Published On:30 October 2011
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

The Launch of Brand New Women Website from Alnaddy

The popular Muslim website Alnaddy has introduced a brand new website that caters to the needs of Muslim women across the globe. This women dedicated channel has got all the details that young girls and women are always after. The website has plenty of fresh articles; each of which is related to different channels or categories. Girls are sure to get articles related to Muslim Fashion, Kitchen, Religion, Married Life, Family, Health, Children, etc.

The Women’s club in this website has many registered women members. This is an excellent place for new participants and the existing ones to discuss their interests and current news. That’s not all; the website also has a dedicated forum through which Muslim women can collect lots of information pertaining to different topics. Here, they can even ask questions and seek multiple answers against it. All in all, the Women’s club helps provide a lot of information that are related to everyday life of teenage Muslim girls and women in the Muslim world.

The Arab eve website also has a lot of information on fashion through its published articles. In fact, there are tons of articles related to Fashion Shows, Lingerie, Fashion Designers, Fashion stars, Fashion Trends, Fashion Tips, Jewelry, Fashion Children, etc. The website provides all the useful information related to fashion to Muslim girls through its numerous articles. The website also contains plenty of articles on cooking. In this section, Muslims can look forward to reading articles related to Fruits, Beverages, Fish Dishes, Culinary Arts, Bread, Pastries, Desserts, Ramadan Recipes, etc.

The popular Muslim portal has made it sure to publish articles that are of high quality and that contains relevant information pertaining to the subject matter. The website staff has hand-picked all these articles from different sources and is continually updating the database. There is a separate channel for the teens in the portal. The Under Twenty channel provides up-to-date information to all teens regarding issues that they usually confront with. There are many useful articles related to the World of Young Girls and Young Girls in Ramadan.

The Adam channel of the Alnaddy website contains articles that are relevant to young Muslim boys and girls. Here, one can find articles related to Environment and Technology, Fitness and Agility, Issues Man, Science and Studies, etc. Our Arab Eve channel contains information on Human Development, Religion, Children, Family, Health, Sex Education, Hair, Skin, etc. The Forums channel available in this section is a vibrant place where women from different parts of the Arab world discuss matters related to them and also seek advices from one another on different matters. It is, in fact, a very active community when all the matters close to the heart are discussed.

The Women’s club channel contains articles that are related to different topics like Health, Muslim Fashion, Relationships, etc. In using the information provided in the articles Muslims, particularly women can gain a lot of knowledge and also help others through their valuable suggestions and opinions. Our website is trendy and contains a lot of details that will be useful to many Muslims worldwide.

About Alnaddy.com

Established seven years ago, Alnaddy.com is a very popular Arabic portal that has been providing quality content to all its Muslim users from around the world. The website is dynamic and contains several articles that pertains to different topics surround men and women in the Muslim world. The website also runs several forums through which Muslims can interact with each other. That’s not all; the portal offers several services that are related to matrimony and dating. The best part is that all services offered through the channels are absolutely free and they can be accessed round the clock and from any part of the world.

Alnaddy had the biggest Muslim dating website for Single Muslims that connects Muslims all over the world.

(Courtesy: PRWeb)

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