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Another War of Independence in USA: “We Got Sold Out!”

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Maybe, the world has now forgotten that even Americans had earlier waged wars of freedom and got their independence from the colonizers, like the UK. Today, the US people are fighting for their fundamental rights of existence from the corporate regime of global dictators, now focused only on illegal wars on other nations to gain legitimacy for their regime and reelection.

For the first time in recent history of USA, the Americans, like many other nations, are on the streets protesting the US economic policies, even if not against the American imperialism and colonial fascism. People have realized that they are being cheated by both Republicans and Democrats of USA, which leads the NATO fascist invasion of oil rich Muslim nations and guides today's global state terror era, have taken the people, now badly terrorized by feeding fake information about Sept-11 hoax and Islamic terrorism, etc, for granted

The CIA spy agency as well as voice of America keep blasting "news" about revolutions, uprisings, freedom movement in Libya, death of people in Syria, etc, but now these nasty networks refuse to give enough space for the protests across the USA against the dictatorial and authoritarian Obama regime committed to the welfare of the multinational corporations and rich, and refuse to tax them but cause more and more burden on the society. No Wall Street executives have gone to jail despite the rampant corruption.

The demonstrations are driven by a profound anger over unprecedented levels of social inequality as, three years after the financial meltdown on Wall Street, unemployment and declining wages persist and deepen alongside record profits and increasing wealth for the top one percent. With anti-Wall Street protests spreading to over 100 US cities and towns, President Barack Obama at a recent White House press conference cynically sought to exploit the outpouring of spontaneous anger at the banks and big business as a vehicle for his reelection bid. The new Occupy Wall Street protests sprang up in a number of major cities, including Philadelphia, New Orleans, Washington, Tampa, Dallas, Houston and Austin. They came on the heels of the largest demonstration so far in New York City.

US protests have taken a resistance twist against the regime. On 6th Oct 2012 thousands of people initiated an occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington before staging a march past the US Treasury and the White House. The demonstrators chanted, “We Got Sold Out.” The march ended in front of the US Chamber of Commerce, where marchers shouted, “We Want Jobs!

A demonstration was also held outside City Hall in the state capital of Austin. Marches also took place across Texas and Houston. Several hundred marched on the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, which was ringed with police barricades. Several hundred demonstrators marched down Tulane Avenue through the financial district of New Orleans, rallying in Lafayette Square near the New Orleans branch of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Obama, still busy with supporting " freedom movements" in Mideast, as well as the escalation of terror wars in Islamic world by adding more state terrorists , it seems, is not even aware of the anti-Obama movements indoors. People of USA are deadly disturbed that the politicians cutting across the parties coordinate their domestic and foreign loots and share the booties and they do not care about the people. Obama defended the failure to prosecute any of those responsible for triggering the deepest crisis since the Great Depression.

The late Obama’s feigned and concerted attempt to sympathy for the protests is only to channel the movement behind the Democratic Party, while the Republicans are trying to bring them to their side. Some of the Democratic party union bureaucrats present in the rally made no bones of the fact that they want to see the Occupy Wall Street movement exploited as a vehicle for the Obama re-election campaign.

The effort to hijack the protest movement has been spearheaded by the trade unions, which participated in the mass march in New York City. The rally was packed with bureaucrats who have led no fight of their own against Wall Street and are responsible for betraying the interests of the workers they purport to represent.

In a number of areas, anti-Wall Street protests have met with arrests, brutality and harassment from the police. Mounted police were brought in to intimidate demonstrators and a number of people suffered injuries as cops threw them to the pavement. The New York City Police Department has met the protests with excessive force over the course of the last several weeks, some 700 demonstrators were arrested after they had been led onto the Brooklyn Bridge and then trapped there by police on either side. In New York City, toward the end of mass march through lower Manhattan, police used truncheons and pepper spray against unresisting protesters and arrested 28 people after a section of the demonstration tried to march on Wall Street. In Seattle, more than two-dozen demonstrators were arrested.

The Stalin era "midnight knocks" have returned to Obama's democratic USA now. In St. Louis, 11 people were arrested shortly after midnight on 6th morning after police attempted to enforce a ban on demonstrations in Kiener Plaza after 10 pm. Some 100 members of the occupation group were in the plaza at midnight when two dozen squad cars raided the area. In San Francisco, police in riot gear raided the Occupy SF camp on Market Street Wednesday night.

