Published On:19 September 2011
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Madhya Pradesh CM Chouhan visits Tian Jin Bin High-tech Industrial Area in Beijing

By Pervez Bari

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan visited Tian Jin Bin High-tech Industrial Area in Beijing on Friday afternoon.

Tian Jin Bin High-tech Industrial Development Area is the first national industrial park of China and is spread over a planned area of 85.74 square kilometres. Two major national industrial development park – Hua Yuan Science Park and Tengu Science Park – are situated in Tian Jin Bin High-tech Industrial Development Area. Both these are major parks of national industrial development. Their entire administration and management is undertaken by Tian Jin Bin High-tech Industrial Development Area.

The total planned area of Hua Yuan Science Park of Tian Jin is 11.58 square kilometers. High-level residential facilities are available there and people working there are highly talented. This park is a model area from the point of view of environmental conservation. Twenty-four world-level multinational companies like Siemens, Toyota, Samsung, Microsoft, Sanyo and NEC are situated in this park. These companies are counted among 500 top companies of the world. Similarly, the total planned area of Bin High Science Park is 30.5 square kilometres where many noted science and technology companies are situated.

According to an official Press release the Chief Minister visited Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co. Ltd, which produces power cells, which are higher voltage and higher energy density batteries. These batteries are used in portable devices like mobiles, laptops, cameras, telecommunication terminals etc. environment-friendly atmosphere is the specialty of this project.

The Chief Minister inspected activities at Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co. Ltd. This is a leading company in the world in research, development and production of radial tyres. Apart from providing technology for producing radial tyres, this company also produces machines and appliances used in the production of radial tyres.

The Chief Minister also visited Union Stem cell and Gene Engineering Co. Ltd. This company is linked with medical science and research-based project. There, monoclonal antibodies and gene chips are manufactured. The company is regarded as the biggest stem cell bank and has carved a distinguished identity in the world during the last ten years. The Chief Minister got impressed by scientific studies and high-tech medical research there and invited the concerning officials to invest in Madhya Pradesh.

Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan also attended the dinner hosted by LiuGong company in his and Madhya Pradesh delegation's honour. On the occasion vice-president of LiuGong company Mr. U Sang Fen welcomed the Chief Minister and members of the delegation. While informing about industry-friendly administration and specialties of proactive policies of Madhya Pradesh, they urged the Chinese companies to make capital investment in Madhya Pradesh.

The Chief Minister also visited Ying Li Solar Park. This is a leading global-level company in energy sector. There, 6,000 employees work and it has ten sales centres in the world. This company had started its operations with the production of six-megawatt cells and solar appliances of 50 megawatt capacity, which has now risen to 600 megawatts.

The Chief Minister also paid visit to Tiananmen Square, Great Wall of China and Mu Tian Yu Section, the release added.

[Pervez Bari is a Journalist based at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He can be contacted at pervezbari@eth.net]

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