Published On:04 November 2011
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Indo-UK Joint Operation against Pakistani cricket

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Since it follows joint operation format as well, Cricket is entirely farce where the commonwealth nations fix matches keeping view their individual needs and package deals are struck accordingly. India has been the chief beneficiary of these secret cricket deals, thanks to its pretensions as well as open claims of being a top terror victim at par with USA that successfully enacted the Sept-11 hoax showing way for other to do more to terrorize humanity and invade Muslim nations to control their vast energy resources. The secret agencies of USA-UK terror twins that control the composite terror organizations NATO and UNSC make mockery of democracy by engineering all sorts of operations.

Pakistan has been the object of ill-focusing by India since 1947 for its own self-image reasons. India always used the "tensions" in the region to get maximum mileage form cricket. Now Pakistan has been badly fixed, unable to play international cricket at home. Pakistani cricketers are under severe pressure to play somehow.

Pakistani cricketers, like many Pakistani leaders, have close links with London; many cricketers, their friends and relatives live in London, having assets there. Many cricketers keep visiting London.

Now the moot point. It is quite likely many of them are recruited as agents of British secret services as well to work as spies. It is likely that the the three "tainted" Pakistani cricketers are close to such UK operatives and they are playing roles assigned to them by their London bosses just as the Pakistani leaders do for extra cash. UK, obviously on special request from India, must have used the Pakistani network to work as the operatives to hook the Pakistani players. One cannot rule out the possibility of at least one of these "tainted" players also a UK operative to discredit Pakistani cricket to the advantage of India. the way these players clam innocent and also play into the dirty hands of Indo UK network rooted through the bogus judiciary of colonist UK.

Judiciary cannot rely on the mobile talks or audio-visual gimmicks because Hollywood and Bollywood can produce "wonderful" stuff to prove anything against Pakistan or Kashmir or Muslims in general. Of course, even small scale producers could "arrange" for evidence as quickly as the requirement of the demand...

Since by nature it is a “fixing’ entertainment to promote select cricketers as per the requirements of the nations concerned, cricket can never and would never rebound from the pounding its reputation has taken following the current “scandal” engineered by Indo-UK intelligence outfits. For example, Indian military wants a few cricketers whom the regime, its ministries, especially the foreign sport and military, to be appointed on their high ranks just for fun only to make the “solders” become envious of the appointment of outsiders without exams, training or tests.

India is guilty of cricket fraudulence already and it can go to any extend of maligning all Muslims by making them look thieves, frauds, criminals and terrorists. Today the top news of Indian TV channels for too long looking for stuff to celebrate anything bad about Islam, Muslims, Pakistani or Kashmiri Muslims, is the Pakistani trio but India is the chief guilt.

The logic by the judiciary is countries can fix the matches before hand for a specific outcome in order to pamper select cricketers. but individuals cannot do that.

Fro instance, Indian military wants to appoint to to its high rankings some of the cricketers, pampered by Indian regime directly and otherwise, through ministries like foreign, sport and military. And Indian government has to distribute national awards to a couple of them on the republic day falling on 26th Jan every year.

Every team promotes immoral scores. Pakistani players also want 100 plus for their batboys in exchange for similar return gestures. .

When the matches are fixed among nations that is legal, but when an individual does the same it is crime! When India commits crimes that law but especially when it is committed by Pakistanis it is crime.

It has been the habit of both USA and India to harp on the theme "do more" forcing Pakistan to kill more and more Muslims and agree for awarding the most favored status for India and Islamabad has done all these dutifully under pressure form their American bosses.

Pakistani media lords and nuts are eager to see their "foreign interests" are not affected now.

But why does Pakistani regime support such nonsense? Is Islamabad also playing its pro-India role?

Also, what is next "item" on Indian itinerary for Pakistan after this "spot episode"?

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@ymail.com]

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By Indian Muslim Observer on November 04, 2011. Filed under , , . Follow any responses to the RSS 2.0. Leave a response

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