told the Muslim media attending the conference of the Islamic World Press Union here Friday night.
Thirty-five Muslim media practitioners, senior editors and editors from 50 countries are attending the first ever press union conference.

The media has been arriving in the capital city since Monday, but there has been no briefing on the union, especially on its mechanism.

Acknowledging weaknessess in establishing the union, Mohammadzadeh said future meetings of union members would be well organised, adding that a website would be set up to enable members to obtain updates on the union's activities.

Several sub-committees comprising union members will also be set up to look into consolidating its operations. There would be workshops for journalists to meet the union's objectives.

"When everything gets off well, we will sign a memorandum of understanding with the respective countries to ensure better networking among union members," said the deputy minister.

He said Iran had invited the international Muslim media to enable them to set up social networking for the benefit of the religion.

The union conference will be held annually in Iran.

(Courtesy: Bernama)

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