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18 October 2011

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan on discount????????

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By Syed Zubair Ahmad

On the occasion of Sir Syed's birth anniversary the alumni of Aligarh Muslim University (known as Alig) exhibit unusual unity, solidarity and dedication. The objective of this get-together is eating, drinking, gossiping and nothing more. On this occasion a formal introduction of Sir Syed mentioning his sacrifices and services in the field of education and development of Indian Muslims are also mentioned emotionally and last but not least after paying tribute to him the meeting is concluded with the hope that next year they would meet again in some five-star hotel or resort to shed crocodile’s tear and eat up. After that day they forget Sir Syed's message and teachings for the rest of the year. No mention of his mission, no dedication to his task - nothing. Majority of Aligs are like this, be it in India, Gulf, Europe, US, etc.

A few months had passed since my arrival in Saudi Arabia when in the evening two Aligs came to Harvey Nichols. One of them also gave a membership form of A.M.U. Old Boys' Association to me. There were four Aligs employed in Harvey Nichols. Before a few days from October 17( The birth anniversary of Sir Syed ) an Alig friend informed me that one group of A.M.U. Old Boys Association is arranging Sir Syed Dinner on 50% discount (25 riyals) whereas the another group is taking 50 riyals. Then only I came to know that old boys in Riyadh have been divided into two groups. And to ensure as large participation as possible one group has charged 25 instead of 50 riyals for the grand Sir Syed Dinner.

These Aligs did not rise above their petty selfishness or else the Sir Syed Day celebration and dinner would have been organized at one place, on one date under one organization. Is there any similarity between the personality who sacrificed all that was his, for the cause of Muslim community and those of his 'followers' who could not compromise their egos just even for one day to celebrate their patron's birthday? Can't they sit together only this day forgetting their petty differences and power politics to soothe the soul of their benefactor? This is a common phenomenon .Aligs could not rise above their selfish interest. Besides hypnotizing the audience with their verbosity and verbiage, most of them could not do anything or else at least in the field of education Indian Muslims would not have been left far behind others.

Only ‘one’ sincere and selfless Sir Syed changed the fate of Muslim community in the sub-continent with in few years, but thousands of Aligs who declare every year to be the successors of Sir Syed couldn’t do anything remarkable for the Muslim community during last one century. Sir Syed established a great educational institution at his own, but thousands of Alig failed to do so altogether. The soul of sincere selfless and visionary Sir Syed must not be resting in peace after seeing his own selfish and senseless products. (From the up book The citadel of Islam and Zionist Conspiracies)

[Syed Zubair Ahmad is a Writer & Journalist. He can be reached at smzubairahmad@gmail.com]


  1. Dr Sb has done a remarkable job as an alig by writing such a piece of Crap. He is not happy with his life especially the days passed in aligarh. He has forgotten that its the Aligs who bear the burden on community in india...whereas Everybody in india is not gandhi same every aligs cant be sir syed ahmad Khan.

    New Delhi

  2. There's always a third kind of Alig like syed zubair ahmad sb, who dont want to pay even those 25 riyal and sneak to get free entry on such occasions. Such people can not contribute except leg pulling and back biting and creating Na iitefaqi within the community.

  3. Very insightful and inspiring article.Syed Zubair Ahmad has shown us the mirror.He has tried to pull us out from day dreaming.
    Thanx for such a nice article.
    Afzal Kamal.
    Editor in chief,Medgate Today.

  4. Mr. kamal i would appreciate you for enlightening remark.Mr. Zubair is a man who believe that Muslim should work sincerely for that betterment of community bit we Muslims semm to be happy in day dreaming and flattering each other this is the reason we are failed to achieve desired result in last 65 years. we do we expect praise and adulation from every person for our small contribution. lets dream big.

  5. Mr. kamal i would appreciate you for enlightening remark.Mr. Zubair is a man who believes that Muslim should work sincerely for the betterment of community but we Muslims seem to be happy in day dreaming and flattering each other this is the reason we are failed to achieve desired results in last 65 years. why do we expect praise and adulation from every person for our small contribution. lets dream big.

  6. Whatever Syed Zubair Ahmad has said is true.I am also an Alig ,Aligs have become quite materialistic and vision less.We should welcome criticism if we want to keep in right direction and develop.

  7. This is all non-sense.Cheap Journalism. There is nothing like that. Zubair ... Have U ever been to any S.S Day. Stop this type of rumors & do something constructive.

  8. Why some Aligs dont like positive criticism? I totally agree what Syed Zubair Ahmad has written.This is first time in my knowledge that some Alig has tried to show us the mirror.Instead of making cheap comment we should thank Syed and think about our own behavior and try to do something on the pattern of our mentor SIr Syed Khan.