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22 September 2011

Desecration of Muslim graves in France

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Paris: Thirty Muslim graves in a cemetery of Carcassonne, in south-western France, were covered with racist and Nazi graffiti said Sunday a judicial source.

The graves, those of Muslims killed during the First World War, are in the military section of the cemetery of St. Michel in the city, said the prosecutor of Carcassonne Antoine Leroy.

This is the cemetery caretaker who discovered the facts Saturday at the time of closure. Racist and Nazi graffiti were painted on the stelae. They were immediately repainted and restored.

The investigation was given to the police station of Carcassonne. "These are facts that are not trivial," said the prosecutor. "The purpose is really racist and everything will be implemented to successfully identify the perpetrators," he added.

The President of the French Council of Muslim Faith (CFCM), representative body of Islam in France, Mohammed Moussaoui, expressed his "profound indignation" and condemned a "heinous act which is an offence to the memory of soldiers who sacrificed for France, and those of their families," in a statement.

"This is the memory of their courage that undergoes a profound injustice," said Mr. Moussaoui calling on governments to "mobilize all relevant services to ensure that the perpetrators of the desecration are identified as soon as possible and that their actions are treated with the severity that is needed."

In 2010 at least four steles of Muslims have been vandalized or desecrated.

(Courtesy: Ennahar Online)

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