Published On:20 October 2011
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Nepal: Becoming a Muslim Graveyard

“History is the witness of peaceful and harmonious living of the Nepali Hindus and Muslims. Unlike India, Nepali Hindus are very much tolerant towards diverse beliefs. Nevertheless in the manner some prominent nationalist Muslim leaders are being targeted and killed in series---is the clear indication that external inimical forces want also to disturb existing religious communal harmony as they did so to Nepali politics in the recent past.”

These are the words of a Muslim leader who actively participated in a two hour long traffic stoppage---making mess of city traffic, organized as a mark of protest in the heart of capital Kathmandu against government’s nonchalant attitude towards bringing to book those criminals involved in the killing of community leader Faizan Ahmed (40) told in the condition of anonymity. The fear factor!

“Broad day light killings of leader Mirza Dil Shad Beg and media entrepreneur Jamim Shah and attempted murder of Yunus Ansari- another media entrepreneur right inside the guarded (?) Central prison is the indication that Nepal will soon turn into a grave yard for the Nepalese Muslim community,” the Muslim leader further commented.

The pretty terrified Muslim community of Nepal had called for a two hour long traffic jam in Kathmandu, Friday October 14, 2011- the day of assemblage, in front of the Jamey Mosque in Rani Pokhari.

To recall, General Secretary of Islamic Association of Nepal, Faizan Ahmed, while coming out of the same mosque after performing evening prayers on 26 September 2011 was killed when fired at least five rounds of bullets that hit him in his forehead and stomach by two unidentified men.

To add, Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai in an interaction with the leaders of the Nepal’s Muslim community has already accepted that external forces were behind the serial murder of the prominent members of the Muslim community.

“It is wide and clear that since Nepal shares open border with India, Indian criminal gangs in all likelihood under the state protection are in a mission to annihilate the peace loving Nepali Muslim community. The state must guarantee safety to us”, the Muslim leader concludes.

The Muslim community has asked the government to declare Faizan Ahmed as a martyr, carryout through investigation of the case and guarantee safety to the entire community.

The government has already formed a three-member commission headed by former Supreme Court Justice Rajendra Kumar Bhandari to investigate the murder.

Reports have it, killers of Ahmed--- as per the eyewitness who looked like strangers had made several telephone calls to India before the murder. The Nepal police is yet to reveal the telephone numbers and identity of the killers.

Observers presume that this case will also be shelved after some months, as is the practice in this 12 point Republic.

(Courtesy: TelegraphNepal.com)

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