The police had, as a gimmick, warned them to “pack up our tents” or face arrest. While the demonstrators moved to comply by taking down the tents and beginning to move out supplies, the police with secret plan and wearing helmets and carrying batons, formed a perimeter around the goods and prevented the [people from saving anything while they supervised Public Works employees as they stole everything. The police stole food, water, shelter and other necessities of life from the 99 percent at Occupy SF.” Similarly, in Chicago, harassment from the police has become a major concern of protesters.

In Los Angeles, eleven protesters were arrested for the “crime” of entering a downtown Bank of America branch carrying a giant check for $673 billion made out to the “People of California.” They were seeking to present the check to the bank when they were detained by security guards and turned over to the Los Angeles police, and led them to prison in handcuffs. Bail was set at $5,000 per person.

The popular movement for justice, if not for the removal of Obama, is said to be financed by the banks and finance houses responsible for the unemployment crisis. The “meet-ups” has already been established in 761 cities.

With state brutality on the rise, the demonstrators have become mobile, making sure to keep moving in order to avoid arrest or ticketing, and shifted their supplies to a nearby church. They have also taken to marching around different parts of the downtown area to avoid confrontation and to publicize the protest to more city residents.

In fact, all of them want to crush the movement against the regime and let the corporate world continue to dictate terms to the US voters. The speed with which the anti-Wall Street protests have spread from coast to coast is all the more extraordinary given the persistent refusal of the mass media to give them significant coverage and the attempt in many of the reports that have appeared to mock and belittle them.

An Observation

As per their tall claims, USA is supposed to be a democracy, that too the largest! USA is a country where over 15 percent of population is below poverty line and there has been increasing unemployment while the top one percent controls 90 percent of the wealth, and that the people of USA consider as outrageous. Most people are not getting a fair shake.

The illegal wars of NATO led by Obama forces in Islamic world have immensely contributed to the environmental disaster and climate change.

With the collapse of Soviet system in Russia, central Asia and East Europe many so-called non-aligned nations felt the threat of the only super power USA and, following the Sept-11 hoax enacted by the CIA with hidden agendas that are being realized now in Mideast, they acted swiftly to declare unconditional support to US imperialism. India, a former key beneficiary of USSR plans for third world, jumped quickly to declare USA its strategic "leader" and began pursuing its own secret agendas now with extra US help.

India is one of the modern colonizer states crawling towards the US for secret terror strategic partnership to safeguard it s their own illegal occupations and state terror hoaxes unleashed on the people in the name of “terrorists”.

It is nothing but an unfortunate destiny of humanity that a black leader of USA and new president Obama, the man whom the Noble peace committee wrongly selected for the award, could be easily bullied and even coerced by the Republicans, CIA, Neocon nuts and Indo-Israeli lobbyists to escalate Bushdom era terror wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan and also to unleash his own war on sovereign Libya to loot its oil resources.

It is no wonder that global fascist media (GFM), having set their secret agenda of shielding state crimes of terrocracies against people in USA, have very skillfully avoided to report to the humanity about the struggle of Americans against their ruling tyranny. Indian media, especially the TV channels, as obedient puppets of American corporate regime, do not even mention about the ongoing protests in various parts of USA; and instead, they cry louder than USA about the protests in Syria and Libya engineered by CIA and attacked by NATO. In fact Indian TV channels are more fascist by approach than American or Israeli media.

Obama had the opportunity to stand for the American people which he deliberately squandered, and people say that he’s become a political puppet. His drones in Pakistan are more ferocious than Israeli terrorists in Palestine. Obama tries to hide his failures by targeting Pakistan.

Maybe, Obama is one of the most disastrous presidents of USA as the nation is now under severe crisis both at home and abroad. The republicans, Indo-Israeli lobbyists and Neocons are the happiest lot now with a failed president struggling to make sense out of his own actions and they would gain upper hand in US politics when Obama loses his reelection bid.

Any leader who works against people and humanity is a condemned rogue and he cannot be allowed to escape punishment. Americans are on the streets protesting against the Obama regime!

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com]

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