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SDPI national leaders met the riot victims of Gopalgarh

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Jaipur: A five-member high level delegation of Social Democratic Party of India under the leadership of its National President E Abubacker visited the violence-hit Gopalgarh and adjoining Andvadi villages in Bharatpur district Rajasthan. Ten Muslims were killed and about two dozen wounded in the communal riot and police firing on September 14th.

Gopalgarh violence was the latest in the series of communal clashes in last couple of years in Rajasthan despite the fact that Congress party is now ruling the state after defeating Bharatiya Janata Party in Assembly polls in 2008.

“Gopalgarh is not a single place were riots occurred. Country witnessed series of riots by the hands of RSS and supported by the state machineries. The state Congress government declared compensation to the victims of relatives but this is not a solution to the issue. Till the date of time perpetrators are not even booked or cases charged against them. Suspension of the officials on duty, the only legal action from the government side, is not sufficient to ensure rule of law, delegation said to the media,” said a press release issued by SDPI.

The team visited the residences of riot victims including the house of Shaheed Moulana Khurshid. He was brutally killed by the rioters and he went on reciting Quran till the last breath. Riot criminals cut his tongue and penis, chop out both foot then they put him on fire. This is the area were most of the killings took place. The team also visited the Eidgah Masjid and Qabrastan where police and rioters killed people.

Later SDPI National President addressed the people of village Andvadi. He said “Unless and until a section of community ascertains self confidence and alertness they would become subjugated. Destruction of other section of people can never be an aim. One thing we have to remember, everybody have got the right to die. Intentionally willing to be martyr is better than being killed, undefended.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is now under the legal scanner. He and his men misused the State infrastructure to kill thousands of Muslims. Modi might have thought that things will always remain hidden. But now we see the sleepless nights of the Chief Minister, came by the way of courageous intervention of human rights activists and a section of police officers. Those Police officers who fired against you should be brought before the law. Social Democratic Party of India will wholeheartedly support the victims and their relatives in fighting for legal rights, E Abubacker said.

Later Adv Vijenra Kumar Kasana (Gujjar Leader and Supreme Court Lawyer, said to the villagers that he will be available for legal aid. Hafis Manzoor Ali Khan General Secretary SDPI, Moulana Khari Ismaeel Mevat district President of SDPI and Moulana Haneef Alwari Haryana SDPI Coordinator also accompanied the delegation team.

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