Published On:30 November 2011
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International colonial frauds: ICC promotes fake cricketism

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

ICC creates confusion because there are more than two such ICCs, but all of these are bogus institutions created essentially to shield imperialist advances of global state terror (GST) states and to promote colonial interests. We are not talking here about international criminal court which shields the crimes through joint state terrorism operations by NATO terror syndicate and their fascist classmates, India, Israel and other terrocracies, but the global cricket board known as ICC, the International Cricket Council, also doing almost the same in cricketism.

As ICC judiciary facilitates western terror operations against Islam and Muslim nations, the cricket ICC tries every trick to protect he cricket political interests of colonial countries like England, India, etc.

Like the Australia-South Africa matches held in SA recently where Australia was offered the trophy on a platter by SA monkeys, obviously on prior agreement, the Ind-West Indies test series has been a total farce. Ind-WI boys played according to some a thorough plan presented to them by mafias. As per the plan, India must win at any cost and WI who been invited by Indian corporate sponsors and the central regime and select ministries in general, must oblige the hosts in all possible ways.

After all, cricket is not played for the firs time and it is not going to be the last either. They have been doing all mischief day and and night, duly endorsed by the funny ICC , essentially controlled by Ind-England, which wants to keep the test format intact for batboys to amass runs and bowlders take lump-some wickets to their records. .

The second innings on the 5th day was a total drama enacted by both teams to make India look smarter than the Wet Indies. Indian could easily remove 8 wickets in a matter of minutes with the coordination from the WI boys, but WI boys "struggled" without any purpose. They possibly expected and wanted the Indian batboys to give away their wickets on their own as they themselves have done, but Indians refused and played while WI bowlers offered good runs. Bishoo and Sammy were limping. When India could remove 8 wickets just a few minutes ago, why WI found the pitch too bad and "unresponsive" ? They just played for India. Rampaul was bowling on Indian pitch to save the Indian skins. . India was on business and were chasing out of their skins while Windies were playing drama for Indian b crazy crowds.

One important issue here. When semi-god Sachuin fell unable to score just 6 more runs to complete his kilimterstone, one thought the crowds in Mumbai would walk out in frustration. But, no. They all stayed. They are more shrewd than Tendulakar himself has been who plays cricket runs politics, and did not even bother that the guests from WI thrashed Indians on their face by refusing to add another 6 grace runs to Tendulakar, but they have deleted their "god" and wanted India to win were told that if Sachuin was not offered 100 plus, then, the WI would eventually let Indian team win as a thrash for Sachuin.

India diligently plays such dirty triclomacy to all teams and get what it wants from them. But countries like South Africa, Australia, NZ, even Sri Lanka promote Indian cricketism for their own trade sake.

South Africans could have easily won but as per their prior agreement, have let Australia win the series in SA by finally making Aus bowler Johnson the match-wining boy with the offering of many runs to him who could not get any wicket but had offered to many runs to SA batboys.

The Indian IPL played with black money churned out by corporates and billionaires, devastating role in making cricket an Indian special. Not only during the IPL matches, but even after that the paid foreign cricketers are pressured to play for Indian interests even in their own countries. But they all must play for India when playing for their own countries in India. the assumption is India pays cash to foreign payers as a package deal for their services for India all around. This is the key cricket law of India.

The Windies also have done similar gimmick promoting Indian cricktism interests. In both first and third tests, they really had the upper hand, but on pressure plus huge extra black money from Indian sponsors, coaches and cricket mafia as well as the extremely influential Indian players themselves.

When Indians went to England to play cricket, they were sent back by London boys and the sponsor corporates and regime without offering any runs and wins. India lost all matches it tried in London, including the practice matches. India also lost their bogus ranking in both test and ODI. But when English team came to India soon after, they voluntarily or on extra payment from Indian sponsors and mafia, let Indians shine in ODIs and get back their lost bogus "ranking".

Australia-England and Australia-South Africa matches are always planned and played in favor of more important power between the two. Australia lets England win and SA promotes Australian interests. Australia is lenient towards India because it gets plenty of money from Indian students who go there to obtain their degrees usually on payment-for-package basis.

All these bogus cricktism has been going on for years now under the guidance of cricket ICC now fully controlled by India-UK colonialist duo, systematically promoting special interests of pampered cricketers, especially the batboys by arranging to provide "good runs' to them by playing positive bowling in favor of the batboys.

Behind all matches trade in oil, liquor, arms and other "goods" take place among the cricketism nations. Hence none in cricket field makes complaints about the bowlers not offering them enough runs. And the former cricketers do not expose the mischief and corruption taking place behind the scene because all of them have a stake. In stead, all of them promote mediocre but state pampered cricketers for prestigious awards.

While the notorious ICC promotes illegal state fixings for package deals and immoral runs, it did the dirty job for India against the already weakened Pakistani team by engineering sport-fixing drama-controversy that was well played out by UK and its bogus judges who shield one of the top most criminals and corrupt leaders of the world, Tony Blair who was involved as UK terror PM in bribery in arms-oil deals with Saudi Arabia. . . .

Strangely enough, India seriously believes so long as the cricket team keeps wining matches at any cost by package deals, it could illegally control the occupied Jammu Kashmir.all cricket nations, including its neighbors, pretend to quite understand the Indian confused, emotional mindset over cricketism, terrorism and Kashmir....

What seems to be common among the cricket nations is the need to protect state fixing crimes, to help each other in test cricket so that cricket never dies.

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@ymail.com]

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By Indian Muslim Observer on November 30, 2011. Filed under , , , . Follow any responses to the RSS 2.0. Leave a response

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