Published On:26 September 2011
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Palestine has every right to be a full UN member!

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

The Quartet comprising the USA, EU, UN and Russia now led by British dictator a collaborator of Bush Jr in Sept-11 and post-Sept-11 terror war strategies in Islamic world, still promotes Zionist interests and do not care for what the Palestinians demand- in fact they do not even consider them as people who deserve any rights. Resumption of bogus and long-stalled negotiations mediated by USA and Egypt is still regarded as the only way to establish a Palestinian state in spite of continuous blood shed in Palestine deliberately perpetuated by the “negotiating” Israel to stall peace process.

Abbas, who returned to the West Bank, strongly suggested Saturday that he would reject a peacemaking blueprint put forward by international mediators, saying he would not agree to any proposal that disregarded Palestinian conditions for the resumption of peace talks. "we will not deal with any initiative" that doesn't demand a halt to Israeli settlement construction or negotiations based on borders before the 1967 War when Israel captured land the Palestinians claim for their state. The Quartet statement siding with Israel made no such demands for peace.

Talks and plans for Mideast peace have failed to produce a peace agreement in the past, and this latest proposal offered no program for bridging the huge differences that have stymied negotiations for most of the past three years.

Abbas noted, without elaborating, that some unspecified Arab states, obviously the pro-US puppet autocracies, had also tried to pressure him to drop the statehood application. The pressure "didn't affect our spirits to reach the target and to deliver the Palestinian message officially," he said.

The glittering outcome of the current UN meet, however, is the elevation of stature of Palestinians and their leader Abbas as wrongly besieged humanity while the western terrocracies harp on “democracy” elsewhere in Mideast. His willingness to stand up to Washington has won Abbas newfound respect across globe as well as at home, where he had been considered a lackluster leader. The unilateral bid for statehood and UN membership reflects deep-seated Palestinian exasperation over 44 years of Israeli occupation.

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon relayed the Palestinians' statehood request to the Security Council on Friday, shortly after Abbas formally submitted it. Israel expects it to be shot down there by USA to save itself and its illegal protege in Mideast. The UN Security Council will meet on 26th Sept to deal with the membership request, but final action is likely to take weeks or months.

Washington, the bogus mediator and the chief manipulator in international politics, has been lobbying hard to deny any easy win for the Palestinians muster enough support in the Council to block the statehood application so the US won't have to resort to a veto if the required support of nine of the Council's 15 members is not met otherwise.

USA wants the Palestinians to skip the full membership and instead ask the UN General Assembly, where they enjoy broad support, to grant them a more modest status upgrade to nonmember observer state from permanent observer. Palestine can be a nonmember observer on UN but why should it not be a full member like Israel, USA, France, UK, Italy, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, etc?

Palestine has every right to be a full member of UN and USA must now have got the opportunity to prove its democratic credentials and peace instincts by openly supporting the UN resolution for the creation of Palestine by being a full member of UN.

The sleeping Quartet while innocent Palestinians are being butchered by Zionist state terrorists has no credibility whatsoever! After all the Quartet works of NATO terror syndicate against Islam.

USA leads the NATO’s global terror operations against Islam and oil rich Muslim nations and is not rust worthy either. But it cannot, by playing foul games, let Zionist fascists also destroy Palestine.

Peace cannot be achieved in Mideast or world at large by simply engaged in bogus talks that Israel, USA and Quartet insist on. Palestine state can be created only by legal means and only through UN but further details could be worked by negotiations if necessary! Israel and USA can help both ways.

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com]

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