Published On:27 September 2011
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Can Islamic World trust Russia or China?

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Of course, USA, UK and France as leaders of the notorious UNSC and NATO terror syndicate, have clearly demonstrated their anti-Islamic intent once again by invading sovereign Libya by manipulation of their control over the UNSC, killing thousands of Muslims as well as officially curbing Islamic practices like minarets and veil etc. European animal instinct has been fully exposed now.

But, when the US-UK military terrocracies ruthlessly misbehave with Muslim nations, can Russia and China be expected to be qualitatively different and more tolerant than them? Is there anything common among Islam, capitalism and Russo-Chinese colonialism?

Can global UNSC-5 rogues, including Russia and China be trusted at all? USA and Europe, the "inspiration" for the Russians and Chinese, do not trust either of them, while Muslims all over the world, generally speaking, hate all of them for their common anti-Islamic hidden agendas that they pursue in close collaboration in joint terror operations in Islamic world. West or East, Americans or Russian - they all now fight Islam for no clear cut ideas.

Can the Muslims, terrorized by the UNSC-NATO fascism, trust their own rulers and leaders? Can Muslim nations trust each other? In the answers lies the future of Muslim nations and Muslims themselves in the current essentially anti-Islamic world led by the notorious NATO-UNSC terrorist organizations where all non-Muslim nations have ganged up against Islam and Muslim nations. But what harms the Muslims and Islamic world most is the solicited support extended by some Muslim nations, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, and Pakistan.

Any close follower of the ongoing NATO terror wars and the idiotic disunity move among Muslims nations, causing serious problems for Muslims and their nations can pose an important question to humanity: can any one Islamic country trust other Islamic country?. In fact, this disunity and infighting in the face of enemy threat is the most important obstacle in making Islamic world strong militarily, economically and obviously religiously! In fact even the Arab countries are feeding hatred against countries like Iran and Syria, even partially finance the NATO fascism and help the notorious Israel-US combine to weaken Muslim naitons.

Some pro-west sympathizers and agents among Muslims think they are not fooled by these anti-Muslim rogues talking on democracy and rule of law themes. When Muslim rulers themselves both in Arab world and outside betray fellow Muslim nations by playing a sort of , sorry to say, crude street pimps serving the anti-Islamic governments for private favors, the "simple" Muslims, motivated by the fascist media gimmicks cannot be expected to behave normal either.

Western terrocracies have manipulated the Muslim rulers to promote their culture to weaken Islamic faith. Western liquor and open culture has spoiled Islamic culture in a big way. Is there any Muslim country today that really cares for the people or Islam? All of them are corrupt to the core and promote crimes and terrorism to sustain their own wealth and power. This explains why these hypocritical Muslim nations seek the help of US and European terrocracies.

Historically both Russia and China have not been appreciating Islam and are not pro-Islam but crudely anti-Islam. Both Russia and China invaded Muslim nations and annexed them into their respective empires. Russia betrayed Iraq of President Saddam Hussein and now has back stabbed Libyan leader President Col. Qaddafi.

Russia is more unpredictable and more businesslike than China is as an ally of any Muslim nation. Russia can attack or betray any Muslim nation for its own sake. In fact, Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agents turned a bureaucrat of new Russia under Boris Yeltsin, assented to Russian presidency in 2000 by killing Muslims in Chechnya stock and barrel and declaring victory over the "separatist" movements in Russia once for all the Chechen patriotic fighters who struggle for regaining their lost sovereignty from colonialist Kremlin. Americans and European now support Moscow's state terror operations against Muslims in Chechnya.

Neither China or Russia, promoting capitalism by promoting domestic corrupt industrialists and oligarchs and also financing American corporate world and promoting NATO fascism in Islamic world, refuse to oppose imperialism or colonialism - because they all are the same rotten stuffs fighting for military supremacy by waging illegal wars on alien lands while terrorist nations like India and Israel help them escalate the wars.

By threatening Iran with a war, USA-Israel has made Iran vulnerable to Russia's military needs and concerns. Since sanctions are depriving Iran of much needed foreign investment in its gas sector, Russia maintains its monopoly over the European gas market with greater ease. A major oil-gas producer, Russia obviously has an interest in keeping the oil prices high while deterring key energy producing countries from jeopardizing its market share in Europe. Russia has been the main beneficiary of the ongoing tussle between Iran and the West over Iranian nuclear program.

