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ISLAMIC DAWAH: Why is Islam known for being ruthless towards human society?

[The IndianMuslimObserver.com received this query from Mufti Mohmmad on September 6, 2011 regarding the best possible way to understand and learn Islam. He also sought to know that if Islam is considered as best religion then why it is known for being ruthless towards human society. Dawah expert and Editorial Consultant – Islamic Dawah Ilyas Sharfuddin has sent the reply to the queries. We are producing Mufti Mohammad queries and reply by Ilyas Sharfuddin. – Danish Ahmad Khan, Founder-Editor, IndianMuslimObserver.com]

Question: Dear brother, I would like to know about the best possible way to understand and learn Islam? If Islam is best religion why is it known for being ruthless towards human society? (Sender: Mufti Mohammad. Address: Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025, India. Email: zeenunetwork@gmail.com. Received on September 6, 2011)

[Ilyas Sharfuddin, Editorial Consultant – Islamic Dawah replies on Mufti Mohammad’s questions. Reply sent on September 16, 2011]

Walaikum Salaam Brother,

You have posed two questions, the first one how to learn and understand ISLAM and second why Islam is ruthless towards human society.

Answer 1: For learning any religion one need to check their scriptures, which is the basic source of information about that religion, same case with Islam, for learning Islam we need to go through the religious scriptures of Islam.

Basically their are two religious scriptures of Islam first the glorious Quran the final revelation from only GOD ALLAH swt reveled on final Prophet MUHAMMED PBUH , and second is authentic Ahadeeth, which is the best commentry of the teachings of Quran

ALLAH swt made it clear in Surah Ibrahim ch 14 v 1, O Prophet we have sent the Quran to you so that you bring humanity from darkness to light, and Prophet PBUH did the same. Through Quran he brought humanity from darkness of shirk, murders, rapes, robberies, wars, genocides, human rights violations, to the light of peace equality justice security and prosperity of Islam

So if you want to learn Islam then read Quran and authentic Ahadeeth with translation. The best I suggest you is Quran translation of Dr. Mohsin Khan from Medina Munnawwarah and Riyadh-us-saleheen a authentic Ahadeeth book compiled by Imam Nabwi for students on various topics, translated by SM Madani.

Now how to understand Islam, the answer is simple, as Prophet Muhammed PBUH explained and sahaba his companions understood, nothing more nothing less, read Quran and Hadith and try to understand it like sahaba, and you will get this idea by asking scholars from Jamia Islamia Medina Munawwarah

Answer 2: Why Islam is ruthless towards humanity, then for your kind information Brother, Islam is the first religion which assures all types of human rights 14 centuries ago to the world, whereas UNITED NATIONS gave partly in 1948, that too in words and not in actions.

ISLAM assures the following rights to a human being

1. Right to live .......ch 5 v 32
2. Right to pursue education.... hadith of sahih buqari vol 1 hadith no 21..pursing education must for men and women
3. Right to security of honour...49:12
4. Right to beleive in religion.......2:256
5. Right to form organisaitons....3:104
6. Right to earn livelihood, i.e. economic rights.....1:1 and the last verse of surah jumah
7. Political rights.....3:104
8. Right to attain justice......5:45
9. Right to equality...;4:1
10. Right to freedom of speech......3:110.......16:125
11. Right to freedom of choice......16:48
12. Right to spread truth.....47:7, 3:110
13. Right to research in sicentific advancements....4:84, 21:30
14. Protection of religious sentiments.....6:108

And many more rights, because of this after ruling from east to west for more then 1,000 years still Muslims are in minority and non-Muslims flourish in islamic society like never before and if still someone ask why islam is ruthless then ask them proof, they may tell you how terrorist killing innocents, then tell them Islam is against killing innocents 5:32, but if some Muslim is killing then dont blame islam blame that Muslim and punish him, and tell them that approximately 14,000 people get killed in terrorist activities yearly and majority of them are Muslims, and in Iraq and Afghanistan alone due to allied bombing, more than 10,00,000, innocent Muslims got killed, ask them who is more ruthless and who is against humanity rights.

Hope both the questions have been answered.

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