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17 October 2011

Art Exhibition on Islamic Caligraphy Has World Premier at the Vatican

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For the first time, the Vatican is hosting an international exhibition on Islamic calligraphy. What is unique about this exhibition is that the caligraphic art works on display all focus on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), from his physical features to his "generosity, intelligence and wisdom."

Organized by the Turkish cultural association and Turkish Embassy in Rome, the event is having its world premier at the Vatican's Concelleria Palace. It will then go on tour in other European cities.

The exhibition entitled "When Love for the Prophet Becomes Art", showcases classical and contemporary examples of hilya calligraphy and prayer beads made by Turkish artists.

This particular caligraphic style was born in the 17th century, during the Ottoman empire, and has been reborn as contemporary Turkish artists reinterpret the original work.

The idea behind the show is to bring Muslim and Christian cultures closer. The exhibit includes a rosary and 30 paintings to reflect the connection.

"We are here at the hilya exhibition held for the first time in Vatican, in the Concelleria Palace." said Tugrul Tuna, head of International Association of Culture and Arts which organized the event, "We have received huge attention here. The Turkish ambassadors also came here to support us. There is huge attraction to this exhibition as it displays ancient works."

(Courtesy: ABNA.ir)

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