Russo-China leaders and their capitalists have made maximum use of the post-Sept 11 both in the West and Islamic world and considerably boosted their trade volumes in Mideast especially Russia which quickly moved towards the American cooperation in the war on terror, which has now become a joint war on Islam. Even while coordinating terror operations with the super power USA for economic and military favors, Russia competes with USA to win influence in the ME region.

For Russia politics is pure business. Moscow keeps shifting sides like weak nations do, playing fiddle to USA for some favors, depending on the circumstances. Russia supported Iraq and later opposed it, supported Libya first but now opposes it. In spite of losing $4bn in arms contracts in Libya, Russia did not veto the UN resolution, choosing to abstain instead enabling the NATO to invade sovereign Libya. Russia can do anything against any Muslim nation in order for securing its interests.

In trying to become, if USA allows, a super power once again now with US-EU blessings, Russia has made considerable inroads in the Syrian energy sector, having recently signed a $370m contract to construct a gas pipeline at al-Rayyan and a multibillion dollar preliminary contract to build an oil refining and petrochemical complex in Syria. Aware of Iranian and Syrian inability to purchase Western weapons, Moscow has successfully established market for its arms in Syria, with contracts worth $6bn and opposes US move to secure any UN sanction for anther invasion. But it can change its position if USA applies more pressure. Russia is keen to retain its only naval base in the Middle East, located at the Syrian port of Tartus.

UNSC-5 states, rather the top rogues, try to increase their military prowess by establishing military terror bases in Mideast and Central Asia. USA has already secured maximum bases after the Sept-11 as well as secret torture camps even in Europe. In terms of trade and contracts from NATO rouges, Moscow and Beijing coordinate their activities to secure maximum benefits from Mideast, Libya and Afghanistan besieged by the NATO.

Mideast powers are made to think Russia is trying to expand its ability to play a more constructive role in the Arab-Israeli conflict and seeking to eclipse the USA. Pressured by US, Moscow has moved out of supporting Iran even while selling nuclear reactors and arms.

Just like USA, Russia, China and India busy in exploring the "goldmines" in occupied Islamic nations, also seeking to share the illegal war booty as per some formula, Tehran and Moscow, on their own, are also in a fierce competition for influence in Central Asia regarding the Caspian Sea resources. Zionist US-Iran cold war only provides Moscow with leverage in its dealings with the US on economic and nuclear matters.

Today world is playing anti-Islamic games and India and Pakistan also do the same. With complete concurrence with other UNSC-5 rogues, Russia and China have killed Muslims in thousands.

As a result of tedious efforts by CIA, entire non-Islamic, rather anti-Islamic world is now fully geared up against Islam and Muslims. And these rogues have ensured the support of many essentially hypocritical Muslim nations, including Saudi, UAE, Pakistan, Qatar and Turkey, etc.

Is there any Muslim ruler who is above greed for power, illegal family wealth or illegal money and does not seek western support to protect these?

Comprehending the wickedness of Muslim rulers, America has promoted corruption in Muslim world as well through taking large bribes for supporting their "causes" in the notorious UNSC.

Astonishingly, all Muslim terrocracies also now pursue polices that people plus voters oppose. Regimes continue to ignore popular sentiments and create gimmicks to pacify the popular mood. People are cheated! Muslims are cheated! Only a few cunning Muslims enjoy the fruits all by themselves.

When the anti-Islamic rogue states under the banner of NATO terror syndicate led by USA and its puppet regimes attack Muslim nations, killing Muslims and looting their resources, some idiotic Muslims expect a fitting military response from Russia and China that are essentially also promoting UNSC-5 joint agenda to contain Islamic world by using missiles, drones and space weapons, apart from conventional arms.

As members of the notorious UNSC plus the veto gang-5, neither Russia nor China can be expected to protect Muslims oar support Muslim nations attacked by the NATO. But all of them jointly pursue their own economic and military agendas and sell weaponry to the needy Muslim nations since weapons cannot be used by UNSC-5 rogue states against one other.

The US puppet regimes in the Arab world, fearing to lose their illegal wealth indoors and abroad, obviously look towards the capitalist Western masters for guidance and survival of their immoral autocratic family regimes. They are satisfied, rather proud being the US puppets and wants Libya and Iran also follow their "holy" footsteps.

Ideologically zero, both Russia and China pursue similar polices and strategies globally to advance their own interests, using Muslim nations trapped by western terror gimmicks, as useful pawns. And Americans are happy that the joint UNSC-NATO strategy to contain both former communist nations and the foolish Islamic world is yielding fruits! And all of them - USA, EU, Russia and China -play joint politics in international arena as share holders by taking on board the greedy third world colonial powers like India and Israel!

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com]

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