Published On:31 October 2011
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Selfish trend of Muslim leaders in Bihar

By Iqbal Ahmed Nazrawi

The trend in the last few months of Muslim political faces in Bihar moving towards ruling Janata Dal (United) is shameful. It clearly indicates their selfish attitude and power hunger. I wonder how weightless Muslim leaders of Bihar have become that they are floating with the wind.

This is my firm belief that due to JD(U) only, BJP has become strong in Bihar. So, joining JD(U) is joining BJP indirectly. BJP with the support of JD(U) has started working on hidden agenda but this hidden agenda is not hidden from Muslim masses.

BJP is working at the behest of RSS is not a secret. So, indirectly if any Muslim political leader is joining JD(U) in Bihar it means they are joining BJP. This also indicates that one who is shifting to JD(U)-BJP fold they don’t have morality, self confidence, self respect, pain for the community. Many Muslim leaders and legislators of RJD and LJP have joined JD(U) and recently one Rajya Sabha MP of LJP has resigned the party and is eager to join JD(U) of chief minister Nitish Kumar. They forget that they have got success or reached to this height only due to their secular parties and support from the community.

Take an example of how JD(U)-BJP government of Bihar is working. Three years back the central government agreed to establish 3 new campuses of AMU in three states. Two of them have agreed and even given required 300 acres of land free and those two campuses are functional now. But the Bihar government has twisted the matter and given the land in three pieces and also asking to sign a lease agreement for only 30 years.

Some BJP and RSS leaders have already gone out agitating against the AMU project. And the land which government allotted is already occupied by the tribals and they are protesting against the project – this all is known to the government. So, here we should realize how this government is working on hidden agenda. But at the same time they are only speaking loudly that they are very serious on minority matters. This was just an open example, there are many things happening in the background which we Muslims are not realizing and joining the ruling party just for personal interests.

During NDA rule at the center, BJP worked on many hidden agenda and started to defame Muslims and throw them back socially, educationally and financially by acts like Gujarat riots, bomb blasts throughout India and targeting educated Muslim youths and terrorizing them on the name of terrorism.

Current situation of Bihar is not good for Muslims. Contrary to what is appearing in media, in the background so many things are happening. For example, Persian as a subject has been removed from Bihar School Board exam and it’s part of NDA agenda to weaken the Minority. The main subject of IAS topper Mr. Amir Subhani was Persian.

I remember once we were in school there was a proper Persian and Urdu teacher but slowly these vacancies are filled by non Urdu quota and even Urdu medium schools vacancies are now filled by non Urdu teachers and that is leading towards closing of Urdu medium government school in Bihar. For example my village Nazra in Madhubani has an Urdu Middle school and during our schooling days there were 8 Muslims teachers out of 10 and now there are 2-3 Muslim teachers out of 6-7. So, this is a live example to understand the policy of the ruling combine. We must wake up and realize the overall situation and take wise step with unity regardless of castes & sects.

RJD chief Lalu Prasad is among very few leaders who can boldly face and check BJP and RSS. He is the only leader in India who speaks openly and boldly on any crisis or issue related to Muslims. So, we must strengthen his “MY” formula if we sincerely think and realize the gravity of the situation and try to mobilize the people in right direction. I am sure RJD-LJP-Congress alliance with full support from Muslims will come to power again in Bihar.

Recently, a political party namely “Welfare Party of India” (WPI) has been launched with like-minded people by involving all religions, castes and community. I will urge WPI chief to join hands with like-minded party like RJD-LJP. Congress president and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi should not forget the role of Mr. Lalu Prasad in bringing the UPA to power in the center first time. And I feel that now the condition in India to bring UPA-III is not easy. UPA should realize the strength of RJD-LJP in Bihar and SP in UP and they must do pre-election alliance with them.

[Iqbal Ahmed Nazrawi is a NRI based at Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. He originally hails from Madhubani, Bihar. He can be contacted at a.iqbal.sl@gmail.com]

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