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18 September 2011

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi’s ‘Sadbhavna Mission’ fast aimed at cheap publicity, a political drama

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By Abdul Hafiz Lakhani

Ahmedabad: As Chief Minister Narendra Modi continues with his Sadbhavna Mission fast, the people for whom he is fasting for, are ridiculing his act by calling it a ‘political drama’. Muslims, who lost their houses, loved ones and properties during the 2002 riots are grappling to find a hold over their lives even today.

Zarina Khathiara, who lives in Juhapura, was forced to leave her house in 2002. She said, “Modi is doing all this drama only to get publicity. My grandmother and two aunts were brutally killed by a mob during the riots. So many Muslims lost their lives and homes. What is he fasting for? This is all a drama.”

Claiming that Modi is trying to gain minority votes in the next elections, Dildar Sayyed, the prime eyewitness of Naroda Patiya massacre, said, “The Sadbhavana fast is a political gimmick. Modi’s intention is to gain sympathy of the minority community. He is just eying the next elections. By getting the temporary relief from the SC, he is now trying to improve his image as a secular leader.”

“If he really believed in Sadbhavna, he would have tried to nail the real accused,” he added.

Nazir Master, who is also a riots victim, agreed.and said, “Modi is just like a worker we see at a circus who can manipulate his surroundings. The Sadbhavana fast is just a part of his agenda. Since elections are approaching, this is oibviously the right time to gain sympathy from the people of Gujarat. He is afraid of losing the elections this year. He knows that if he fails, all the scams which took place during his reign will come to the fore.”

Firoz Behrim, who used to live at Sejpur towers, said, “We all know this is a political show. If, the huge amount of money spent on this event were used for the development of the people of Gujarat, it could have easily wiped off all our problems. Can our problems be resolved by his fast?”

Nazmabiwi Teli said, “We have suffered a lot in these nine years. Such fast and campaign mean nothing to us. We don’t trust anyone.”

[Abdul Hafiz Lakhani is a senior Journalist based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is associated with IndianMuslimObserver.com as Bureau Chief (Gujarat). He can be reached at lakhani63@yahoo.com or on his cell 09228746770]

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