Published On:18 October 2011
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HEALTH WATCH: A Laughter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

‘Why’, or ‘When’ or ‘for whom’ does one laugh, and ‘Where’ or ‘How’ or ‘What For?’ Actually, there is neither any season nor reason for laughing. ‘To be Happy’ is the quintessential true nature of beings, as ’to be happy is simply ‘The State of Being’. This is the natural state of the universe_ to choose between laughing, (which is what we are given to do), and frowning, (a state of fraught on stress, compress, depress & repress) is to choose (using Shakespeare’s words) between ‘To Be Or Not To Be’!

Happiness, as a way of life, injected into the system at regular intervals in regular doses, winds down the growth of negativity and disease causing germs, depressing and lethargic mind-motions, as positivity in itself is a vibrant strength and a great power to be exploited. We humans are in actual reality happy beings, but in the myriad of our everyday travails, forget to take time out to even smile in camaraderie, leave alone give
a heart-felt laugh! We have even been instilled into, as children to ‘tone it down’, that children ‘should be seen and not heard’, and it showed breeding’ to not ‘give vent to one’s emotions’! Pressure and suppressing of all that was good and pure and our true nature! The result distress, a sense of pressure at all times, no more quality ‘family time’, mute mundane human beings going through the motions of life without a sense of purpose, or happiness.

So let us get ’Back to the Basics’ to energize and electrify our lives with a simple technique, the laughter therapy an easy way to healthy, meaningful existence and happiness.

Why then ‘Laughter Therapy’? Why not just stay with the familiar menu of a main course of yoga with a helping of aerobics added to a side dish of breathing exercises? One might ask. Actually all these others, though extremely beneficial, are more serious courses of study, needing discipline and are strenuous requiring very rigorous as well as continuous and correct training to reach one’s goal of a healthy and happy body and mind. Not so with the laughter therapy. ‘Laugh anyhow, any time, any one’ is it not the prime magic and attraction of this ‘treasure-find’? What mishap would befall you if you discontinued laughter therapy save that you would miss it, crave it and go back to it? for there is no ’wrong way to laugh’, and it is for free, and needs little to set it ‘off and rolling’!

Look at it this way it feels good to laugh it is hardly any work or effort, you feel light, you feel bright, you feel right, and you can do it in the company of friends and the best part is you do not have to even know HOW TO! Just bring to mind, the all encompassing bubbly energizing feeling, expanding and enveloping your entire system, once you’ve had a hearty and spontaneous guffaw! Such a spicy ‘Zing’ thing that lift to the soul, the spring to the feet, a lilt to the gait, , a ‘devil-may-care’ to the spirit, a thrust to the heart! Just what the doctor might have ordered! There never was a better ‘all-cure’ to throw away the ‘blues, forget one’s bruises, the treacherous tortures of the day, no matter what, and to get a ‘kick’, a ‘high’ and all in the most peaceful way. The more the merrier for the louder the laugh, the farther its reach, the bigger its bounce, the greater the joy!

‘LAUGHING SOULS, Group set rolling by Mr. Suman Suneja (CEO of Murano Lighting), and his ever laughing Friends, Madhwan, D’silva, Manoj & Sherline, the heart and soul of the ‘yoga and laughter world’ of Dubai and Sharjah has enunciated the Saturday 22nd of October to commemorate the event of laughter therapy through all the all ‘Laughing Souls’ who may wish to simply join up for ‘laughs’ at Zabeel Park from 7 to 8.30 P.M, Free, No charges and thereafter every last Saturday of the month. Light healthy refreshment await after the event for one and all. So be it a rumble or a roar, a giggle or a grin, or a guffaw, a snort, scream, shriek or, a snigger, a chuckle, a chortle, or a crack, a titter or a whoop or simply a smile play your own tunes, or follow the pied pipers into ‘Laughter Land’.


For Details Contact:

Atif Islam Sheikh
Murano Lighting Company
Mob # +971 50 479 4500
Tel # +971 6 5776399, 5776998
Fax # +971 6 5776991
E-Mail: atif@murano.ae
Website: www.muranolights.us

[Press Release sent by Atif Islam Sheikh on October 17, 2011]

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