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IMO Exclusive: With Bihar’s ex-Minister & JD (U) leader’s covert help, maternal nephew grabs Wakf property in Gaya

By H.R. Ahmad

Gaya (Bihar): Plaza Market, which is a part of Wakf 99, has all along been in the news for some wrong reason or the other. This time around, Plaza Market – a commercial hub – spread over 13 kotthas of land on G.B Road, Gaya, has shot into limelight because of the false claim to its ownership made by the maternal nephew of Shakeel Ahmad Khan at a press conference on 27 August, 2011.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar embracing political turncoat Shakeel Ahmad Khan
The emergence of the bonafide trustee of the market on the scene, Arif Khan alias Khurram Khan appointed by the Sunni Wakf Board Patna made Ozair Khan pass sleepless nights, and he hurriedly called a press conference to let the tenants of the market know that it was not a trust (wakf) property but his own. The papers provided to the mediapersons by Mr. Khan in support of his claim not only reflects the dishonesty of Akhtar Begum, the second wife of its Mutawalli (trustee) of Wakf 99, Babu Mushtaque Ali Khan, but also manoeuvre of the caucus involved in making the muck of the whole property.

It would not be out of place to give an introduction of Akhtar Begum, the second wife of the first trustee (mutawalli) of Wakf 99. She was a widow hailing from Bhagalpur. She had a daughtar Roquiyya Khanam from her first husband. She was later married to one Mr. Zainuddin, son of late Abdul Ghani, a well-known lawyer of Munger district. She is presently living in Aligarh.

Shakeel Ahmad Khan's nephew Ozair Khan
Akhtar Begam went out of the way to get her only daughter the ownership of Wakf 99, including Plaza Market. She plotted to usurp the entire wakf property with the help a few local loyalists and deprived Irshad Ali Khan's rightful heirs as well as the poor and the downtrodden of their due right as the deed says. One also cannot rule out the role of the then Wakf Board's authorities in this "loot".

A thorough perusal of the deeds executed on different dates to grab Plaza Market bring into sharp focus the legal skulduggery adopted by Akhtar Baigum's loyalists to give an aura of legitimacy to this "loot".

It is interesting to note that six fictitious deeds were made. First, Mushtaque Ali gave a permanent lease of just nine katthas of Plaza Market to one Sharfuddin Khan on 3 July 1959, though the market stands on13 kotthas of land. The deed says that the trustee has no right to lease a wakf property on a permanent basis, nor can he sell it. Again, what makes the story all the more interesting is that the rest 4 kottha is sold to his second wife, son-in-law and the husband of his sister-in-law by the same person i.e Mushtaque Ali Khan on three different dates – first on 13.2.1974, second on 10.06.1974 and third on 15.06.1974.

Interestingly enough, Ozair Khan had inadvertantly presented all these false papers to the mediapersons in support of his claim which has to prove null and void in the court, said the trustee Khurram Khan.

Now the question arises whether Mushtaque Ali Khan, who was, by all accounts, a god-fearing man could ever indulge in such malpractices. Locals said that he was filled with remorse during his last days and was unhappy with his second wife for the chicanery and forgery she had adopted to usurp the wakf property for the sake of her daughter.

From CPI to RJD to JD (U), political turncoat Shakeel Ahmad Khan shakes hands with Nitish Kumar
It may be mentioned here that one Alauddin Khan of Bhadiya, who served as the manager of the market as well as the muscleman of Akhtar Begum invited God's wrath and consequently lost his three young sons and a son-in-law. They all died a premature death, but he learned no lesson from this setback and is still supporting an usurper in more ways than one.

Ozair Khan in his press statement claimed that Plaza Market was never a part of Wakf 99. Rather it was Mushtaque Ali Khan's own property, which he has purchased through a sale deed with the permission of the Sunni Wakf Board, Patna. Now the question arises what right the Wakf Board has to give permission to sell the property which it does not possess. Wakf Board, Patna, maintains that Plaza market has always been a Wakf property as its Register No. 26 shows because the property which is permitted to be sold by the board is deleted from the said register. Ozair's false claim to the ownership of the market was hurriedly countered by an advertisement given by the Chairman of Sunni Wakf Board, Patna, Md. Irshadullah on 30 August 2011. This role of Mr. Irshadullah was applauded by many people in the district

Ozair has hitherto been able to occupy Plaza Market with the help of his musclemen as well as overt or covert support of his maternal uncle, Shakeel Ahmad Khan, a powerful state Cabinet Minister in both the Laloo Yadav and Rabri Devi governments in Bihar, who is now called a turncoat in the political circles for having joined the JD (U) after the Laloo Yadav-led Rashtriya Janata Dal was handed a humiliating and massive defeat by the electorate of Bihar.

[H. R. Ahmad is a Journalist based in Bihar. He is a Press Correspondent with Hindustan Times. He is also associated with IndianMuslimObserver.com as Bureau Chief (Bihar). He can be contacted at hafizruknuddin@gmail.com]

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